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Olixar OnePlus 7 Pro Full Cover Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the OnePlus 7 from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Quite poor
The fit was very good, but dust began to collect under the top of the screen due to the poor quality of the glue around the glass. Very disappointed with the purchase, wouldn't recommend.
The best curved screen protector!
1. Beautiful packaging, fast delivery too?!
2. Very easy installation looks perfect. You can't even tell the black bezil around the edge of the protector. No rainbow colours in the light
3. Will be ordering again for a spare 5 STARS.
As expected
As expected

Easy to install
Good product
Good product
Screen protector
Fits perfectly, I installed it upside down the first time. Was easily strong enough to flip around and make it right. However this is the exact same screen protector that comes with the case and is cheaper.
Good glass protector, doesn't take up too much of the screen with the black edges. Only annoyance is some rainbow effect if you rub your finger over a part of the screen for a while, like with scrolling, but only really noticeable when the screen is off. Haven't dropped it yet so can't say how well it protects the screen, but looks like it would work well
very nice
very nice and good protection
Expensive waste, Very poor product
Received the product, applied as shown in the video (iPhone used as demonstration not OnePlus). From the time the screen went on it was evident that certain touch points, particularly at the sides, would not work. In a nutshell the case doesn't allow touches to register at the sides. If that wasn't bad enough the glass part of the case separated from the protective sticky film without pressure. Just fell right off.

Contacted customer services to inform them and said I will hold off on writing a review as I understand this is the first batch of these products, no reply.

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