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Olixar Power Up Kit - 4-in-1 Charging Pack with Travel Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the perfect travel companion. This 4-in-1 charging accessory kit with case is perfect for ensuring your devices are fully charged wherever you may go featuring a mains USB travel adapter, power bank and two non-tangle retractable cables.
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 4.9 stars from 47 customers

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Ideal for Travelling
Best travel kit I have had. Ideal for holidays. But also perfect for business travel. On the plane and in the Hotel. got everything in one compact case, so even keep it in cabin baggage. Even has an Australian/NZ plug (unusual) and that where I travel a lot
Absolutely love it
This is a really good thing to have if you are going away we absolutely love it
Taking charge
Bought this charger kit for when on business travels. iPhone, iPad and watch need charging and usually have only one socket in rooms. Comes with all the bits you need, also with travel adapters so no issue when abroad. Handy battery device so I can top up phone if getting low. (Useful in airports when delayed for hours). Best feature is the carry box so you don't lose any parts.
Very convenient, will take to the next trip to Southern America
Product has a good a quality.
This OLIXAR POWER UP Kit 4 in ! Charging Pack With Travel Case looks very nice....
I'm sure it has a good quality after use it for the first time.
Thank you MOBILE FUN....
Excellent product
This product is something I have looked for over a long period of time. A great case contains everything someone who uses gadgets and smart phones needs. An ideal unit to pack when on holiday or travelling, it is so compact which makes it perfect.
Excellent item
Excellent Product.
Great product
The Olixar 4-in-1 charging pack with travel case is all you need when traveling abroad or in the UK. It has all the various plug adapters you need wherever you are in the world as well as 2 retractable leads with either USB or lightening connections. They fit in cut outs in the case so they won't rattle around, also included is a backup power bank in case you run out of power.
Traveling with too many electronics got easier
The days of juggling iPad, iPhone , Apple Watch and work phone on a single socket in hotel bedrooms are over. The four usb ports on this device mean i can leave the tangle of cables and chargers at home and only take one neat little carry case. Result!
Very handy,compact and useful for travel
This is an absolutely a must have I'd you do a lot of travelling
This is an absolutely a must have I'd you do a lot of travelling. It's just as good idea you don't though. This product is great if you have a few things that you need to charge at once like me it's a great idea brought to life. Thank you
Good kit, good price
Purchased one of these in April which I have been happy with, it worked great in China, and all in a great travel case. So when they came back up on offer, I purchased two more for my kids.
One of the retractable leads was faulty, which MobileFun replaced without question and it arrived the following day; great service thanks.
Innovative idea with the power pack integrated adapter.
Very impressive tool
I was looking for a travel kit something that can be all in one, when I came across this impressive tool. I must admit that I am very pleased with my purchase in all aspect, the quality of the item and the prise. My colleagues at work are also impressed 5 people have shown their interests
It's exactly what it says and it dose it. And it is so handy for traveling . Great.
Top buy
Top buy
Olixar power up kit.
It was everything what was described : and it's great for traveling . It's all what you need.
Fantastic bit of kit
Every thing you could wish for wether you are at home or away on your holidays a lot of perfection in one small package
Excellent quality, spent and covenirnce
I bought one of thiis item a year ago, and I have been so happy with it that I bought another one to keep in my house abroad. It's so convenient because it come with all the adapters for power in different countries, very handy when we go holidays. I find it also very powerful for charging IPhone, iPad, a Samsung, etc. All at the same time. This power kit also come with a little transformer from Apple and non apple device like Blackberry, Which again it's very practical. I highly recommend this product. It goes with me every where. Easy to travel with it. Very good value for money.
This's my favorite web site
This's an excellent item I recived and i well recommended to all my friends.
Than you
Ideal holiday companion
Bought this as I travel a lot. Just got back from Italy and this worked a treat - was able to charge an iPhone, an iPad and a power pack at the same time.
I am well impressed with this item
I am well impressed with this item.It has got all the plugs you require for going on holiday it different countries.I would recommend this item to other people
This is an awesome product
This is an awesome product I got as a gift and think it is awesome so had to gift it to someone, I was short of time and mobilefun came to the rescue. If there is only one thing that might be an option to have different models that have a bigger portable battery,otherwise this product is very well made and is only missing the type C connector and then you have them all, this can be bought else. Can't fault this product so far a definite good purchase.
All in all very impressive
Just unpacked the Olixar kit in salou Spain,here for a week so purchased this for charging my s7edge,my daughters iPhone,and my sons Mega 6.3.The packing is fantastic the socket with 4usbs is brilliant after selecting the correct attachment plug in and charge away.the retractable cable x2 has pull on, off protection to locate apple or android inserts.there is also a portable power bank with built in USB.all in all very impressive..
The charger has the ability to charge several devices at once using one socket which is very helpful
Bought this as it is a great product for people who do a lot of traveling. The product arrived with a small fault and was quickly dealt with by the helpful customer service staff.The charger has the ability to charge several devices at once using one socket which is very helpful. Would recommend this device for travelers.
All you need to charge your devices
What a fantastic purchase, two retractable charging leads with both mini USB and Apple connections, a multi international plug and a power bank all in a smart case. This would fulfil anyone's mobile device charging needs.
Power up kit
Excellent. I spend a lot of time in France and am always forgetting or mislaying connections. Hopefully as it will always be in the car I will be saved.

