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Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger - 15,000mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Massively increase the battery life of your smartphone by 5-10 times with this slim and lightweight 15,000mAh power bank with integrated detachable charging cable from Olixar, ensuring your USB devices are fully charged when you need them the most.
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 4.7 stars from 69 customers

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A very light, a good product and holds a long charge.
I'm very impressed with this charger. It fits in my jacket pocket with my mobile phone. From a 15% left on my Samsung S8+ this charger will charge it up till 99%.
Great buy
I bought it for my wife, she finds it very useful it is lightweight. The only problem was the pin charger for her iphone was very difficult to extract from its socket so we had to adapt by using other chargers for the device itself
Olixar Powerboost review
Good product that could be slightly easier to use.
The leads are slotted too neatly in the body of the Powerboost, but are then difficult to remove.
Simple and brilliantly effective
I already had one of these. It was so good that I bought one for my wife. She sometimes forgets her charger when we go away. Last time she was able to use my portable charger but I do not want to make it a habit
Bought 3 of these recently and already 1 of them won’t charge at all.
Please contact me to arrange redress under warranty.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Donald

Sorry to hear you had problems with one of the power banks. Please fill in the return form and we will ensure you get a replacement or refund as quickly as possible.
Very impressed great buy
Excellent product does exactly as described great value for money..
my 18yr old grandson has lived with me since he was 11, for the first time I got it right, it even lasted the whole of the Leeds music festival and he brought it home!!
Very, very useful and wouldn't be without it!
The battery on my phone doesn't even last a day so this is very necessary for me! I only realised the need for one when i was delayed at the airport and had no battery left in my phone! This is capable of charging both our phones before we then have to recharge it. Only thing is, after it's been charging for the first bit, my phone gets really hot but after a while it cools back down again! Not sure why this would be?
Portable charger waiting for action.
Purchased the above and delivered without fuss the next day.

Purchased with foreign travel use in mind, when normal phone charging can be a problem, just hope I am smart enough to remember to charge it before we go !.
I originally purchased this power charger for my holidays, but I have akready used it at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. I took many photos which drained my S6 phone rather quickly, but with the charger I was able to recharge my phone in no time.
Very pleased with this item, will definitely use it a great deal on my Holidays.
Poor.Doesn't do what it says
With my iPad it takes longer to charge than my standard charging, even though I have it as directed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ron

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this power bank. The universal port features a fast 2.1A output, which most of the iPads come with as standard, unless you have one of the larger Pro models - so for most iPad models the charging rate should be the same. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Essential if out and about
You know what its like too many apps draining your phone battery when you suddenly get that call. On the move then realise I forgot my charger. Then you remember the Olixor charge battery in the glove box. Saved again by Mobile Fun.
loose USB
When I charge my portable charger, the micro USB connecting wire keeps falling out, if it was not for this problem, this would be a great charger to have, charges fast

