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Olixar Pocketpower Portable Charger - 2500mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Double the battery life of most smartphones with this portable 2500mAh power bank from Olixar, ensuring your Micro USB and Lightning compatible devices are charged when you need them the most.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55237
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 6 customers

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Product ref 55237 -Almost perfect
Great service from MobileFun as I expected from using them before. Excellent product BUT it didn't perform as it does on the video, because the plug won't fit into it's place as it is supposed to do. I didn't want to return the product because I had an immediate need for using it which was why I needed to buy it when I did. A pity because the product as it is supposed to pack away looks great
Perfect wallet size
Most important point that isnt mentioned in the description, yes this will fit in most proper sized wallets. It will gice me note 3 75 percent charge in under an hour and the hidden cables are great esepcially withe the lightning adapter gidden inside aswell.
Good product
Decent product for giving your phone an additional boost in battery life. Its fairly slimline and JUST fits in my wallet enabling me to carry it easily around with me. This is the only portable charger I found with inbuilt connection meaning I don't have to remember a wire separately. Delivery was very quick.
Great product
I think this is an amazing product to buy. It gives you peace of mind knowing you have such a device with you should your phone battery go flat whilst you are out and about. It's small enough and slim enough to fit in your wallet and lightweight to.
External charging battery
It is a real life saver. No more carrying cables and sockets. No more having to ask permission for plugging in. For the price it is a must have. It is very slick so it fits anywhere. The charging cable is very slick and it perfects in the battery so the machine is a perfect rectangular gadget with nothing pertruding. The only thing is that when in operation it gets uite hot so is very good as a hands warmer.
Wxcellent - just as described
My old charger was losing power. This is much smaller but just as powerful. Excellent product and service.

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