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Olixar Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount Universal Car Holder Reviews

Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
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Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
 4.6 stars from 153 customers

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Adheres solidly to the dash. Holds the phone as solidly as a clamp holder does. iPhone 11 Pro Max. Highly recommend!
Very practical
Very strong as long that you have the appropriate case for the holder it works well. Metal magnetic strips that came with the holder didn't work very well.
Windshield Mount GREAT
Is there a refund for a review! Ha!Ha! Darn good product.
Easy to use,secure.
Great item
Good value and product
Good item
quality item, cheapest online, works well as its my second one.
Excellent.Well worth the money.
This item works a treat,very well put together and holds the phone like it’s glued to it.No vibration.Best phone holder I’ve had.
Olixar brilliant
This product is excellent, simple to use and very robust love it
Solid design, configurable and good quality
Needed it for my dashboard. When it arrived it wouldn't fit on my overhanging dashboard nook (on a Corsa D). But it had push buttons to allow the vertical part to be switched 180 degrees so it fit perfectly. Imagine going from a C shape to a swan neck shape. The base holds incredibly well. As well as suction it's very sticky without glue. Has two metal plates that you can tuck inside your phone case, a smaller round one and a bigger rectangular one. The magnetic holder holds firm. I've got a Samsung Note 8, with the genuine thinish plastic cover, works perfectly.
Excellent product
I can't fault it. It's simple and effective. Attaches to my windscreen much easier than any other product I've tried and holds my phone securely and with no discernible wobble or vibration
Great piece of kit
not stuck the metal plate to phone just slipped it in the back of case, magnet strong holds phone in place with ease and sticks like glue to the windscreen (s20+ in a flip case) very happy with my purchase well worth the money.
The reviews were right!
Have had a number of car iphone holders but this is the best one yet. Was a little sceptical of the reviews as have been burnt by them in the past but after 1 month of operation this one is the best yet. Have had to move it once when I changed to a bigger phone but no loss of adhesion. First one I can really recommend
Olixar magnetic windscreen & dash mount
Works very well. Very sturdy. Would recommend.
Amazingly effective
The dash in my MX5 is heavily textured, so I held out little hope for this device to remain attached to it. It did though and holds my phone perfectly
Worth the money
Only thing I wish I'd known you can not wireless charge with the metal plate in the case so cannot use it.
Very Good
Bought two and very pleased with both. Only minor issue was needing extra glue to fit the metal plate to my iphone battery case, but it worked perfectly on the battery case of the other iphone in the house.
good value
Works well on screen or dash but needs perfectly flat area to grip properly. Holds iphone with magnet inside gel case. Recommended.
Quality bit of kit
Not a lot really this looked good and since buying it it hasn't disappointed
Best mount so far
Have tried many types of mounts over the years but this magnetic mount is excellent. No fiddling with clamps etc just place it on the magnet and that's it.
Simply brilliant
I purchased this device after my daughter reported to me how good it is. I was so impressed with mine that I removed my old jaw-clamp version and replaced it with this magnetic version. It knocks the vent-mounted versions into obscurity.
No good for samsung a20e
That it would work on my phone
This is the best phone holder I have ever had and if I'd have found this one first I could have saved myself a fortune! It attaches to the windscreen firmly with ease and there is no messing around trying to get your phone in the correct position, the magnets are a decent size and strong so the phone doesn't fall off when going over a speed bump, it's also adjustable which helps fix it into a perfect position depending on the shape and angle of your windscreen and dash....... My mum was so impressed with mine I just bought her one aswell
Don’t recommend
After having this attached to a quarter light and the car sitting in direct strong sunlight for some time it fell off and left a sticky mess on the screen. It is very good if not in this position.
It is perfect and so easy to use. I love that it comes with two different size and shape magnets which makes it perfect and easy to use with only one hand while driving. Exactly what i ordered.
Brilliant mob holder
Looked online and found this one.easy to put together.very good strong magnet.Brilliant to easy
Great Product
Great product, easy to set up, strong adhesive to the dashboard/windscreen & magnetic also strong.
Would recommend
Great product, just MYTHER YOU TO DEATH for a review....
OMG, hopefully this will stop mobilefun emailing me and asking me to Bloody leave a review!! No unsubscribe on their e-mails, and not responding after two asks doesn’t seem to stop them either... Let’s see if the message gets through now..? FFS!
Brilliant Phone Holder
Great piece of kit
Fits best on the windscreen
If you want it on the dashboard it has to be very straight where you want it. I choose the lower right corner on the windscreen and it fits perfect. Magnet is very strong, and mine is placed under my phone protection, and it still sit tight
Easy peasy and works well
Third one of these I've bought - now have one in each car. Good piece of kit and prompt service
Great (But)
If your like me who likes to keep your phone in a case , Putting the magnets plates behind the case will not let it stick to the holder
it reduces the strength . The magnet on the holder needs to be a lot more powerfull to use a case with this.
