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Olixar Premium HD Camera Lens Kit Reviews

Take your smartphone and tablet photographyto the next level with this professional universal 3-in-1 HD lens kit. Combining 180 degree fisheye, super wide-angle and 15x macro lenses in one easy quick-connect product with 2 universal clips by Olixar.
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 4.2 stars from 23 customers

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I am satisfied with the purchase.
The information you provided was sufficient
Difficult to use. Poor picture. The clips dont appear safe enough and may damage camera display if not careful.
Difficult to use. Danger of damage to the phone due to plastic clips. Did not seem to add any value .
pro results with this kit
nothing more - it is all on the side of the wrapper.
This product is compatable with the BlackBerry Priv
I purchased this product to compliment the cameras on my BlackBerry Priv mobile phone, my Apple iPod Touch (5th Gen), my Apple iPad Air and my Kindle Fire HD 8 (6th Gen)

The clip can be used with both the main rear facing camera and the selfie front facing camera on the Priv.

The wide angle lens is used together with the wide angle lens and the fish-eye lens is used on it's own.

The case has a karabiner style clip to attach to a belt loop.

I've yet to test the product with my iPod touch or both my tablets.
Once again a great service
I like the simplicity of the item but maybe more detailed instructions
Product quality, service, reliability
Goods were as as advertised. Items delivered on time and in good condition. I feel you are a reputable company and will afford quality and service to all your customers.
It does what it says on the box
This is the best clip on lens clip I have ever come across it saves me taking my large SLR camera and all the lenses that go with it perfect for going on holiday. Ect. Less weight when traveling
Very impressed
I was somewhat skeptical that simply clipping a lens to a camera would be any good, but I shouldn't have any doubts. This is a very good accessory.
the product was good as mentioned
Good handling of the product and I found it thrilling opening the package ,I'm satisfied ????
Premium quality with some drawbacks
The build is solid and feels premium, but the picture produced by the lens is not as premium as what I expected it to be. The picture is a bit blur/looks low res, it doesn't look like it at a glance but when you zoom 100% when previewing the image, it does look like that. The wide lens is somehow having a black spot at the bottom left & right corner no matter how I positioned the lens, I don't know if this issue is related to my phone design or not. Overall I like this product and good enough for fun photography.
Very fun
For a fun gift this is great. Lenses work quite well, fits all the phones in our house and we've taken some cool fisheye pics for FB fun already!
Good Buy
Great value for what are decent lenses with a premium product feel and they are bundled with a good storage case.
i wish i didn't buy these. bit of a waste of time.
I'm impressed with these lenses, they are easy to use and have enhanced my photo taking abilities with my phone, very happy
Simple, effective lens for most mobile phone cameras
Easy to clip on unlike many others. Seem to work well with most phones, even iPhone 7Plus though you won't be able to get the dual camera to work on iPhone 7Plus. Other than that I found the lens very useful.
Happy snapping!
I bought 2 sets of these lenses and I was not disappointed. All I need say, is that you have to try them for yourself. Once you get the hang of using them with your particular device, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Happy snapping!
A bit of Fun
Delivery was up to Mobile Fun's usual prompt standard.

Bought this on a whim (though had looked at similar products over time). Well packaged product, delivered with its own attractive protective case. Idiot-proof to fit and use. I inevitably tried it immediately, and got some great close ups of a spider (shame I cannot post !)!

One slight caution, my mobile has a protective case, which has to be removed for the best results. Now sits in my day bag ready to use if the need arises.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joe...

Glad you are happy with your Olixar Premium HD Camera Lens Kit.

Great picture of a spider hey? We would love to see it if you could contact our Customer Services team.
Needed help
Rang company for help installing device. We're given good advice now using device with success.

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