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Olixar Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth Qi Charging Speaker - Dark Wood Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep track of the time whilst listening to your favourite music and charge your Qi enabled smartphone with the Olixar Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker in a stylish dark wood finish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42427
$132.77 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 9 customers

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A Great Product
I haven't tried the wireless charging option yet (waiting for the Qi set), but the product is just great as it is. And the $60 discount was also the reason that I bought another product from here just afterwards. Thank you.
Exactly what I wanted
This is perfect for my needs, very easy to place phone on charger, which has a good, flat area; an indicator lights when the phone is charging. Very nice subtle numerals not too bright to disturb your sleep. Setting time, alarm and bluetooth connection are simple operations and well described in the precise set up instructions. Very pleased with this product
it does what it claims
i found it easy to set up and it worked well and charged quickly it is also nice looking i am not sure it turns off once fully charged?
overall good stuff
More investigation required
While the item is as described and seems to have all of the functionality specified, the Qi wireless charging function does not work for iPhone and requires cradles, pads and adaptors for all other equipment to function. It is not just a matter of placing your device on the Qi panel on the Clock. That is not explained in the advertising
Great little alarm clock
This is a nicely made and stylish bedside alarm clock, and it connected easily via bluetooth to my iphone.

The sound is excellent given its size.

I haven't used the QI charging function, as my phone doesn't do this.

Improvements would be:

the ability to make more subtle adjustments to the display brightness (there are only two possibilities currently) and the ability to stop the flashing colon between the time hour and minutes display, which makes me think that there's been a powercut. Constant would be better;

the inclusion of a DAB radio function (although obviously this would make it more expensive, and arguably the device's simplicity is part of its charm. It's just that most people are going to want a radio as well as an alarm clock on their bedside table, and it would be better to have both in the same device

However, all considered, I'm very happy with this device
bought this as an alarm clock originally, but now this is only a small features as to why i like this qi. The charging is simple, just drop your phone on top when you come in, like when you chuck your keys down and the charger kick in. have also used the bluetooth for playing music. Yet to use the telephone call option but i bet it will work as well as the other stuff. £70 quid very well spent.
Does everything as advertised
Unpacked the item, set the clock and alarm, works fine.

Put the phone on top to charge overnight, got to get the positioning right but works extremely well.

Bluetooth connection again worked well and was easy to set up, sound quality is ok for a small unit.

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