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Olixar Multipurpose Magnetic Smartphone Holder Reviews

Mount your phone anywhere you want to. Simply fit the included magnetic plate inside your case or back cover and super-simple one hand mounting is yours for as long as you want it.
Price: £7.99

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Mount your phone anywhere you want to. Simply fit the included magnetic plate inside your case or back cover and super-simple one hand mounting is yours for as long as you want it.
 4.1 stars from 17 customers

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Multipurpose Magnet
I've only used them once to be fair, where early indications show it to be a good buy.
I use this to fix my iPad mini to the wall over the worktop in the kitchen so that I can watch TV while cooking. It saves space, although it needs 2 of the magnetic pads to support it as the accompanying steel plates are stuck to the inside of the case.
Good magnetic holder
All good with the description, pleased with the product
Love it
I stick it on my treadmill & it holds my phone so i can watch movies while working out. ;-)
Good but
Works great but think they should include 2 instead of 1
Good but not great
I have bought this product and can say as a stand-alone case, this thing is nice. Fits snug, all functions work well. Feels good in the hand, doesnt make the phone bulky what so ever.

However.. the magnetism is to be desired for.

I bought olixar as a friend of mines who has a s9, got one and the magnetism is so strong, its a fight to get it off from his vent-mount on his car. This is perfect for the car when you need a strong hold of the phone, horizontally or vertically placed.

This case or magnetic mount doesn't provide this... even with the additional magnetic plates placed inside the case. You do have to find the sweet spot and yes it will hold, but only just. It took me minutes to find the sweet sport horizontally.. as that's how I usually place my phone when navigating or listening to music, vertically i tried for several times before giving up.

I wanted a holder than you can quickly and easily reach, place/replace and let go, not have to fiddle around trying to get it to hold.

My final test will be to use this phone case with my friends magnetic holder that came with his phone, if its works well on that, then I know that i just need to find a stronger magnetic holder... hopefully mobilefun will help.

Hope this review helped.
As described
It holds my smart phone even when its in its case.. but only has to be perfectly matched for it to hold it straight
Bought 2 they work great
Waste of money
This product does not work when the phone is I a case. I purchased the official Samsung case and placed the magnet as directed. However it will not hold the weight of the phone plus case whatsoever. It simply does not work and I have wasted money purchasing this.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ria

If you are using a very thick case, it may have some issues. You can however place the steel plate on the back of the case. Hope this helps.
Loved the product sleek modern
Loved the product sleek and modern
Won't stick to any surface in my car. Magnet is good, but glue is no good
Excellent product
Excellent product highly recommend
Very pleased
How it's attached to vehicle, turns out that it worked perfectly. Was delivered on time.
Very pleased.
The best one to put your phone on in any car or SUV ,I have purchased 2
Everything I wanted to know was on your app thank you.
Some static
I have noticed some static and music/phone cutting out when it is placed on the magnet. The magnet is also not as strong as I thought it would be. The phone moves around when hitting bumps.
Magnetic mobile holder.
I thought this magnetic mobile holder was a very useful peice of equipment as you can position your mobile anywhere you desire and it will stay upright and out of the way and not get damaged in any way no matter what you are doing!
Top marks for an ingenious peice of equitment.

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