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Olixar Non-Tangle Micro USB / Lightning Charge & Sync Cable Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Olixar 2-in-1 charge and sync cable allows you to charge Lightning and Micro USB devices with just one cable. Perfect for use with mains plugs, USB ports and power banks, this non-tangle flat design is perfect for avoiding messy cables
  • Mobile Fun ID 51388
$17.25 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 71 customers

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Olilxar USB/Lightenting Cable
Love this cable, only need a single cable for both Micro USB and Lightening mobile phones. Now looking for a Micro USB/USB type C or a Lightening/USB C cable which would cover us for all eventualities.

Hope someone comes up with one soon.
The usual first class service and superb products
These Olixar non tangle cables are the Bees knees of connecting cables. So easy to use and fantastic quality at a price too good to be true. Thank you
Brilliant and so useful accessory.
I have a android mob/phone and an Apple iPad Pro. Having the convenience of a micro USB and a Lightning connector on the cable end I can now charge both phone and pad at the same time from the one power socket. Wonderful piece of kit.
Dual connector flat charging cable
Great adaptable tangle free flat cable with 2 of the most common connectors.

Although the flat cable is tagle free it would have been nice if it was in a retractable coil for greater portability.
It is not charging my devices, sometimes at all.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems. You will need to check the charging source you are plugging into. Maybe this is not providing enough power for the device rather than it being the cable itself. If you are still having problems, please contact
Excellent, very nice with both micro usb and lightning charge.
Nice concept and the tangle free aspect is good. However after a few months use, and as described by other reviewers, the Lightning connecter broke off
I well pass your web site to all my friends
Really I like this item it's bowerfull item
Thank you
Not very impressed!
Has the potential to be a great cable. The one thing that lets it down is the length of the lightening connector; its just too long. When inserted into the phone I would expect it to go all the way in to form a snug fit, however, about 0.5mm of connector is left protruding from the socket on the phone. This allows for a degree of movement of the connector from side to side which means if the line op of the lightening cable isn't just right I either get messages saying the cable/accessory is not compatible with the phone or it just doesn't charge. Once I get it to charge after a degree of fiddling I have to leave well alone as anything that disturbs the phone/cable stops it from charging. I have returned to the phone I put on charge several times only to find that it has NOT charged due to being disturbed slightly: VERY ANNOYING and I bought two of them. The micro USB connector, however, seems to work just fine.
Not for me.
I bought two of these lately and when I opened one I thought, this looks impressive, how wrong I was. It took a lot longer to charge my iPad Air than the one I have, the only good thing I can say is that it is tangle free. Sorry have put them away, won't use them again.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Pauline

The charging rate depends more on the mains charger you are connecting to. Please check the mains USB charging adapter you are using and if you are still having issues, please contact our Customer Services team.
Great charging cable
A great bit of kit. Now you just need to take the one cable to charge both iPhone and Android equipment. The length is just right as you can reach the socket and charge whilst using phone etc., and it really doesn't tangle. Will be getting a couple more as fab for taking on holiday etc
Better than Apple!
This is the first lead I have found to charge my iPhone that looks as though it will last. It is well made and the connections feel very solid. No silly message from my phone about compatability, it worked instantly. As an added bonus it also charges my Asus laptop so can now charge both in my car. Would thoroughly recommend. Thanks
Convenient Product at Great Price
Having purchased a previous version the micro usb/lightning adapter that were not joined, it is easy to lose one of the ends. This product means you won't lose an end and it slips into a small bag with your power bank.
A good value deal
Worked perfectly on my Android phone and remained tangle-free. Very good value, especially on the two for one deal. Highly recommended.
Must Buy
This product is fantastic whether you're using it in a car or at home, it can be used for both Samsung and apple products as it has an attachment on the end to make it compatible with the latest apple products. It charges my galaxy note 4 just as well as the turbo charger from Samsung. Must have product!
Keeps opening and closing the phone's storage folder, quite annoying actually
This item does not work properly with an iPhone charging off a laptop while the laptop is on. Keeps opening and closing the phone's storage folder, quite annoying actually.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

