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Olixar Nexus 5X Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Nexus 5X from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55468
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 4.3 stars from 24 customers

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Good in parts!
The screen protector was easy to apply, feels good in use, and the surface looks great. Unfortunately, the thin piece of protector around the phone speaker broke off on the first day of use leaving an exposed rough edge. It still protects the screen for the time being but looks as if it will lose adhesion on that rough edge over time.
Very robust and great feeling screen protector
I really like the curved edge of the glass. It makes it feel as though it isn't there. The glass is crystal clear and repels fingerprints well. All round a great buy.
Easy to apply and looks fantastic,. Not too sharp on the edges,. Just as good as the spigen one but half the price
The spigen one was $38 and this is half the price. Would recommend this. Best protection you can get for the money
Tempered glass Screen protector
Tricky to fit but very good quality
Works as advertised
Like all tempered glass screen protectors it takes away a bit of sensitivity, but since it is somewhat thinner than other products it works pretty well.
It works
Simple to apply and it works. Feels good. Took 2 weeks to arrive.
Excellent Product
The tempered glass screen was really good quality & very easy to apply. Would buy Olixar screen protector from MobileZap again without any worries. highly recommended.
Okay but not as pleased as I expected
Having ordered two items only to find a small defect in the same place I was dissapointed. However as it has been applied to the phone it was none refundable. You cant see the defect prior to applying its that small.

Nevertheless it is a good product however it does get scratched easy but the cost of replacing these is fairly low. I expected a better scratch resistant product, but would buy again.
A screen protector worth the money
I always like a screen protector on my mobile phone but like most people dont want to pay a lot. I wondered about this one for a while but in the end thought yes and I am really pleased. It went on very easily - you get an alcohol wipe to clean the screen and a little cloth to polish it and it was easy to line up in the correct place. It is not flimsy and that makes it easier to apply but then it stays stuck down. I have had mine on for a few weeks and I can clean it easily as well. So if you are not sure then use this one it protects your screen really well. And Mobile Fun are a really easy company to deal with.
Good screen protector, very slow delivery
The screen protector is really good, fits perfectly, my phone looks very slick and protected. The $2.99 delivery method is really slow, it took 2 weeks for the item to finally arrive.
Excellent screen protector
Screen protector came with everything you need, including cloth and alcohol wipe. Mine went straight on a out-of-the-box Nexus 5X and the display is crystal clear. I'm buying another one as a spare. Highly recommended.
Comes with all the tools you needs to apply this cleanly. Looks professional and as it is tempered glass I have greater confidence in it's ability to protect my phone. Doesn't appear like it will need to be changed, possibly for the lifetime of the phone! Worth the money.
Fast delivery - OK product
Delivery was fast and reliable, as always. The screen protector was fairly easy to apply. Accurate positioning can be a bit tricky, like with similar products, but I managed fine. The only negative point is the poor oleophobic coating. You will need a damp cloth to wipe it clean. I use a Spigen tempered glass screen protection on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, and fingerprints can easily be wiped off, using my hand. So I think I'll go for a Spigen for my Nexus 5x too.
It was alright
The product arrived late but tit didn't bother me. But alcohol wipe that was in with the package was opened on the side. Because of that the wipe itself went dry and did not clean the screen properly. I took a pic of it but there is no place to upload it here.
I'm a very happy customer...this is much better than what I expected!! I just received my order earlier today...so easy and simple to apply. Improved my screen resolution and my phone works just fine (still sensitive to touch and retains all functionality). Package arrived timely manner. Highly recommend! I used it with the olixar case as well...which fits just fine with the tempered glass.
Works as expected
Looks good, feels good, ticks all the boxes I want a glass screen protector to tick. No complaints.

I even managed to get it on super straight, though that's probably just luck... Remember, you only get one chance with glass protectors as they smash when you take them off. (This is not the manufacturers fault, just the nature of glass).
Super delivery and quality
Very fine quality and super fast delivery.
Max points from me.
so easy to "install"
Really easy to apply to the phone, seems to work really well - there is no loss of feel. Hope I don't have to test the protection feature.

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