would recommend to a friend if I did not have a problem
So far so good
Charged my phone 3 times over a festival weekend so very useful. Easy to use and neat design.
Well built, reassuringly heavy.
The portable charger immediately gives the impression of being well made. It is about the size of a smartphone but twice as thick. It took about eight hours to charge up via my PC USB and has successfully topped up my Pixel Xl several times. I had to buy a little adapter to use the inbuilt power cord as it is micro USB and the XL is a C, but it was easy to get
Very neat.
I was delighted to receive the Olixar powerboost portable charger, and find it so neat and easy to use. It is light enough to carry around with my iPhone and smooth enough to slip into my pocket. Slight disappointment that the attached cable doesn't actually fit into the side but that's a minor problem.
Useful battery for charging phones several times
The battery is fairly heavy, but holds a huge charge that can recharge a mobile several times. The size is about the same as my Samsung Galaxy, but it is much thicker. The cable that came with the battery fits into the side, so it is immediately available. It is possible to place the phone on the battery and hold them both while charging, which is good when using a map while walking, if a bit heavy.
The battery is too big for a shirt pocket, but acceptable for a jacket pocket or a backpack.
It is too large for carrying on a flights, where spare batteries for mobile equipment are now not accepted above a very small capacity.
Better than the rest
Ive bought a couple of these sort of chargers in the past but they have either lost their charge before i needed to use them or they havent had enough power in them to charge my Galaxy 7 this one has charged my galaxy 7 twice plus my hudle pad and still had power left suffice it to say its well worth the money
Well made Portable Charger
I liked this purchase and have found it very useful. Recommended.
Big unit solves all my charging problems
Bought for a long flight and just every day minimal charging. Don't like leaving my gadgets on full charge over night so this unit gives me the comfort that if I'm not near home I have a solution.
Well built with solid feel
Olixar Powerboost Portable Charger
Arrived on time and unit charges up and works well
Excellent item
A very neat and tidy device. Just what I was looking for. And it charges quickly.
1st,the unit has a nice groove to store its cable when not in use.Now this is the 1st chaerger I have owned so no idea if it's quick or not but it does do the job.I had my S8 off and in an hour it received 23ish% charge.
One thing,I found that leaving the USB end in the unit and attaching the connector to the phone didn't work.Disconnect entire cable from unit,attach to phone THEN reattach USB and oft she goes.
Smart looking bit of kit but surely no one is really bothered about that ;-)
Neat, small size. Cables attach out of view. Charges devices quickly. Viable battery life. Just what I wanted.
I emailed Mobilefun to check if this item would work with my particular phone, a Note 4, and their response was quick and answers were precise. I would never buy my phone accessories from anywhere else. Excellent Service always.
Great Charger
Great compact charger, fast charging and lots of power...very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone
Fantastic piece of kit.
I originally had a Veho Smartstick charger, but this soon became uncompatible with my device when the OS was updated to Android 7. I saw an advert for this Powerboost and bought it. I was pleasantly surprised by how usable it is. I love the capacity of 6,000 Ah battery, which means I'm able charge my device at least twice from flat, or even charge two devices at the same time, via the extra USB socket. The extra lightening adapter means I can also charge up my partners new iPhone. It also fits easily in my pocket which is ideal. Well worth the purchase.
What a great piece of kit
This Powerboost is a great tool, and powerful as well with a capacity of 6,000 Ah. It can power up two items at the same time via USB sockets. One is 5V 1A whilst the other is 5V 2.1A. Comes with USB cable with a built in micro USB cable end plus a lightening adapter to charge say an iPad or other Apple device. About the size of a standard mobile. Brilliant.
Great product
Super little charger with loads of power, very easy to use and completely portable...would recommend highly
Simple but heavy
Simple but heavy. However it does what it says and quickly which I think is most important.Even down here in Cornwall we are getting up to the 21st century.
so far so good
so far so good. I've not had it long enough to rate it 5 starts yet
Does what it says!!
Nice portable size and not too heavy like some chargers I have purchased in the past.
It charged an iphone 6 plus 2.5 times on one charge.
Handy to take on holiday and I really like the integrated charging cable although it is a little tricky to remove at first and I'm hoping it will "wear in " with time and use.
Great price and am very happy with my purchase .
Great piece of kit
The Olixar charger is well made, robust, compact and easy to use. I have given it a good workout in the month since I bought it. It readily charges my smartphone twice when the phone is at around 25%. It also charges Kindle readers (and I assume other devices (although I haven't tried this). The charger can be recharged from empty in around 4 to 5 hours, quicker than I had expected. So, one satisfied customer.
The ultimate way to ensure your device has a full charge.
Having been on holiday abroad, there were many times when my phone or MP3 player would die on me. As you can imagine I was not pleased at having to make my way back to the hotel room everytime this happened. This Powercharger is the ideal solution to stop that. You can tell it's durable just by the build. 2 x USB sockets allow 2 items to be charged simultaneously. It's all very well having a fancy smartphone, but with all the apps we all use it just drains the battery. This has got to be the best investment I have made in a long time.
The perfect way to ensure your phone has charge.
This is exactly what I needed for my android & laptop. Both of which don't hold charge for as long as they used to.. so this is the perfect solution for much longer use. 5 stars..? Absolutely!
Awesome piece of kit
Straight out of the box I could tell this was a quality piece of kit, reassuringly heavy and great build quality. This extra-high capacity power bank will keep you going for days & will perform multiple recharge cycles before it needs to be recharged meaning you never have to worry about running out of power again. The built in cable is a godsend, not only does it keep the cable neat & tidy but more importantly means you're never left looking for a charging cable when you most need it ! I would highly recommend this piece of kit & have been thoroughly satisfied with my purchase
Never be stuck with a dead phone.
This is a quality item that easily slips into a shirt pocket, or ladies purse. Charging cable and connectors, for micro usb AND apple lightning, are neatly part of the unit.

