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Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A sophisticated lightweight black genuine leather case with a magnetic fastener. The Olixar Premium genuine leather wallet case offers perfect protection for your Samsung Galaxy S6, as well as featuring slots for your cards, cash and documents.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51552
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 34 customers

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It looks and feels good
Been using this Olixar case for my Samsung S6 for a couple of weeks now. It looks and feels good. The main reason for buying this was to protect my phone as they are expensive things to replace, right. I liked the snug fit when fitting the Samsung into the case, it is held on both long sides by plastic strips with cutouts for the switches. The phone is easy to use inside the case and feels
My only problem is that I am unable to charge using the Samsung Wireless charger as the cover seems too thick, or does the magnetic catch in the cover reduce the electric charging field. Yes I've followed the suggestions and opened the cover first, but it still fails to charge. I don't want to remove the phone from the cover each time to charge it (I may damage the phone or cover), so I'll be using the wired charging method from now on.
Very Good
The item is top quality and exactly what I ordered.
Quality case
Very nice looking case and practical. The only thing I would have liked is if it could automatically wake the phone when opening the cover like the Samsung cases do.
Excellent experience
Love the case. Very stylish and functional.
Quality product
Genuine leather so much better feel and look than cheaper alternatives.
Quality is excellent
Despite this item being considerably cheaper other all leather phone cases available, where in the past I've used the adage 'you get what you pay for' when it comes to leather cases, I took a gamble & bought the Olixar black case for my Samsung St.
Quality is excellent. Nice glossy finish leather, good robust construction. A winner at the money !
Back to front?
Although very satisfied with this item at this amazing price i cant but wonder if there is a major anomaly with it ... the fastener is fixed to the inside of the front of the case and goes over and fixes to the back where the sensor and camera are situated .... this to me is back to front ... maybe just me?
it's nice, it's just not LEATHER!!!
It's nice, it's just not LEATHER!!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Damian

Please contact us so we can investigate further.
Go for it
I'm very happy with my new mobile phone cover. Delivery was on target too. Would be even better if it came in a range of colours.
Amazing case with great protection to the phone
it’s clear that a lot of thought and care has gone into Olixar Premium Leather S6 case – the leather is firm and plainly of high quality, the stitching appears flawless, and it cushions and protects the important parts of the S6. The leather at the point where the case bends around on itself is a bit stiff, but that’s to be expected from new leather, and I’m pretty sure it’ll become more pliable with time.

The inside of the case consists of rubber frame (not plastic) glued to half of the case allowing easy access for a call. The frame envelops the S6 tightly around the sides but leaves the top and bottom edges almost completely exposed – I can understand not wanting to cover the phone’s ports but there’s not a lot stopping the bare metal sections here from getting scratched, and some protection around the IR blaster would be nice. The frame (and the phone with it) is recessed slightly into the case, but anything small like keys will almost certainly poke in and hit it. Three pockets are also included on the inside, for holding credit cards or similar. A cut in the back allows the camera to poke through the case, but not enough for it to touch the desk when placed face-down.

The back of the case has a press mark made into the leather, at which point it can be folded to allow the phone to be positioned at an angle for viewing videos in landscape mode. At the moment the leather on mine is too firm to stay folded and always returns to its unfolded state – time will tell if this gets easier and more practical. It’s not often that I view videos that are so long they necessitate the phone being held in its case like this rather than just in the hand, but it seems that many people do, so it’s a point worth mentioning.

Two magnets are located in the case, one near the centre-edge-point of the front cover and one at the same point on the back. The magnets are surprisingly strong, pulling the front and back covers of the case together even with the plastic frame between them. The magnets also just about keep them together when the front has been folded back, even with the springiness of the new leather trying to pull them apart – again, I suspect this will become better as the leather ages. Holding the case like this when making calls isn’t the most comfortable thing ever, but it’s what you’re left with and it’s better than trying to keep hold of the slippery S6.

Given the tight fit, getting the S6 into the frame can be a little precarious, especially if (like me) you’re precious about your phone, but that’s the price to pay for something that holds your device so firmly. I found slotting the left-hand side with the volume keys in first was the best policy, then pushing the power key in slightly whilst pressing the right-hand side in.

