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Olixar Powerslide 2200mAh Universal Power Bank Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your smartphone's battery topped up with this small and compact universal emergency 2200mah battery pack by Olixar, designed to charge any portable device.
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 4.6 stars from 36 customers

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its there
its small good to use any time all was ready to go
A Power Bank you can Trust
Many times, due to unexpected long use of mobile phone, the phone stays out of battery. You are out of office or out of home, in the street or in a meeting and is urgent to make a phone call or you are waiting an urgent call , and then the panic comes. The solution to this problem, I found to the Olixar Powerslide 2200mAh Universal Power Bank. It is powerful ,reliable and immediately solves the problem of Sudden interruption in communication. It is easy to use, small, lightweight and I can have it with me in my bag, in my suitcase or my pocket and it actually works as a lifejacket in difficult time. I have gave it also as a gift to a friend of mine, who is a lawyer and he was impressed.
Excellent product worked straight out of the box!
Mobile Fun adequately described this product and the compatability links said it would work with my Samsung S3 mini, my friends Blackberry and much else.
Concerned by lack of instructions or advice when I opened it.
However, the product worked straight away and charges both devices I wanted it to.
It would have been useful to know estimated charging times for itself and devices to be charged. However, in both cases charging times seem reasonable. It seems to take 4.5 hrs for it to be re-charged.
Olixar 2200mAh Power Bank
When you are out travelling there is nothing worse than having your mobile devices run flat so this small poer bank is useful to keep fully charged and ready to save the day.
Great idea
Great idea and will be a very useful gift
Powerslide living up to its name
Very easy to use. Very fast at charging up when depleted having charged a phone. Fits in anywhere, small and up to the task great bit of kit. Get one you will wonder how you managed without it!
Really good.
Great little portable charger, I always have it with me on journeys. Tops the charge up quite quick and can carry on using phone. Pity it doesn't come with a short charging cable for the phone. Great buy.
Birthday present
I got this device for my grandson's birthday and he thinks it's great. He's at university and it lets him use his phone all day. Would really recommend it
Not a bad little gadget!
Got the Olixar Powerslide 2200ah Universal Powerbank off these guys

"Does exactly what it says on the tin" !!

Easy to use , easy to order

Delivery quick

so not a bad buy all in all
You won't be disappointed
It is very unique and small. I carry it now where ever I go and I have not worried about running out of battery. The mobilefun is a reliable website, I order with ease knowing that I will receive my order and on time. I also ordered galaxy spare battery charger which I am also very happy with and I will recommend family and friends to order things from mobilefun and they won't be disappointed.
Does what it should , compact, cheap!
Reassuring little product when traveling by plane!
I was feeling worried
Had to travel on a plane
Found power bank so helpful
When the battery did drain
Had charged the special thingy
It did it's job just fine
You better buy a thingy
Cos I won't let you borrow mine!
works well
Sometimes after a long day at sea my phone battery is on its last legs just when needed. This little gadget is so simple to use and works well in a sometime hostile environment. Good one.
Godd stuff
Works well..easy to use..very helpfull..
Great power, but needs design improvement
I purchased this to replace another 'emergency' charger which was failing to re-charge my phone to any great extent. This charger is great, used it a couple of times and gave my phone a real boost, however it is a little frustrating that the charging cable is not/cannot be stored inside the unit itself. This in my opion would transform a great product into a fantastic product. Perhaps a re-think on the design could be considered?!
Great little gadget
Exactly like video I watched ,small and compact to fit in a handbag .No weight to it ,can take anywhere ,simple easy to charge ,really great .
Mobile power for walking
I go walking a lot and have maps on my phone. The normal battery dosnt always last all day and this is a great way to top up at the end of the walk and power the phone in a pub at the end of the day.
Just the Ticket!
I have found this charger absolutely essential. I go through to London every few weeks to see my daughter-in-law, and two little granddaughters. Tend to take quite a few photos of them while I'm there with my iphone. Then on the way home on the train I always phone my 92year old mother. More often than not before I get to that point my battery is usually low.Hence my new charger solves that problem. Love it!
Perfect for what i want it for
Needed this for when i'm at the football/Golf or some other activity handy just to charge the phone when the day is winding down and away from a charger, handy size and charges well.
A solution to my problem
My wife has never grasped the fact that most smart phones need to be charged on a daily basis.
She's forever calling me to say that she's at the connection station and she'll be on such and such train and could I pick her up. I've lost count how many times she adds the sentence "my phone's dying so if I'm delayed I won't be able to let you know!"
I bought the Playfect Slide on the pretence that it was for me but I suggested she pop it her handbag "just in case"!
I have used it on my iPhone 5s and it charged it to full power in a really short time.
Now how do I make sure she remembers to charge the Playfect Slide?
In my opinion
Most useful thing I have purchased it charges my phone quickly. As a disabled person it's helps when unable to get near a power point
Top notch gadget
The portability and charge capability was what attracted it to me.
I had it delivered by Royal Mail First Class.
Delivery was excellent.
Top marks to Mobile Fun.
Ideal for charging while travelling
That it will charge easily and be pocket portable is ace.

2200 mAh capacity makes it the perfect tool for keeping my phone charged while abroad.

Good speedy delivery by Royal Mail First Class, again excellent.

Nice Work, Mobile Fun.

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