WONDERFUL ITEM, to prevent what can be a DANGEROUS PREDICAMENT (late at night with flat/dead phone battery) - every husband/boyfriend should get one for their wife/girlfriend.

Brilliant service and rapid delivery from Mobile Fun - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Brilliant gadget
A very useful little gadget. Took a bit of getting used to with the socket sequence but once mastered perfect. Will be using it for travelling for iPhone and iPad Air.
15,000 mAh of power = fantastic output and price.
Great quality item, this output rarely seen at less than £50. Excellent design with usb to micro-usb lead which fits into side of this charger. All you need to charge this charger and one device. With a separate lightning/apple lead this charger will give 2 Amp charge to an iPad/iPhone and 1 amp charge to another device - at the same time. TWO YEARS WARRANTY and neat LED
Highly satisfied with this charger and top quality service from Mobile Fun. A sock/slip sleeve (not included) would keep this quality charger scratch free. This charger is as big as a lumia phone (it can charge a phone up to TEN TIMES) and weighs hefty 308 grams, so do not drop it on your foot.
An excellent power boost.
Bought two of these portable chargers as standby for my phone and iPad and really pleased with their quality. Excellent value for a 6000mAh charger and small enough for carrying around. Very pleased with my purchase.
Great product
It is a very slick looking piece. Fast charging and easy to use. Highly recommended
Light and portable
Very light and doesn't weigh down when in my bag. Keeps my phone topped up throughout the day.
Fast charge doesn't work with all phones
I bought this as it was advertised as compatible with my Samsung A5. Yes, it is compatible in that it will charge it but only from the 1A output. It won't fast charge using the 2A output which is what I was expecting.
Power in the palm of your hand!
Light weight,neat design with cables and connectors stored in unit. Recharged Samsung mobile from 10% to 100% 4 times faster than using standard wall socket charger. Just as fast on Ipad as well and the connector for it included. Recharging battery took around 2 hours from mains wall socket. A 'can't do without' accessory.
Olixar Powerboost 6000mAh is a great portable charger
Olixar Powerboost 6000mAh is a great portable charger. Its small enough to keep in my handbag (its about the side of my phone) and lasts couple of charges. It also kept my tablet going for a while too. Its easy to use, and little lights show you how much power is left in it. Overall I'm happy with it and I'd recommend it to people who need an occasional boost of power for their small devices.
Amazing product
I bought this because I'm often not home for 2-3 days. This charger kept my my phone charged for the entire time. It recharged my phone to full in less than 30 mins. I would definitely recommend this product.
What a mobile charging device
what a mobile charging device i have charged my phone 4 times and its has not lost any charge fantasist choice
Does what it says on the tin!
My daughter recently bought me a new phone.I was concerned that, as a silver surfer,I might forget to charge it. Carrying the charger with me gives the insurance I need when I'm out and about. It also reassures my daughter that I am always accessible. The Olixar Power Boost has given me that reassurance.
Does at least what it is supposed to, maybe more
We had two phones for a weekend. Although not fully discharged it coped easily: having the two sockets made it it perfect and could have charged a camera as well.
Really Handy - and Stylish too
This pocketable charger has a high capacity and also looks cool. Best of all there is an unobtrusive built-in USB ribbon cable making it compact and ready to charge at any time. Great for long journeys or emergencies. Macbook users having the new USB C port should be able to charge their devices with this - although I haven't tried it yet.
Well designed and charges fast
Bought this to charge a Samsung smartphone which doesn't last the whole day with intensive use. The integral cable fits nicely and the white LEDs give it a touch of class
Heavy on the Charge
A well built and positive unit which holds a great deal of charge and effortlessly handles all mobile devices.
Massive battery power but connection flaw
This is essentially a great product offering around 200% extra battery power. However it is a great disappointment to anyone who is charging an Apple IPhone as the connection cable that is needed, continuously drops the connection and if you are out and about, you wont even notice that it has stopped charging. It needs to be constantly pushed back in to re charge once again.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Catherine

