Olixar NovaShield Huawei Mate 20 Pro Bumper Case - Black Reviews

Perfect for Huawei Mate 20 Pro owners looking to provide exquisite protection that won't compromise Huawei's sleek design, the NovaShield from Olixar combines the perfect level of protection in a sleek and clear bumper package.
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High quality product
Excellent fit and finish and high quality materials used. I accidentally dropped my phone whilst in this case with no issues,thank goodness. So I can completely recommend.
If the case is good and strong. It is a. Good case.
Okay product but not to my liking
Product is sturdy but it makes the phone look average.
It's ok for the money !
The case it's self is a good solid and secure fit with a good corner and edge protection, however it could do with being maybe a slightly bit thicker on the overlapping lip that covers the screen edges as it is far too close to the screen edge for my liking and the basis of buying this was to protect it if it landed face down. Another issue with it is the sound control and power button cover. They have unfortunately made one big button which you press at different parks in order to activate sound up or down and power. this causes a huge issue as by pressing one button sometimes causes both power button and the volume button to act simultaneously and in doing so it takes a screenshot (very annoying). Basically they should have made individual buttons for each control. My third and final issue is the plastic cover on the back. for some reason no matter how much you clean this seems to create either condensation or some form of moisture that makes one part of the plastic stick to the back of the phone whilst the rest doesn't and you get a weird effect which makes the back of the phone look terrible. Overall it's ok and is definitely worth the money paid for but for me personally I will be upgrading.
Middle of the road
Given the limited cases available for this model phone this case is about middle ground for what it offers. Sturdy construction which feels like it can take a hit, camera protected a bit more so putting it on table top stops scratches.

Clear back is a finger print magnet but then so are most phones now so no real issue. Side buttons work great but could do with power button being slightly different colour as constantly hitting screen shot lower sound button by mistake.

Overall for the money its a good case and will offer some protection, i would prefer a much tougher case but until they make one this will do. No problems with supplier, quick to arrive and best pricing on a lot of items.
Great case
Great case, really happy with it. Rugged but you can still see the beautiful back of the phone

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