As you’d expect from a case such as this, its very nature means that it will add bulk and weight to your S6. I knew this before buying so it was something I was prepared for, and the protection it affords (particularly covering the S6’s luscious screen) is worth the added heft, in my opinion. In any event, it doesn’t present itself as being quite as thick as you’d think, helped by the S6’s already slim body; weight-wise, you’ll definitely notice a difference, but if you want something light, you’ll have to go for a simple rubber frame case or a less substantial and, arguably, less protective leather folio case.

Overall I'm very happy with the case, everything has been done to a good high quality and this has resulted in me been able to have this high quality case on my phone. I wouldn't have any issue with recommending it to someone as I feel it's got no faults
Good case
The case is as described.
Good quality.
Galaxy S6 Wallet Case
Excellent quality product, delivery vert quick. This is possibly the best quality phone case I have ever purchased, at a great price as well. If you're looking for a great phone case at a great price, look no further.
Great Product for Samsung Galaxy S6
This genuine leather mobile phone case is extremely well-made, has a beautiful touch and fell to it, and is very well-designed. Its strong and tough leather design reassures any owner of this phone that their phone will be fully-protected against most accidents and hazards. It does not have a front window to view the home screen but it does have 4 handy credit card-sized slots and a main compartment for securing holding other cards on the front inside part. The phone doesn't charge from my wireless charger when laid flat down on it unless the side buckle on the case is undone but this is much of an inconvenience.
Perfect for the price range!
I can't say much except for the fact that I love my new smartphone leather case. I wasn't expecting to like the brown that much (due to the images) but it looks really good in hand.

The only thing I find odd is the fact that the strap goes to the back, instead of the front like most cases... Meaning you have to put your phone upside down if you want it flat.
Love it.
This is very nice leather and worth the money. Finally a good quality phone/wallet that looks professional and functional. Just what I was looking for.
Great case but no belt clip which is not good
Case is sturdy well made and protects the phone really well. Its very nice however it could do with the option of having a belt clip which would make it excellent.
Love the fact that it is genuine leather as it lasts, brown colour is elegant and goes well with my new phone. The only factor that I wasn't completely satisfied with was the fact that the plastic inner didn't wrap around the phone a little more around the top & bottom, leaves the phone vulnerable at these points.
Good quality leather case, worth the price. Good service and prompt delivery
.Lacks some functionality
Very nice to handle but would be 100% if, like the Samsung cover, it turns off the phone when the cover is closed.
Very tactile and good looking.
Nice case
A nice quality case although I was surprised that the way it opens feels left handed. No big deal.
Great quality
Simple but top quality case, took a bit longer than I wanted to arrive but everything does in Darwin.
Great product, as described
Great product, as described. Fast delivery and hassle free purchase. I would recommend this company.
An excellent product
The real leather Samsung galaxy S6 case was delivered promptly and
is one of the best phone cases I have seen at a very reasonable price.
love this case
Ordered the genuine leather case for galaxy s6. Protects the phone really well. Has side slots for cards and notes. Love it!
Awesome Phone Case
I love my new phone case. It covers both sides of my phone and I can put my debit card in one of the slots inside the cover....it's all I need to go into the store to shop! Real leather, magnetic closure, great price. Awesome!
Great Buy
Very happy with my purchase the case fits the phone perfectly, good value for money and fast delivery.
5 star
I give a 5 star rating this app is most useful
Galaxy protection
I always want a case to protect my phone this one is a perfect fit feels quality and also enables me to keep my bank cards within the case. All the buttons and sockets of the phone are very accessible.
It's leather!
Finally a case that is leather, i ordered 2 cases off other places before this, both of which turned out to be PU leather or whatever it is called. Not leather which was what I ordered anyway. Great case all round
Great case.
Beautiful leather and phone fit provides great protection. A little bulky when filled with three cards and you can only put a couple of notes of cash in but enough to replace wallet for me. Magnetic latch is handy and strong but gets in the way a little when taking calls. Have not tried with wireless charger yet but may be a little thick to work. On size it is thick so expect a wallet not a slim phone case, I love the size as I don't drop it and it can fit nicely in back jeans or jacket pocket or just in front pants pocket. Using the heart rate feature on the camera is tricky but not impossible with the case on and I'd highly recommend registering fingerprints once the case is on as you tend to pick it up and scan your thumb/finger differently than without it.
Highly recommend, only thing that would make it better would be a landscape stand ability but the 360 degree card flap can do the job (and mag attaches to the back for two handed typing as a bonus)

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