Not impressed
Having used a few magnetic holders in the past the magnet on these holders is not very strong so your phone moves around when going over bumpy roads
Exceptionally good
How strong the adhesive is!...... I stupidly put it on the door window...forgetting my wife's car has no quarter window panel like mine....I brought the window down and the adhesive is smeared onto the window!!!
good piece of kit
suction mount has worked well both on the windscreen and also a smooth section of the dashboard. The magnetic mount has held the phone securely in both orientations even over a rough piece of road. better than I expected!
Very good product, arrived swiftly, easy to use and lasts, good price
Four stars
Very good
Spot on !!!!!
These are the best magnetic phone holders on the market and are also one of the cheapest, what more do you need to know ?
Discrete and great value for money!
The holder is small enough to be discrete on the window/dash, yet strong enough to hold the phone securely. I have just placed the large plate inside my phone holder and the magnet on the holder is strong enough to work through the case and keep the phone in place!
The product is very well made and good value. Exactly what I wanted.
Good value
Comes with a suction cup with an extra sticky layer that holds even when suction device is released. Only complaint would be that overall height of the unit is a little short for using phone in portrait mode
Very pleased
So far no issues very pleased it supports my iPhone XS Max its a large phone with a leather cover
The mount holds this no problem
Good product
Sticks well and occupies limited space under a steeply raked windscreen.
Best ever mount?
These things are simple, elegant, and effective. Hold my XR in an Otterbox case perfectly. No wobbles, easy on and off. Only hesitate if you frequently remove the screen mount to swap between cars say. Which would reduce the stiction. But at this price, you don’t need to worry. Just buy a few. Well made, great results.
Good Product
Didn’t want a holder to fix on my windscreen so pleased that this one could be fitted on the centre dash (as well as the windscreen if this is what you prefer) I was pleased to find out that even though I have stuck a magnet on the back of my phone it hasn’t caused any problems. Only negative phone slips slightly but never completely comes off. Would recommend this product.
Sticks to my slightly curved dash!
Works really well. Once fixed doesn't move. Highly recommend.
This is probably the best mount i've had. Just get in the car, put it on the mount and go.. Even when you adjust the angle of the phone, the magnets are strong enough not to release.
Okay for some but not all phones.
Which phones it works with. I bought one to use with an iPhone 8 and it’s useless for that phone - the magnet’s not strong enough. It just about works with my iPhone 6, but only just. Good design otherwise.
It works well! But the glue on the magnet didn't stick right. it slided off due to the heat from the phone/sun. Overall still a good product.
Very convenient to use
Really good product
I bought two of these mounts one for my husbands car and one for mine. I was skeptical about them being a good product considering they were reduced to half price but I took the chance on buying them. They are really good. They suction well. I have mine on the dashboard and my husband has his on the windscreen. Have had no problems with them and we both have large heavy phones. Definitely recommend the product.
Brilliant easy to use
Bought the magnetic mount for my daughter after seeing her struggle with the checker supermarket phone mount that fell off her screen . She loved this one and after I mounted the holder she just put her metal disc in her phone case and the phone held like it was glued and you could turn it for sat nav or phone call use she’s happy
as advertised
i recommend this unit, it's well designed and does the job
It is a sticky adhesive mount - so could not use on hire car
It is not suction but adhesive and so I felt unabvle to use on the hire car - so it has gone unused. I am not sure about the magnet too but then I did not use
Well built, highly versatile. Let down badly by adhesive mount
This windscreen mount seemed to tick all my boxes to allow me to hard wire a device into my car. The Olixar mount is well made and appears strong, Howe ever it is totally let down by the very fewer adhesive on the metal discs. No matter what I did magnet pulled disc off my device every time. Even tried super glue. Nope, magnet is stronger than it. Shame it could be great. Yes it did try 3M, no go. Having to resort to finding alternative mechanical fitting to complement the Olixar mount.
I’ve tried all sorts of different phone holders and this is by far the best. Really easy to fit, really easy to use. No need to fiddle with awkward release buttons or catches.
Good value
Easy to install and use.
Works well
Had no problems with it and it's very versatile
Excellent phone mount
Does exactly what website says it would. Easy to fit holds phone very well easy to adjust.
Just what we needed
I bought 2 of these for use in both cars. It has made it so much easier to securely mount our phones of different sizes. The mount is easy to fix and secures really well.
really good and easy to use
Easy to set up and use. It works as i should, and sticks to my slightly curved VW dashboard perfectly, without coming detached even once.

One minor quibble would be that the magnet could do with being a bit stronger; I have an iPhone 6s, and it sometimes moves around on the mount. Easy enough to straighten, but this might be more of an issue for bigger/heavier phones.
A solid performer
I had concerns as to how strong the unit was and if it held my device securely. No worries as it clings to the windscreen like a limpet and feel happy it won't let go of my device sending it bouncing through the car.
Used once . . .
I got this specifically for use in Spain, so it's yet to be used there. However, I have used it once here in UK & found it to be ideal.
Brilliant product
Very happy with the holder.
the perfect car mount
the best car mount out there, for me. I've had few and this one is the smallest and yet very nice and super functional. I use with my S10 and works great. thank you
Well made and easy to install.
I have an apple iPhone S6 plus and it seems a little heavy for the magnet and bounces about a lot.