So good I bought two so that there is always one in my bag.
Tidy peace of kit!!
From the design to all the features, it’s a pretty great kit with a lot of very useful and usable parts. It’s perfect for a device-friendly traveler, which is most of us these days, isn’t it? I know I’d use parts of the Kit for sure on a regular basis… but as much as I praised the design and look of it all, for an everyday use or travel kit, it’s pretty large. Not overly heavy, but still a good size which would take up a bit if extra space in your bag. But then again, the order and tidiness of the Olixar Power Up Kit is what I was first drawn to, and keeping things neat and orderly is what I preach, so in that sense I would bring this along with me. So, it turns out, I do like this sexy Power Kit and I’m ready to show her off to all my friends. Or make friends with it.
This item is a godsend
This item is a godsend. I travel a lot so it is convenient for me.I can use my phone during travelling and not worry about battery life draning so fast
Great product
Great product and fast delivery
Brilliant for family travel or just day to day use.
I did get a little confused on how the power bank worked but when I found where the attachment was for the lightening cable I found it brilliant not having to carry extra wires with me !
The product overall is just great it includes all that you need in a safe compact case.
Worth every penny.
This bundle is pretty impressive, the most useful part of the whole package is the retractable charging wire I cannot describe how handy it is to have a retractable charging cable.

The 4 port charger is also another handy part of this bundle for me being as I have to charge a multiple of things at the same time, but the charge also provides a quick charge if I just charge my phone on its own.

Finally, the Power Bank is probably the best accessory I have had for a phone, I travel long distances a lot and having the power bank in my bag is a life save when there aren't any plug sockets available. It takes me about 2hrs to fully charge the power bank this gives me about 3-4 hours charge in total. I would like to give more of a review on the power bank but being as my Girlfriend has stolen it from me I can only give a short description of what it did.
Fantastic product and fantastic service!
I was looking for this piece of kit for a long time; it's the 'must have' box for travelers, the quality of the stuff is good and delivery was super-fast! Definitely recommend
Spot on
This is what I have been looking for over the last 5 years
I have had travel plugs but nothing of this standard and with a case to carry the stuff in all a bonus.
Now I have tested the 3 pin plug and that works just fine so I will take it the rest work but time will tell
This is a good kit to have if you travel
Brilliant all round charging kit.
I have bought the Olixar Power up Kit for use in my caravan, so now I can charge up my phone and my wifes phone also our Samsung note pads. We now don't have to take a selection of charging adapters as I have said a brilliant bit of kit.
Four in one travel case
A great product travel a lot so it is always in my bag very usefull
The travel pack has everything you need for charging on the go or at home. The portable phone charger in case of a boost while out and about is slim enough to pop into your pocket but big enough to charge your phone when its battery is low.
I am very pleased with the product
I purchased the Olixar Power Up Kit 4 in one Charging Pack with travel Case because I was due to travel shortly. I needed something that I knew I could rely on. Having viewed this item on MobileFun I took the plunge and bought it.
The item arrived exceptionally quickly. I ordered at about 7.30 one evening and it was delivered to my door the following morning. I am very pleased with the product, how smart it looks and the items inside are of a good quality. More charger connections that I will be hard pressed to use myself but with the kids in tow I'm sure they will get used. A plug attachment for every country and a power bank for when you are on the move. I would recommend the product and highly recommend MobileFun for all your mobile connectivity needs. Five Star*****
Works well
Neat little traveling companion. I used this on a recent trip to Paris and found it worked well. The fact that it can delivery 2A per port means that my Sony Nex-6 camera charges along with a Nexus 7, a Moto G and a bluetooth head set.

