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Olixar Premium HD Camera Lens Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Take your smartphone and tablet photographyto the next level with this professional universal 3-in-1 HD lens kit. Combining 180 degree fisheye, super wide-angle and 15x macro lenses in one easy quick-connect product with 2 universal clips by Olixar.
Price: £9.99

Was £14.99 | 33% OFF

Take your smartphone and tablet photographyto the next level with this professional universal 3-in-1 HD lens kit. Combining 180 degree fisheye, super wide-angle and 15x macro lenses in one easy quick-connect product with 2 universal clips by Olixar.
 3.9 stars from 73 customers

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Pleasantly surprised with product for the price paid.
I like fisheye and macro photography. Great results with my iphone 6.
Spot on - do the job well!
No problems!
Good quality product
Can't yet speak to how effective they are, but my initial assembly and fitting to the phone suggests they will do the job. My phone has a skin cover and that needs to be removed before use. The "bulldog clip" type mounts are strong but I found they moved a bit easily when in place. Best way to align the lens with the camera is to look at it from the outside to the camera. You can then easily centre the camera with lens. Looks like good value to me.
Useful Low Cost Addition
One of the main disadvantages of many smart phones is the absence of a wide angle lens for their camera. These clip on lenses solve this problem. The quality of the images they produce doesn’t match the standard lens(es) but this can’t be expected at the very low cost of them.
Good product
Does not work on phones with lenses in centre. Luckily my wife has one that works.
Got this set mainly for the macro lens but you have to get so close to the subject that it useless for any insects. The other lenses are good and it fits easily on my phone.
Easy enough to use
3 Lenses and carry pouch, for the price I cannot complain. Great if your just messing around with mobile phone. Macro lens is ok for table top and garden. Wide angle lens is very good. Not keen on fish eye. Hay ho 2 out of 3 ain't bad lol
Great Product That Doesn't Fit My Phone
This is an awesome product that arrived shortly after ordering. It came with a carrying case and extra parts, which was pleasing. The three lenses are high quality, and they work well. This kit does not work on a Oneplus 6t phone though, which is what I ordered it for (a 6t forum got my hopes up and led me here). The price tag is great too for what you receive; I just wish it fit the phone I intended it for.
Who needs an SLR?
Great service from 'mobile fun'. Excellent lens modification kit. Well recommended
Great product and service
This is exactly what i was looking for and was delivered promptly, thanks very much.
A bit of a mixed bag with these.

The quality of the lenses are fine, although I've yet to figure out how to get the macro lens to shoot anything that isn't a blur, the other two fit over my G5S+ camera nicely.

The design of the clip seems like it marks the back of the lens if it's not currently clipped onto a phone which doesn't seem ideal.

Otherwise a reasonably priced functional kit to shoot wide angle fish eye with a phone without being overly bulky or fiddly.
Decent bit of kit
Product was exactly as expected but because it didn't arrive in time for my holidays still have not used greatly (just tested around the home) but seems to work great so far.
I would like to see additional filter lens, like shade or colored lenses.But for the price and ease of using these small guys, they are good buy, they small to fit in a pockets for easy access and they are fun for a novice phone photo taker. Probably not recommended for a true hardcore photographer, unless you just want to cut loose,
False advertising
When I researched this product it said it will fit One plus 6t phone. But it didn't. Christmas gift for brother wasted!
Found it very good I fit high quality bathrooms and could never get great pictures at the end ! Now I can
not great
would have been good to know that the macro doesnt really work at any distance on anything, that the clips re inconvenient and bulky and the lenses are average at each function required.
Could be Useful
I think the information given was adequate and honest. These lenses do what they are intended to, but there is noticeable blur in the photos produced, which I think is fair enough for the price. They are well made and the storage case is strong and convenient.
Thumbs up
Good product
Very handy
My wife is quite pleased with the wide angle lens kit. Very useful, can use on the front or rear cameras on her iPhone..
Works, but requires case removal.
To use this product properly requires the removal of the phone case, so that the lens will clamp properly into place. It does the job, and the macro photography is fun, but overall I don't see myself using this that much due to the inconvenience.
Not as advertised
The lenses do not focus on my iPhone 7 even though it states on your website that they will work with smartphones. I had my friend play around with them in the hope I was doing something wrong but this is not the case.
Not too good
The main reason I t this was for the macro lens but alas it does not work
Great gadget nothing, everything was explained fully
The wife is extremely pleased with the item.
No good...
Would they fit my twin lens Iphone 7Plus??

No is the answer I discovered AFTER delivery....
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jonathan

Yes unfortunately this is not compatible with iPhone 7 Plus as shown in our compatibility.
Great value
Just bought it to try it out really, for the price thought it couldn't possibly be any good. It's brilliant - saves you having to carry a big camera around. Will definitely live in my handbag for quick access.
Great customer service and product is good fun
Product is well packaged, functions as advertised. Customer service from mobilezap is great!
Interesting little items
It would have been nice to know that you have to remove the phone from a case.
The close up lens is fine but the others do tend to distort a lot. But for the price they are ok.
Wide lens makes image fuzzy
The wide angle lens definately gets a wider FOV, but does so at the expense of the quality of image. I wanted to use this for filming, but it made the image quality so bad that I will never use it. It also dostorts the edges of the image quite alot so any straight lines become curved - almost like a fish eye. The actual fish angle lens may be a bit of fun for some photos.
Wide-angle lens's covering ring came out
The lens itself has very good quality.
The compact size is perfect to carry.
I particularly like the super wide angle lens. 0.36X is perfect.

But unfortunately the ring cover that screws the wide angle lens is not tight enough. It fell apart from the lens....