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this power bank. It sounds like the connector is faulty, please contact us so we can send you a replacement.
I have used this a couple of times now and does not do a quick charge anything like the mains plug. Unless I am using it wrong or my phone is thst flat.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michelle

The power bank features two USB ports. If you use the one on the outside, this supports 2.1A output for the fastest charging rate this power bank supports.

Hope this helps.
Really good product
I will be using it 'in anger' this weekend, but in tests it seems to perform better than calculated. Perhaps this because I never let my phone actually run out and usage is minimal. A bit heavy but worth the penalty.
Neat but powerful charger with just the right features
Some products arrive and are so I intuitively laid out that 8nstructions are practically superfluous. So it is with this little device which sports two charger outlets that may be used simultaneously and which will recharge most mobiles half a dozen times before needing a recharge itself. There is a handy LED array to show exactly how full the charger is. My only quibble is that the user has to activate th3 on/off switch before starting to recharge. The unit is also fairly bulky so that dropping it might cause problems. I found a cheap leather pouch at a mobile phone case stall in the market which is enough to provide drop protection. Definitely a charger I'd recommend to others.
Great Little Pocket Charger
Received my Olixar bank charger a few days ago and i have to say I'm thoroughly impressed! Got it at a brilliant price as well which is always a bonus...It does exactly what it says on the tin and is more than enough to cope with the demands i have for my iPhone and iPad! Treat yourself to one and i promise you will not be disappointed with its performance!
Happy daughter
Ensure the item was the right item for my daughter phone and ideal for use and handy to carry in her college bag and has the amount of charge held. This was the right choice ticked all the boxes and does what says on the tin and price was the right choice for the student who gets a small bursary monthly. Happy daughter
Excellent Quality Charger
When I unpacked this charger I could see that it was well built and a quality product. I use it for my mini iPad and my Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Smartphone. The integrated charging cable fits both of them. Very pleased with this portable charger.
Brilliant, easy to use, does just what it says on the box
Brilliant, easy to use, does just what it says on the box.
Excellent value for money, would recommend it to anyone and delivered on time.
Doesn't need to pop into pubs so often
I bought this as a "Secret Santa" present for a daughter who runs her own business, often travels in and around London and needs her phone for work. She told me she would often have to pop into a pub to recharge her phone (she said!) The device will enable her to charge on the hoof -and not pop into a pub! She was delighted with it.
very good
I bought this to keep my phones charged. I've used a couple of times and it works really well it holds enough power to charge both my galaxy s6 phones I would fully recommend this to everyone
Never an Excuse for a Flat Battery
Really impressed with this external battery. Solid build quality and the integrated cable makes life a bit easier. Size is just at the max of throwing it in a jacket pocket and capacity is plenty to keep all devices topped up. Even delivers enough charge to my SamsungTabS which doesn't always play nicely with external batteries
Highly recommended
Spot on for what I needed. Works a treat.
A nice compact device
With the convenience of built in leads and easy to use. Early days, but I think it has a slightly low cut off when used to charge an item, as there was an almost instant drop in supposed charge displayed within 30mins of charge complete.The item being charged was a garmin watch.. I'm glad I waited for it to come. Mobilefun were very good on price, and with updates on delivery, as supplier had a delay in delivery.
2amp outlet is ideal for smartphones
The Olixar Powercharge Portable Charger does just that, used twice so far when any from him, 2amp outlet is ideal for smartphones.
It is a lovely sleek design, just marginally bigger than my phone, and i love the integrated sync and charge cable
I had been about to purchase a similar item from an on-line shpping site when i received a promotional e-mail regarding this charger and was impressed with the specs. I then discovered that it was included in your recent sale at a substantial price reduction. I went ahead and bought this one instead of the previously chosen item, and am very pleased that i did.... it is a lovely sleek design, just marginally bigger than my phone, and i love the integrated sync and charge cable. It does take a good 9-10 hours to charge from the mains, so i connect it before i go to bed and then it's ready for the next day - just the job to keep my over-used tablet going for the day and evening!! All in all, a great item at a great price :-))
Best Ever
I don't need to tell you in 200 words but I will say this is the best Charger I've had , it's fast and powerful charges my iPad and iPhone in next to no time , simply it's the best , enough said. Bye.
Quality device that delivers on its promise
The moment I picked up this portable charger it had an immediate appeal - a quality feel to it both in its silky surface and its weight. Compared to competitor products that I had considered from other popular suppliers its size was much more reasonable for its capacity. It came with very clear instructions, and a very fair description as to how to calculate how many times it could recharge other devices - it said: approx 25% of the power is used in pushing the charge into the other devices meaning that 11,250 mAh remains, so you divide (say) your phone battery capacity into that and the result is how many times you can recharge your device; in my case my Note 4 has a high capacity 3,220 mAh battery which can be recharged 2.5 times from flat to full. I liked the fact that the charging cable is built into the edge of the device so I don't have to carry a cable and that it can be detached and reversed in order to recharge the device. It also has a high speed charge port as an additional port so, with a second cable that you provide, it can charge 2 devices simultaneously. To keep its battery in tip top shape I regularly charge two devices from it overnight instead of using their mains powered chargers (one of those devices using the high speed charge port since it supports being charged at high speed). I would definitely recommend this device. It's my first Olixar product and I had never heard of them before so I was wary of buying, but I needn't have worried.
This power bank is the best by far
Bought a few power banks in the past but I can safely say that this power bank is the best by far,totally recommend
It's advertised as iPhone 6s charger but it's not really because you have to take your charging cable everywhere you go , The charging cable on the battery charger is not for a iPhone, when I bought it I thought they would have a little piece on the end to convert the cable into an iPhone charger cable , so think twice
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steven