I used the included power pack to supplement the tablet on the train ride home.
Amazing gadget
Bought this for my holiday in Egypt. Was money well spent. It arrived very quickly and I used it al the time I was away. What an amazing product very compact, totally delighted and would recommend to anyone.
Excellent Travel Companion
Everything you need in a single pack. I can charge multiple devices wherever I travel and have the addition of a handy emergency juice pack to boost my phone on longer busy trips.

Great Product but POOR QUALITY
This is a real shame.

This is a fantastic package and I was VERY excited so purchased 4 packs, one for me and others for my management team that regularly travel.

When handing them out one pack had a failure on the extendible cable when it sprang open and disintegrated so that it is now a single long cable rather than extendible.... Ok these things happen and all the rest were ok....

Then yesterday one of the cables stopped working.... just wont charge anymore..... its as if the cable is no longer connected anymore....

Real shame because it looks such good quality....
MobileFun Reply
Hi Adam

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this pack. Please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.
Best travel kit I've ever brought
Olixar Power Up Kit - This is a must!!
Was a bit sceptical about this kit, but I was wrong as this thing will be a god send as I am always forgetting to charge my iPhone when I'm out.
All the bits work very well & more importantly the extending cables work on my iPhone 6 which most non genuine cables aren't capable of doing.
I charged 2 Kindles & an iPad air 2,2 iPhone 6's & an iPad mini & the power lights didn't move at all.
All in all looks good does what it says on the tin plus I received outstanding service from the folks at Mobile Fun.
Ideal Travel charging kit
I travel in the UK and abroad(worldwide)regularly and have to take several items that require charging. Carrying all the plugs and leads needed is inconvenient and they take up valuable space in my notebook bag.Some hotel rooms don't have many sockets, so charging may have to be rationed between the devices, which can be a problem when time is tight.

This kit is ideal for me, as it solves the above problems. It comprises a four-port socket with four multi- country plug adapters, 2 retractable micro-USB leads with adapters and a power-bank, all stored in a compact solid zipped case.

There's almost everything I need for charging on-the-move in one convenient kit. Providing a small instruction/information leaflet is the only suggestion I could make.

It's very convenient and good value for money.
Very tidy kit..Most pleased.
Good quality well thought out pack. This kit is perfect for the house and the holiday abroad. the case is well made with slots for each part.
The most useful part is the fact that it is fully compatible with apple lightning ports and mini usb. A must in a household like ours with mixed apple and android devices.
I love the two retractable cables, they keep the spaghetti mess to a minimum! and they actually work.
The power up pack is brilliant, so handy for topping up the charge on everything when you are out...even my E cig battery! this even has a little lightning port adaptor built into it, and a cable, so no need to spend hours considering if you have the right bits with you before you go. A really good slim size too.
This is my first four port adaptor, so much better than a charger plugged into every socket in the house! and a must in an apartment abroad with limited sockets available.
My only slight niggle would be that there should be a zip compartment in the case to keep the most essential lightning adaptors which manage to escape at every opportunity when not in use. After all, it would be useless when they are lost.

Delighted with this pack... just chuck it in the luggage and be confident i dont need to think whether i've got every base covered. It already is.
Not just a holiday charger.
I wish I had had this before I went on holiday. This well made very compact device eliminates the need for carrying multiple chargers. It also allows four devices to be charged from one wall socket. With the socket adapters that is about any socket anywhere in the world. The included power pack is a bonus allowing a flat phone to be activated when there is no power available. Very well made and easy enough to work out what everything does though a few points in the right direction would have been useful. Even so still a five star product.

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