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Olixar Nexus 6P Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Nexus 6P from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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 4 stars from 31 customers

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Almost perfect
It was a very nicely packaged glass screen protector. Application was super easy!

My only issue was that it seemed to be cut incorrectly for the light sensor on the phone. With everything lined up perfectly the gap specified for the light sensor isnt large enough and the glass still covers a portion on the left and bottom of the sensor.

Too soon to tell if it will cause any problems. So at the moment it's just a very nice glass screen protector :)
Product was excellent
Product was excellent
Good service, great product.
Product arrived quickly, it is excellent quality. Definitely will shop again.
Good service, great product.
Product arrived quickly, it is excellent quality. Definitely will shop again.
Why buy anything else?
The difference between tempered glass and film screen protectors was a revelation for me! Having used film protectors until now, they've always been OK, but with a 5.7" screen designed for viewing media, OK isn't good enough.

The Olixar tempered glass screen protector offers a scratch-free surface, with better longevity and it's easier to fit, being rigid! I've removed 3-month old film protectors from handsets and have noticed the visible improvement in the picture quality, as the plastic get worn and scuffed, as you'd expect.

I'm not going back to plastic film screen protectors - why should I skimp on the device I use most each day?
The best for the best
I've always used screen protectors but having bought a premium model phone, I thought I'd buy a more expensive one as previous plastic ones have ended up looking a bit shabby. I wasn't disappointed. It was easier to affix than plastic ones due to its rigidity, with no bubbles and the cut-outs in the right places. With the screen image as crystal clear as without a protector, I won't ever go back to inferior options.
Well designed.
It is so easy to place the protector on the phone screen with the provided simple provided stickers and easy to follow illustrations.
No problems with item or shipping. Arrived promptly.
Works well, easy to apply
This screen protector was easy to apply and has provided good protection (so far). Just ignore their online instructions on how to apply it and look for 3rd party videos for instructions instead.
Disappointed with tempered glass cover
Paid extra for the tempered glass screen protector and am really disappointed with it. Within 24 hours had several deep scratches through it just through normal use of phone and I have found it continues to scratch incredibly easy just with phone in pocket or handbag. Not worth the money and I would not recommend this product.
no problems with it
Came with the equipment to clean the scteen, nice bonus. Protector applied with some air bubbles forming during application. Air bubbles can be easily pushed out. The glass protector seems to reflect more light than just the phone screen and it feels a little more plastic but for the safety it offers this can be seen as a minor problem and is easy to adjust to.
I bought the tempered glass screen protector and leather wallet/ cover for the Nexus 6. Fabulous combination. The phone is well protected and easier to use and store. Stylish too. I love it
Quick fit
Fitted first with no bubbles, don't even notice it's on. No loss of control on the phone would recommend to anyone.
Easy to apply
Easy to apply but be aware you get a lot of small scratches just from general use
The Best screen protector YOU will ever buy
This is a product that not only lives up to IRS claims but actually surpasses them.

Application is the easiest out of the hundreds of protectors I have used in my mobile life and air bubbles are a thing of the past.

The screen protector is so thin you will forget your phone has one as it glass and reacts and feels the same as the original screen.

No scratches so far and I have put my car keys in the same pocket! The hardness of this screen protected me against scratches and the phone fell from the dash onto a very gritty floor and still no scratches!

If I had to give this product a negative it would be hard to find one... Maybe the fit could be a little better (its all of a mm out if that!)

Amazing product and amazing protection for your Nexus device. If your unsure... Don't be forget the rest and buy this product.
I waited almost a month for this screen protector to come in the mail. It was supposed to be tempered glass but it feels and sounds like hard plastic. I've only had it on a week and it's already peeling on the edge. It also is not cass friendly. Unless your case does not cover the bezle.
Buy It
Has cutout for front camera and prox sensor. Glass goes closer to the edges of the screen than two others that I've seen so far. No issues with corners unsticking. Great all around. Would buy again.
The idea is good, but the execution seems to be poor
The idea is good, but the execution seems to be poor. Applying the protector to the device was a nightmare. I followed the instructions and on 2 separate occasions I got bubbles under the glass. Yes I bought 2 of them.
Not great
I got to protect my nexus 6p. Can't get rid of bubbles. 2 of them at bottom of phone. I won't be buying it again.
Tempered Glass
Just clean the screen and pop it on The easiest screen protector I have ever fitted, AND works great when fitted
Looked OK
Looked OK but after repositioning after first attempt it cracked at the top righthand corner where it has very little glass. Consequently after 5 minutes from unpacking it I through it in the bin as the cracked developed right across the centre of the screen to the bottom of the phone.
Disappointed with this screen protector
Did the right thing fixing it to the screen, but keeps coming off doesn't hold around the corners. Not sure what to do now with it. It is really disappointing
Great product, no hassle
Unlike normal plastic film protectors, this is very easy to apply and, as long as you carefully line up the holes before you press it down, it is a perfect fit. I've unfortunately already dropped my phone a few times, but this has stood up well and there are no scratches at all. Great product, and feels and looks very premium. Worth the price!
Excellent Product
This screen protector is the easiest protector I've ever applied to a device, and I've applied many in my time. There were no bubbles and it fits perfectly whilst leaving a very small border all the way around and so does not interfere with cases that wrap around the front edges of the phone.

The glass is incredibly smooth and so, unlike some screen protectors I've used, your fingers glide over it and it doesn't attract fingerprints any more than the device screen.
Just perfect
I really recommend this product. High quality as described and really easy to fit on the screen unlike the thinner plasticy type screen protectors. Being very clumsy i drop my phone quite a few times and this screen protector has not shown any weak points after being put to the test. Deffo worth the cash spent on it! My 6p display has not been affected at all by fitting it.
Needs to be updated with sensor cutout
Overall good screen protector, however the one i purchased has blocked the proximity sensor rendering calling useless.

Hope i get an updated one soon!
Placed it onto the screen very carefully as the video instructions show you. Ended up with some spots in the middle where it isn't in contact with the screen. With film ones you just use a credit card to smooth it out. Can't do that with these.
Ordered some film protectors instead :(

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