Sounds like the cable isn't connected correctly or possibly there is dust within your phone's port causing this to occur. Please clean out the port on your phone and if you are still having issues, please co
Handy multi-purpose device
Handy multi-purpose device... What's not to love? Well made and now used for syncing my iPhone since the original cable gets stuck in my USB port whereas this doesn't. Much better value than the supermarket offerings.
Handy multi-purpose device
Handy multi-purpose device... What's not to love? Well made and now used for syncing my iPhone since the original cable gets stuck in my USB port whereas this doesn't. Much better value than the supermarket offerings.
Great cable!
Great cable!, myself and my wife use one of these cable each to charge both our Apple IPhones every day without any problems, I would recommend this cable for Apple users.
Great idea poor quality
The lead itself is great but the lightning cable adaptor is really poor quality - both broke within a month. The metal insert just pulled out.
A cable for the forgetful
Now I no longer have to remember two cables, this does the job! Really a relief when you use both iOS and Android and no more cables which are crumpled beyond recognition in the bottom of my bag or my pocket. A super quality product!
This did not work
I attached my iPhone 6+ to this and the charging light went from green to yellow, followed by regular loud bleeps. The cable was not working and so it was returned and I am waiting for a replacement.
Disappointed. Already 1 of 2 I bought will not charge iPhone 5 & 6, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alan

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this cable. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
These items (two for one) are first class. They certainly are tangle free and work with both my iPad and my wife's android device. When I bought these cables I for some reason thought they would longer than they are (around 1 metre), but the length is quite adequate.
Purchased this item to replace a broken Samsung charge cable. This one actually seems to change my phone even faster than the Samsung cable did. Perfect.
I would have expected it to work!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mark

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Sounds like you might have a faulty item, please contact us for a replacement.
A good Idea BUT
Thought this would be a very useful accessory but it is not well made. Within one day the Apple connector had become detached and left in the device.
Superb cable
I liked this so much I bought another one. a very robust cable and does exactly what it says.
connection loose
The wire itself is nice and durable, the connection to the phone is very loose. It slips out if you do not place it carefully. :(
Great idea works like a charm
I bought this for my wife because she's always bitching that her wires are always tangling, so now I'm happy because she is.
Actually I was looking for non-tangle charger and I saw this on mobile-fun.....sport on
Exactly as described
I bought this item as wanted a flexible charging lead, it fitted galaxy s5 perfectly and charged my phone without any problems. I wasnt too sure about the dual charging tip but actually it came in very useful when someone visited who had an iPhone which needed charging, again charged this phone without any problems. It would be handy if the lead was slightly longer but the length is documented so not a complaint more a personal preference. Quick delivery, money well spent, satisfied customer.
Lightning plug broke off.
I bought 3 of these and was pleased with them until the first one broke after 3 times in use. There does not seem to be enough mechanical protection for the connection of the cable to the plug.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

Sorry to hear you had a problem with this accessory. Please contact us so we can offer you a replacement.
It is probably as long as the apple lead but more flexible
I can charge my phone and my power bars with one cable. another adapter(iPhone 4 or mini usb) and it would be 5stars
Micro USB / Lightning Charge & Sync Cable
This cable is not compatible with my Iphone 6
MobileFun Reply
Hi Denis

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your cable.

It is compatible with the iPhone 6, so if you can contact our customer support - we will see why you are having a problem.
Most flexible cable ever purchased
I have used several charge cables with each Htc phone I have owned this is the most flexible even over the genuine cables supplied by Htc no more tangled cables with this one though great idea well done
Olixar Non-Tangle Micro USB / Lightning Charge & Sync Cable
The Olixar Non-Tangle Micro USB / Lightning Charge & Sync Cable I purchased works great as the website information said it would. I would like to thank Mobile Fun for making it so easy to purchase and their shipping of the product so quickly. Everything went as they said it would and I recommend them very highly.
Thanks for a job well done!!

Very happy customer,
Albert Flores
Lightening charge and Sync cable, great product, two in one is always a useful cable.
Great service, it arrived on the next day and was as it says in the blurb.
The purchase arrived promptly. Its an excellent buy.

