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Olixar Micro USB To USB-C Adapter Reviews

Charge your USB Type-C device via a standard Micro USB charging cable with the Olixar Micro USB to USB-C Adapter.
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Charge your USB Type-C device via a standard Micro USB charging cable with the Olixar Micro USB to USB-C Adapter.
 4.9 stars from 21 customers

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Really handy adapter
Adapts micro charger to type c really easily
Cute gadget.
This is very handy to carry round so that you can always charge your phone, in an emergency if there is no appropriate charger available.
Great Service!
The product was exactly as described.
It arrived ahead of time.
Packaged safely.
(One extra PLUS - your site explained, from a technical point of view, why you should NOT choose a cheaper alternative Adapter. )
does what it says
Help's us get more use out of our older usb leads, only down side is that it is so small it is eaisy to loose, the addition of a loop so that a strap could be attached to it would get it 5 *'s.
making life easy
this small product is ideal for carrying around in your wallet. It means you dont have to worry about finding a lead to charge your phone as most other leads will fit this . Excellent piece of tech
Don't leave home without one
Having just acquired a USB-C device, this teeny adaptor is a must.

Just under an inch in length (or just over 2cm if you prefer), it's small enough to take with you anywhere.
It works
Bought it to enable using a soundkey dac for my headphones on my new Sony phone .
Charge and data transfer perfectly
A small device that does everything expected. Not the cheapest, but I wanted something that was known to work.
Does the job!
Not a lot to say, this works perfectly to allow you to use your old USB micro leads with the new USB-C devices. Neat and tidy.
I would recommend this adapter to all Lumia 950 users
This is a lovely little adaptor for my Microsoft 950xl phone I can take my power bank with me and charge up my phone very easily,I would recommend this adapter to all Lumia 950 users.
Perfect for charging
This perfect for charging my huawei p9 using a micro usb charger while at work without having to carry my type c with me.
A must have adaptor
I brought this adaptor to use with a a short usb lead and a power bank as the batteries on these devices just aren't adequate, a great little adaptor and would recommend these to all 950xl owners.
A great little adapter for my Windows Phone would definitely recommend this to anybody
Great product, great service
Great product, great service
Worth the wait
Glad to receive the adapter
Fun in mobile i will remember.

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