Olixar OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 6T from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Well worth it !
Slightly more expensive than most glass screen protectors but when fitted looks great and does not detract from the original look of the phone. Fits perfectly but to aid proper fitment you must ensure a dust free environment,, cannot stress this enough.
Good quality protection for OnePlus 6T
Installation instructions should be readily available before ordering. The video links are generic and don't much relate to the specific product purchased.. That said the screen protectors are easy to install , the process being fairly intuitive
Did it's job
The order was processed and delivered quite fast, considering that I imported into South Africa. This is the first time I used a tempered glass screen protector, so I am not sure whether my review reflects glass ones in general or the Olixar ones. The black border of this protector is a little broader than I expected and was pretty difficult to apply, I would have liked to see more instructions somewhere on the box and more tools included to help with the application. I only had the screen protector for a week, because I dropped the phone and cracked the screen protector, but the screen and phone itself was unscathed. So, it did it's job.
Good customers service
I bought a screen protector for my sons phone it would not stay on the phone. I wrote customer service and they shipped a new one to us..
Best Customer Service Ever
I was not familiar with tempered glass screen protectors except to know I needed one to protect a MAJOR investment in my OnePlus 6T phone. Unfortunately, when the protector arrived, I tried to remove it from the backing and cracked it. I wrote to Mobile Fun and they IMMEDIATELY responded with a shipping notice for another protector. It arrived, and I had a more patient friend install it for me. The installation was perfect, the tempered glass has a wonderful, smooth, silky feel that makes using my phone even more delightful. I have the assurance that I am protecting my phone's screed and Mobile Fun has a new customer for life. BTW, I also bought some other things like a case for the phone, some chargers and cables. Everything is top-quality, and the prices are reasonable. I will recommend Mobile Fun to anyone as a GREAT company to deal with.
Product exactly as describe. Postage exactly as explained (estimated international delivery times)

Previous Olixar screen saved my phone, dropped and completely smashed the glass protector, phone was 100% clean from damage.

Great product, fits well, looks great.
Product exactly as describe. Postage exactly as explained (estimated international delivery times)

Great supplier
Good quality but not the most accurate fit
The glass is smooth and doesn't interfere with the fingerprint scanner too much (there were times when it wouldn't accept my fingerprint but times when it worked like usual). My biggest grip is that it ever so slightly cuts into the screen so there's this extra, very thin border around the screen.
2nd one cracked in two months
Easy to apply screen and would be excellent but I'm on my second one in two months. The second one had chipped after one day of use and now has hairline cracks running through the whole of the screen. Will be looking at a different brand for my next purchase.
Easy to put on and you can't tell it's a screen protector once it's on. It fits the phone perfectly although it's pretty easy to scratch compared to the regular phone screen.
High quality product
Excellent customer service
Quick delivery.
High quality screen protector.

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