Thank you
Great cable
Brilliant idea, now I only have to carry one cable to charge all my devices. no more tangled leads. The only downside is that the cable housing is larger than standard and I need to remove the IPods case to fit the cable, small price to pay for the convenience of carrying only one cable.
Excellent product well worth the price
After buying cheap lighting leads which would get broken very quickly, I took the plunge to buy a better quality product but also 1 which was dual purpose to stop have leads everywhere. I can say that I am not disappointed with this product, great build quality and easy to use between micro usb and lighting cable. I now have less cables and dont have to worry about not having the right usb lead with me to charge my iphone or work phone. This cable is still cheaper than an offical apple lead and I can do more with it.
Purchased this as I thought it would suit my needs perfectly. Whilst the Micro USB part works perfectly, when using the Lightning Charge & Sync part I keep getting a This may not work with your iPad/iPhone message on screen. Whilst it still charges the iPhone and iPad, it does it extremely slowly and that is disappointing because the idea behind a dual charging cable like this is a good one and anything that can lessen the amount of cables like this should have done would be most welcome.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ron

This may be the charging source you are connecting the cable to rather than the cable itself. Please check your charging adapter or USB port is providing enough power to charge your device as this can often throw up error messages if this is the
Works for me
Worked as expected when I tested it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and one of the kids Apple iPad Mini 2. Since the initial tests I have not seen it again, it's been 'adopted' by my son like any other tech I seem to get. It's serving him well for charging all his Lightening and micro USB charged devices and has remained tangle free. Ideally would like to order a slightly longer version for the living room.
Usb/lightening cable
Really useful piece of kit. Plug one end into usb on computer and the other end is either micro usb or lightening so can use for both my tablet and the wife's tablet and our phones. Brilliant job
Great Cable - versatile
Having purchased a cheap lightening cable from another site, which fell apart and overheated. I was very doubtful about buying a non Apple cable, how wrong! This one feels stronger than the Apple one, fits well, is more versatile and doesn't tangle. As I have a Windows Pad as well I can use without the adaptor.
Only downside is that the plug plus adaptor is a bit long... not a big problem.
First class, essential cables
We've all got lots of different lengths of cable for charging, linking our kit. They all get in a mess, so I thought I would try these. Boy, am I glad I did. I bought 2,what's the point of just one, and they are great. I can find them easily, and they are already ready for action. I've already got two friends to buy their own because they wanted to use mine.
What I paid for .....
..... it sends wiggly amps and other things down the wire
What's not to like?
happy with my choice
After reading reviews myself decided to buy. Glad i did do. Works wonders with my samsung phone and wifes ipad.
Received quickly too
Excellent product
An excellent product with dual charging capability so now I only need one cable instead of two cables for all my devices.
A cable ... is a cable ...
... but this one is excellent. Seems high quality, certaily works with my kit, and the non-tangle is so useful. More ordered.
A terrific cable
Tangle free, makes getting rid of the knots in the apple cable a thing of the past. Plus with the twin connectors also makes is a plus. Really pleased.
olixar tingle non- tangle micro sub/ lighting charge & sync cable
I like it very much and useful cable to have handy about when using your iPhone and iPad and recommend it and rate it 5 *****
Mobile phone user
wonderful service
The cable is of high quality manufactre with a good feel of soft plastic and works perfectly.
I have been using this product in the last month with outstanding performance.
Olixar Non-Tangle Micro USB/lightning charge & Sync Cable
the Olixar Non Tangle Micro USB/lightning charge & Sync cable is very handy because does not Tangle when I am using my iPhone 6 plus or using my ipad in bed. the ordering system at Mobile fun is very good and how you get the product and get the next day, so over all your company supplies a very good services to its customers and thank you
All charging cables should be like this.
At a very reasonable price and with excellent customer service from Mobile Fun. This cable is a must buy. It is extremely well built and has that "quality" feel to it. The design does what it claims and whilst not impossible to tangle (if you really feel the need to try?), you would be mighty unlucky to manage it. Works just fine on my iphone 6 and ipad. Also charges my old Samsung S3, Kindle, etc..
So useful and compact when not being used.
If you need a spare cable, then you need look no further. I now use this as my main charging cable for my phone and ipad. Charges quickly.
I don't give 5 star reviews lightly, but did not hesitate with this product.
Two for the price of one
Ideal for the mod I do m
Not have to. Carry two attachments anymore very versital
Versatile product
Great product at a fantastic price very versatile having two connections in one
Oligarchs micro USB/Lightning cable
Excellent product that charges both ipad Lightning and micro USB devices. It great to have the dual option for charging multiple devices definitely a 5 star product.

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