Does what it says
Great item quick and easy to assemble... phone stays put.. “does exactly what it says on the tin “
Very good quality, strong and most important for me is not shaking during drive .
Very good
The size of the magnets.
Very Good Product
After extensive research this is just what I wanted. The order came very quickly.
I set this up with one metal plate between my Galaxy S7 Edge and it's case.
After setup which was on my car dashboard I learned early on after hitting a pothole that the small round metal plate provided did not give sufficient strength of magnetism and the phone fell to the floor.
After replacing the small round metal plate with the larger rectangular plate provided I have had no further trouble, although am careful to avoid potholes if possible.
Also I took the precaution of enclosing the metal plate in it's plastic bag in which it came in order to avoid any possible scratching of the back of my phone in the event of any movement of the plate between the cover and the phone.
Very satisfied!
Seems like a decent unit for the money.
Mount appears to attach to windscreen easily and effectively. Very simple to stick the metal plate required for magnetic attachment to the soft protective case of my mobile phone. The option to be able to magnetically attach the phone in either landscape (satnav) or portrait (phone) at will is what caught my attention and it appears to work very well. Not being able to test the unit on the road as of yet I cannot vouch for how well it stays attached but the magnet seems strong and appropriate.
Good product
A smart piece of kit. Neat and well designed.
Takes up relatively little space with versatile positioning.
A value item.
Good quality, reasonable price
Seems to be well made. Sticks to the windscreen well and holds my phone steady. Have used for a few weeks now with no problems
Good product i would have given it a 5 but the rectangle magnet has little glue compared to the circle one due to which it doesn't stick to the phone and comes off
Great holder
good suction, steady mount which is what I'm looking for to use for video recording on the racetrack.
did take a long time to arrive, but I wasn't in a rush.
good product
used only once, but feel very easy to use, and quite lighter. compare other product
Great holder
Very strong and reliable.
Quality product
I looked at a lot of different types of holders and due to good reviews decided on this one. My husband and I both have had one in our cars for a couple of weeks now. They are sticking very well to the windscreen and the magnets are strong enough to hold the phone in place even on bumpy roads!
It is a good product for the price and we are happy with our purchase.
Provides a rock solid base - easy to use
Loved it!
Certainly worth the price!
Spot on
Very sturdy on windscreen and magnet is great.
I’m a truck driver and have had a few phone holders but this one is by far the best yet.
magnetic phone mount.
Wanted a windscreen mount with security of placement. This product is the most secure I have come across for windscreen suction and the magnetic function is simple and very effective
Received today, installed in minutes - Went for a drive (inc a bumpy drive too) to test it out and the phone never moved at all! Extremely easy to attach and detach the phone.
Defo deserve 6 star!
easy to use
Easy to install and works a treat. Thank you.
Robust and compact
This is the best design of mount. I have bought three of them, one for each vehicle.
This magnetic holder is a great bit of kit.
No vibration movement of the phone whilst traveling, easily applied and holds really firm.
Highly recommended for using your mobile for navigation 10/10.
Great windscreen/dash holder
Good reviews matched to my requirement
Holds the phone perfectly and works really well. Other holders I've had kept falling off the window, the suction cup wasn't great but this one is excellent.
Works as expected
Not suited for phones with glass on the back
It is good idea for a phone holder, but it does not work with my phone. My Honor 8 has a glass on the back. The metal plate, which comes with holder get undone each time I want to detach my phone from holder. It stays in place only because of mu phone case. I tried to put stronger double tape on metal rectangular plate, but still no good. By the way, the amount of tape on rectangular metal plate, which comes with holder is ridiculously small. That is why I am giving only 2 starts.
Dashboard mobile phone holder
Love this product as it works exactly as I'd hoped. Perfect!
Excellent value
I was worried about the heat and how the mount would hold- after a week of 90+ degrees, the mount is as sturdy as the day I installed it. Easy to use, easy to remove my phone. I spent a lot of time looking for the right cell phone holder and am very happy I selected this one.
At my friends house
I am sorry I can not review at present as I had it delivered to my friend in the UK, unfortunately his trip is postponed so I will not get my hands on the phone holder until later in the month.
Good value - does the job!
The web site told me everything I needed to know.
Love it! It works wonderful! Recommended!
Works really well
This is much better than the last phone holder I had which had jaws enclosing the phone. The magnetic discs attached to the device and the phone are much more stable and I am more confident the phone will remain where I want it.... an excellent product
Thickness of phone case could affect magnets if putting them inside and not sticking on outside.
Excellent Phone Holder and great Price
I've used this now for a week and I'm really impressed. The suction is really sticky to the screen and hasn't slipped at all. The magnetic side of it is really well designed. I've used it by fitting the thin magnet inside the phone case which doesn't bulk it out and it does hold it, again with no slipping. I did try it on my dash and it did fall down but that could've been my own fault. Overall this is a great holder at a very good price.
Great little gadget
Works extremely well - should have got one years ago!
Excellent tool
This has worked as a charm for our family. Purchased one for each of our vehicles...both my wife & I use them all the time!
Best currently available
This is by far the best holder I've ever tried (and I've tried a great many) It is stable, secure and easy to use even with a large-(ish) phone like the S7
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