This is an imperfection but overall is excellent.
Good fun !
Useful addition to smart phone photography.
Very pleased with this purchase
In all honesty I was not expecting much from this purchase.

I have found the work very well on both my mobile and my tablet.
I'm very pleased with these.
Fungerar mycket bra till min iPhone 8 ????
good product
i love taking photographs and with the Olixar accessory it will be even better. The item was a good price and delivered really quickly.
Olixar camera lens
Very happy with the camera lens they fit my phone (s7) well and photos are good. I would definitely order from Mobilefun again.
Blurry Photos
I bought the Olixar Premium HD Camera Lens Kit and I am really disappointed and unhappy with it.
One lens (15x macro) does not work and the other lenses (fish eye and super wide-angle) make photos totally blurry.
Sad.. definitely, I won't ever buy again from Mobile Fun, neither recommend to anyone.
Good quality
A quality product, the lenses have a bit of weight to them suggesting they are robustly made. They're nicely presented in a carry pod; this minor detail probably means they'll get more use because they can be conveniently carried without risk of damage. Depending on your phone model you may find that the attaching clip obscures the phone's camera flash; that problem is not unique to this brand though and is pretty much universal to this type of product unless you happen to have a phone where the lens and flash are placed far apart.
Excelent Service. Thank you.
Good product.
Seems they are changing the pictures as described.
I was trying this as I have never really liked to carry a separate camera.
Seems they are changing the pictures somewhat, however, I don't know where the smallest lens went as I lost it.
I was trying this as I have never really liked to carry around a separate camera.
The len's are too deep / thick to allow the clip to attach them to the camera
Poor design
I didn’t expect more than the item offered
I come from a digital photography background and wanted to look at the lenses. I find them very “fiddly” but I can imagine them being of use with the wide angle. I found them difficult to position and they tend not to cover all of the angle of the lens of my iPad Pro. I expect that they will be relegated to the cupboard.
Very good quality of product. Lenses are working and are amazing.
Premium HD camera lens kit - Good quality
Bought as presents. Nicely presented in neat little case. No instructions included. Easy to fit to phone. Would have liked some hints/tips for how to get the best from the lenses. But otherwise very pleased to give these as a gift. Have emailed mobilefun for info. Hopefully they will have a good customer service.
I am satisfied with the purchase.
The information you provided was sufficient
Easy to use.
Easy to use. Wide angle no better than my LG G6 .
Difficult to use. Poor picture. The clips dont appear safe enough and may damage camera display if not careful.
Difficult to use. Danger of damage to the phone due to plastic clips. Did not seem to add any value .
pro results with this kit
nothing more - it is all on the side of the wrapper.
Works like a charm!
Amazing how well these lenses worked. The macro lens especially works incredibly well.
This product is compatable with the BlackBerry Priv
I purchased this product to compliment the cameras on my BlackBerry Priv mobile phone, my Apple iPod Touch (5th Gen), my Apple iPad Air and my Kindle Fire HD 8 (6th Gen)

The clip can be used with both the main rear facing camera and the selfie front facing camera on the Priv.

The wide angle lens is used together with the wide angle lens and the fish-eye lens is used on it's own.

The case has a karabiner style clip to attach to a belt loop.

I've yet to test the product with my iPod touch or both my tablets.
Once again a great service
I like the simplicity of the item but maybe more detailed instructions
Product quality, service, reliability
Goods were as as advertised. Items delivered on time and in good condition. I feel you are a reputable company and will afford quality and service to all your customers.
It does what it says on the box
This is the best clip on lens clip I have ever come across it saves me taking my large SLR camera and all the lenses that go with it perfect for going on holiday. Ect. Less weight when traveling
Very impressed
I was somewhat skeptical that simply clipping a lens to a camera would be any good, but I shouldn't have any doubts. This is a very good accessory.
the product was good as mentioned
Good handling of the product and I found it thrilling opening the package ,I'm satisfied ????
Premium quality with some drawbacks
The build is solid and feels premium, but the picture produced by the lens is not as premium as what I expected it to be. The picture is a bit blur/looks low res, it doesn't look like it at a glance but when you zoom 100% when previewing the image, it does look like that. The wide lens is somehow having a black spot at the bottom left & right corner no matter how I positioned the lens, I don't know if this issue is related to my phone design or not. Overall I like this product and good enough for fun photography.
Good Buy
Great value for what are decent lenses with a premium product feel and they are bundled with a good storage case.
Very fun
For a fun gift this is great. Lenses work quite well, fits all the phones in our house and we've taken some cool fisheye pics for FB fun already!
i wish i didn't buy these. bit of a waste of time.
I'm impressed with these lenses, they are easy to use and have enhanced my photo taking abilities with my phone, very happy
Simple, effective lens for most mobile phone cameras
Easy to clip on unlike many others. Seem to work well with most phones, even iPhone 7Plus though you won't be able to get the dual camera to work on iPhone 7Plus. Other than that I found the lens very useful.
Happy snapping!
I bought 2 sets of these lenses and I was not disappointed. All I need say, is that you have to try them for yourself. Once you get the hang of using them with your particular device, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Happy snapping!
A bit of Fun
Delivery was up to Mobile Fun's usual prompt standard.

Bought this on a whim (though had looked at similar products over time). Well packaged product, delivered with its own attractive protective case. Idiot-proof to fit and use. I inevitably tried it immediately, and got some great close ups of a spider (shame I cannot post !)!

One slight caution, my mobile has a protective case, which has to be removed for the best results. Now sits in my day bag ready to use if the need arises.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joe...

Glad you are happy with your Olixar Premium HD Camera Lens Kit.

Great picture of a spider hey? We would love to see it if you could contact our Customer Services team.
Needed help
Rang company for help installing device. We're given good advice now using device with success.

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