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Olixar Powercard Portable Charger - 1400mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your smartphone on the go with this ultra slim 'credit card sized' Power Bank from Olixar. With 1400mAh charge capacity, your phone can continue to make calls, check emails and navigate to a location for total peace of mind.
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 4.5 stars from 54 customers

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This is a excellent portable charger it fits into the pocket or wallet purse handbag.
A very useful gadget to have.
This isn't very powerful and only charges my phone one time, then needs to be recharged. Having said that, it is very small and light and would be easy to keep in your bag for emergencies. I charge mine every couple of weeks, so it is always ready. It comes with very small charging cable and I'm very pleased with it.
Brilliant as a back up charger and great you can charge from a laptop
Five stars !
Great product does exactly as described , very neat & compact unit . Very happy with purchase
Excellent purchase.
I have 2 of these power banks to enable me to keep sufficient charge in my phone while working.
Small Package, but a lifesaver
I wanted an external battery because my ageing IPhone 5S has an annoying habit of going from 40% charge to zero in seconds and no matter what you do it won't come back until it's connected to a power supply.

This device fits the bill perfectly, small enough to fit in the pocket (won't quite fit in my wallet) and kicks my iPhone back into life, it's NOT a replacement for your regular charger but it will certainly help you at times when you need a power boost.

Add to that that I bought it on a BOGOFF then, for me, it was a no brainier.
Little Package, Big Lifesaver
I have an ageing iPhone 5s that has an infuriating habit of going from about 36% battery life to Zero in, literally, seconds. No matter what you do it won't burst back into action until it's plugged into a charger, not easy when your in the middle of a field walking your dog, once it's plugged in it will, very commonly, display 40%+ charge. I saw this portable charger advertised on a bogoff and thought why not.

Problem solved, small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, won't gpfit in my wallet, and does exactly what I want and more. It's not a substitute for the mains charger but does a GREAT job
Olixar Powercard Portable Chargerg good choice for the price
This was a no-brainier. I got this on a two for one offer and although one of these cannot fully charge my Sony Expreria Z3 to full charge it does not really matter as they are so thin they fit in my wallet and I can carry anywhere and boost to more than a useful level when needed. And with two of them I can get nea 90% charge. Great stuff!!
Every mobile owner should have one
I bought this for my daughter as she is forever on her phone where ever she is and therefore always has no battery.
It becomes an embarrassment to be with her when we are out, as she will be looking for a plug to charge her phone anywhere----in a coffee bar,a restaurant etc.
This will be absolutely perfect!!
Fantastic little rechargeable power bank very light fits in wallet grate to top up your phone if you out all day ,
Buy one now or even two
Portable charger
I wanted to know what these charger are like so they were on BOGOF I did not get the bogof but I still bought 2 . I charged them both and used them on my mobile phone and were brilliant
And would definitely recommend for emergency back up.
Absolutely fantastic
The Olixar power card portable charger is absolutely fantastic. It's so small and compact. It fits in my purse perfectly and my husbands in his wallet. I am always on my phone on the Internet so by the end of the day I always need to top up my battery so I take it with me every where. I love it!
It's great. Compact, a nice finish and does what it say's on the box.
I was inspired to buy this as my son's android is all ways running out of charge. He was so pleased with it that I thought I would buy one for my iPhone. So glad I did. It fits nicely in my purse, no need to worry anymore. It also holds its charge for quite some time. its a great buy and would make a lovely Christmas gift for friends and family.
Not a good product
This product is not fit for purpose. Fully charged it doesn't charge my phone for longer than 5 mins and then it shuts down. I've tried on multiple occasions to give it a chance but I've come to the conclusion it's a gimmick product. Very disappointed, especially the way it was marketed, product won't even charge my Bluetooth headset fully, that's ridiculous.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Abai

