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Olixar MeshTex Huawei P20 Pro Case - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A supremely precision engineered lightweight slimline case in red with a perforated mesh pattern that looks great, adds grip and aids heat dissipation from your Huawei P20 Pro, as well as enhance the high performance beauty of the device.

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 3.3 stars from 16 customers

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Very good product
Good looking and quality.
Its just a case but it feels good in the hand and I love the colour.
Beautiful case, high quality
The item was in perfect condition, with a secure case and all the necessary items to use it. Delivery was quick, I definitely will order from this shop in the future.
I already recommended the site to colleagues. :)
Thank you
Fake one
I get it in an Olixar box but the case i guess is fake ,is no Olixar name printed like in the picture and after only 3 days the red paint start to go off...very dissapointed about it
Great - but not if you are using a glass screen protector
This is a new design and is a nicely made and well finished item. It fits very snugly and has a quality feel. The buttons on the phone can still be operated easily with it fitted. The holes in the back provide good ventilation if the phone warms up during heavy use. However, the snug design means that the case fits flush with the front of the phone, so there is no raised edge protection for the screen if you place it face down onto a surface. Also, if you use a glass screen protector (even Olixar's own glass protector) it will be above the case sides making the edge of the screen protector exposed and liable in use to catch or have dust forced under it, which is less than ideal. I raised this with Olixar Support who were really helpful and promised a change to the design in future batches to avoid this issue. I will reserve final judgement until the next batch of cases (hopefully with the design changes) becomes available, but currently I'd not recommend it if you are using a glass screen protector.
Good - But With One Slight Niggle
The case is well made, anti-slip and fits very snuggly. The side buttons can still be operated easily. The raised lip around the camera lens area is just enough to prevent the lenses from being abraded if the phone is placed on a flat surface such as a table top. However, due to the fact that the case fits so snuggly at the front, if you fit a screen protector - particularly a glass one - you will find that the case rim does not protect the screen if placed face-down on a flat surface. In fact, with a glass screen protector you can distinctly feel the edge of the glass above the sides of the case. Olixar need to adjust the case design in future manufacturing batches to prevent this.

Overall, recommended, but with this one reservation if you intend to use it with a glass screen protector.
I don't recommend this product to a friend or colleague
I'm an idiot
So, managed to mistake this for another case. Not at all what I meant to order. This case is very pretty. And pretty useless. The edges don't come even with screen of the phone even, so there will be no protection for the glass if you drop it. The holes in the back mean no pop socket/phone ring will stick, and and it feels very flimsy to even touch. All in all, pretty, but not useful.
Not good at all
The case offers no protection for the phone, it does not have a raised lip to protect the camera lens from getting scratched, so if you lay the phone down on its back it offers no protection. It offers no protection if you lay the phone face down because it does not have a raised lip to protect the screen from scratches . I expected better quality than this a phone protector case that offers no phone protection.
Loved it when it first came but falling apart!
When this case first arrived I loved it! Great colour and fit but within a few weeks of having it it's falling apart! I have not dropped the phone or bashed it in any way. The covers on the buttons have snapped off and it's cracking in places. I now need to buy another case.
Item as described on site
Satisfied with product, does the job I wanted it to do.

looks amazing
this case is extremely thin which I love and looks really good on the phone. Yes it's not going to offer much heavy duty protection, but for those like me who want to keep things minimal with a bit of style thrown in too, it does a really nice job. Nice work Olixar, you've produced another fine case!
Not usable
The buttons don't always work and the case offers no camera lens protection. It is also a very thin case, so thin that if the phone is dropped it will not provide protection. So can't really see the point of this case. Only thing i can say good about it is grips well in the hand
Nice feel and look.
Bought this case and was actually pleased with the design and feel of this case. It feels great to hold and doesn't add weight or bulk. This is the problem though. I don't think this case is going to do much to protect your phone if you drop it. Also, as the camera is such a important feature the fact that the case provides no protection to the lens as it protrudes beyond the case. Its a shame cause it does look great and the buttons feel very responsive and clicky. Cut outs accurately done. If you care about looks and less about protection then a great case.

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