The power bank features a universal USB charging port and you can purchase short Lightning cables (56150 for example) for extra convenience.

Hope this helps.
Lived without one for long enough
I had read a few reviews on on this particular product in America last year,but after seeing it on sale in the UK it was hard to resist at the sale price,having a power hungry device is OK providing your back up is up to scratch,well people this is the one,my galaxy S7 edge now is never dead,4 days on a beach without running bk for electricity to keep the party going is a product not to be without,get one or stay in the past.....
Generous little charger
Bought the Olixar Power charge after my phone battery kept running flat whilst roaming. A quick re-charge of anything power hungry makes for a happy punter. Two units at the time? No problem. Besides that, it's a superbly looking piece of kit. Mean and moody with little LEDs telling you what's up. This has been one of my better buys.
Well-made and pleasingly designed
Well-made and pleasingly designed, the Powercharge Charger is very nearly the same width and length as my phone, though noticeably thicker and heavier. With a supplied and housed cable, it is self-contained, charges quite quickly from the mains, and is no slouch in transferring charge to another device. Well worth keeping in your brief-case, rucksack or igloo.
Excellent portable charger, with a monster amount of power, and superb build quality. Charges devices fast! Only concern is that you need to use the cable that came with the device to recharge the portable charger itself, other cables doesn't seem to work with it, not with what I have anyway.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

We are glad you love the power bank.

We have tested charging with a Micro USB cable other than the one included in the packaging and it charged absolutely fine. Worth checking your other cable to see if the problem resides there and chec

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