Sounds like you might have a faulty power bank. If you can contact our Customer Services team, we can send you a replacement.
It's the best thing I have bought in years
The battery on my phone never lasts the whole day. When I saw the olixar power card portable charger on sale on mobileFun I thought I would try it. It's the best thing I have bought in years. It's so small and compact, it fits in my purse. It's as it said " as small as a credit card". I am so pleased with my purchase. I would recommend it. It's very useful. I have used it every day since having it. It's fantastic.
Very good and quick delivery
The item was very nice and it does what it says the delivery was very good and quick the price was very reasonable and when I made my order had no problems at all very pleased with the service you give and will be making more orders thank you so much s.brady
Not a good buy
I bought this 2 for 1 offer - 1 of the chargers supplied did not work, and the other only charges my phone about 30% before it is drained. I now understand the significance of only 1400mAh but didn't realise this before I bought them. However, the charger is neat and fits in my purse so I always have it with me, and is OK if you just want a 30% charge to keep you going.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jane

Sorry to hear you had problems with one of the power banks. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can send you a replacement.
Very pleased with item
Very pleased with item. Very speedy dispatch and delivery.
Just the job
Compact and powerful, exactly what was needed. Battery on the iPhone is a little unreliable - this allows me to travel, confident that I can stay in touch.
You need your existing charging cable as unit to charge does not have a small lightening to USB connector needed for iPhones. Pretty much makes the credit card size redundant if you have to take this cable out with you. Picture of unit shows small charge cable which comes with unit connected to a phone unfortunately this cannot be an iPhone.
This is the best portable charger I have come across
This is the best portable charger I have come across. This charger an cable are so easy to carry around with you. Nice and flat for your wallet, handbags or shirt and back pockets.
Get one while you can.
What you gain in compact design, you lose in power and speed
Looks good and very nice slimline design, but slow to recharge the charger and the connector doesn't fit very well, sometimes stopping charging because it becomes loose. I've found it charges up my mobile to around 40 -50% capacity - adequate but not great.
Portable charger - just what I was looking for!
Needed to know if this would work straight away with my iPhone or if an additional cable was needed - delighted with speedy response to my query from customer services, with discount offered on extra cable needed and order sent next day for no extra delivery charge.

Charger works perfectly, keeps its own charge for ages, no more worries about low phone battery at the end of the day!
I ordered 2 and gave one to my son who was going away for a weekend where there were no facilities to charge his phone. This device was a 'life-line' as he could keep his phone charged in order to receive any emergency messages.
I have bought the charger to plug in to my phone just ln case I will be out and about sometime soon
I have bought the charger to plug in to
my phone just ln case I will be out and about sometime soon maybe I will buy another one day
Most power banks I have bought are usually ungainly things. This one looks like a very expensive credit card. Same size as a card with a brushed Stainless Steel look. It would not look out of place on a table charging a phone. Very very pleased with my purchase.
Handy Charger
All information given was accurate and everything was covered. Only thing I would say is make sure that your phone fits the charger as it is micro charger. I never realised at the time as my phone is actually a small sized USB charger so I had to buy a separate adapter to fit my phone. Great wee practical product! Easy to use and brilliant for emergencies.
OK, but ill-fitting cable
Looks good but the power boost is a little disappointing (around 40%) - I guess due to its slimline design,but useful as a backup nonetheless.
More annoyingly though the cable doesn't fit very well so it constantly keeps becoming disconnected while charging so has to be pushed back together constantly.
Great product at an even better price. Would recommend it.
Great product at an even better price. Would recommend it.
Very Attractive
I have purchased many power banks before but they have usually been bulky looking things. These power banks are so small being the size of a credit card and the silver colour is so elegant. Very very pleased with purchase. Lovely items.
Small and perfectly formed
This charger is the best I have had to date, probably out of half a dozen predecessors in last ten years. My old one was stolen with a laptop and I didn't hesitate to repurchase. The best thing is the size, very compact, I keep in my wallet so always available in the face of adversity. Handy on the train if you can't get near a plug, handy on the tube if in London area, keeps everything running before, during after work and in the time of need for personal life. Display is clear, compatibility excellent, my advice is to get one of the very small lightning cables and you can have your phone and charger back to back at same time without the dangly wire all over the place. Well recommended !
Amazing product and delivery
This is slim enough to easily fit in a pocket to wallet and the cable provided is perfect for micro usb devices! I bought this on the Monday before Christmas Day and was staying in Dublin with family so expected EU delivery. I paid for express delivery which came the very next day even at this time of year!! Great experience all round. :D
good charger in a small device
The charger works well but it should be clear that you still need a cable to correct your phone to this device. The size is great and can almost do a full charge on the iPhone 5s.
Great Product
The Portable Charger is an excellent product. Easy to charge and is great backup for my I Phone
Handy companion
I bought this particular charger due to its size which will fit in either my purse or my handbag. So handy if I'm out all day and especially if I'm out at night and my battery is low due to lots of photos being taken! The first one I ordered was faulty, but it was so easy to send it back and the replacement arrived very soon after. So, all in all as usual very pleased with my product from mobile fun and the service.
A smart bit of kit
I do have a spare battery for my phone but that is no good if SWMBO forgets to charge hers. Fits easily in a pocket or hand bag. Too big for a wallet. So far have not had to use it, but going on holiday soon so may well find out how good it is then.
Neat and efficient
Ordered this for my daughter, who was off to Download and needed a phone charger, as she is surgically attached to her smartphone! Came very quickly, small and neat and very easy to use. Perfect for travel- compact size means it takes up hardly any space and weighs practically nothing. Assuming it works, as I've seen her post on social media since she disappeared to Donington last week!
very good
It looks very nice,light in weight.my so garage owner was the first to grab it then a fried who was drinking coffee with me grabed the second one iam Waitng for new dileveris.
Replacement charger works well
The first charger that I was sent was returned, as the charger indicator lights were unreliable. MobileFun sent a replacement fairly quickly. The process of returning was free and fairly easy.
The lights now show the state of charge as stated on the instruction sheet. The light that shows that the battery is being charged is blue, rather than green as originally stated, but the sheet has been corrected.
It is easy to charge the battery and then use it to charge the Samsung Galaxy, by pluging the cable into different sockets. The enclosed cable is very short (which is good if the charger and phone are connected together in a pocket or bag). The longer cable that comes with the phone can be used instead, which makes the use of the charger more flexible.
The value of the portable charger will be seen when I use the maps on my phone on long walks.
Very good item
Charges the phone or iPod as I am on the road, bus or train.
The charge indicator lights let me know how much or how little is left in the battery so that I am in control of my gadgets.
Good so far
I have had the powercard for just over a week and have been fairly impressed I charged it up before I used to it and then away you go. I am someone who often forgets to charge my phone at work and get on tube and train with little or no charge on my phone as the powercard fits snugly into my wallet it hasn't bulged and easy enough to charge up my phone, looks like a great purchase.
Don't buy this divice it's not capable of charging iPhone even from 40 percent
Total waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Norman

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this accessory...

It features a 1500mAh capacity and is not designed to fully charge a phone, as stated in the description:

"The Olixar PowerCard Portable Charger features a 1500mAh capacity, adding
Best ever
Does everything it says, and easy to carry in purse or bag. Good for travel
powercard charger
perfect for what i want with superfast delivery thank you
Credit card it is not
Width is Credit cards size but it's height is 3mm higher than a card, 5mm depth...It will suffice to charge a mobile in case of low battery, I will carry one when required.
Useful surge of power
This is a must have gadget, especially if you are constantly on the move.
Whether you are a business user or just "in to" your device; this is the ideal Christmas present - recommended
Very thin and fast charging!
I bought another charging device but this one is even better! Very fast charging and very thin. I store it in my wallet so to have an extra charge everywhere I go.
This is a great back up power on your phone it so easy to work and it does work.
good product
Great product & a fantastic size. Not powerful enough to fully charge from flat but more than powerful enough to provide 50% although it takes a while. Works great as an emergency charger which is what it is meant to be.
Overall great product, good price & great service yet again from Mobilefun!
Awesome power cell
This is amazing and easy to use fits in my wallet and the cable needed fits in my wheelchair pouch, supper idea cheers dale

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