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Olixar Magnetic CD Slot Mount Universal Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic CD Slot Mount Car Holder from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.

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 4.6 stars from 74 customers

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A good idea
I had to modify the tongue that goes into the CD slot, as it was too 'fat' and got jammed in my player.But it works perfectly now.
Got it on time thanks
Got it on time thanks
Simple but effective
It fits my Ford Focus Mk. 1 perfectly.
Please recommend to other Ford Focus owners.Now becoming a classic model in regular use.
fast service
product came on time. amazing service. very satisfied customer.
Brilliantly simple
Perfect, just what I was looking for. Doesn’t block drivers vision by sitting on the dash, doesn’t interfere with the air vents like most other products. Slots easily into CD slot and holds phone perfectly with the discreet magnets. CD player still works too. A great product for my little car .
The best phone holder for me!
I would have liked to know how heavy a phone can be held by the magnet - maybe a list of phones or similar phones.
Sturdy and effective phone holder
Of all the magnetic type phone holders I’ve tried, this one is the easiest and sturdiest one to use. It fits snugly in the CD slot without affecting a CD, and is easy to tighten or loosen. Only snag is that some cars have a CD slot that is too thin so it can’t fit in, so check that first. The round magnetic base doesn’t swivel too easily so it keeps the phone exactly where you put it.
Perfect.! Fits well the cd player and old my phone securly... Happy!
Best car mount I've tried yet
I absolutely love this thing. Way better than any clip-on car mounts. The magnet makes it super easy to pick up and put down my phone when needed, which also makes it safer. The magnet is strong too. I highly recommend this product.
It's actually so much better than I thought it would be. A simple idea, robustly executed and it works a treat. Great product
Brilliant phone holder, works perfectly
I appreciate you cannot list all vehicles this product is suitable for, however I have struggled to get it to fit the CD player in my Ford Fiesta 2013 as the centre dash is sloped and the menu button is right where the wingnut is on the holder. After some fiddling I managed to secure it. So all good in the end.
Works well
Secure, easy to remove phone to make selections etc. Does require removing to use the CD player of course but I stream from my phone via Bluetooth. Easy to remove though for cd but wouldn’t be able to use phone sat nav at same time,.
I have used this once since receiving it and I am very happy. It is a solid firm fit and can angle to your preference. I have also found it a useful position to sit and charge while using.
Great little gadget
This magnetic version is great not so fiddly as the other version.
Works well!
The product is exactly what I was looking for! The magnet it very strong and I have currently had no issues with my phone falling off whilst driving or even coming loose! After buying a similar product from another company that didn't work for me I was a little concerned that this would be the same but thankfully it is much better than I expected. The part that fits into the CD slot fits well into my car and I have not noticed any rattling with this either. Overall would recommend over phone holders that stick to the dash board or window!
As per advert
Great way to use redundant CD slot and mount my phone.
Good quality product and rapid delivery.
This phone holder is really great, holds the phone very securely and being able to turn on holder is very useful.
Much better than a windscreen holder. Holds the phone very well, with very little vibration
Great product (so far) for large phones
I have looked for an in-car phone holder for my Google Nexus 6P for quite some time, but could not find one because (a) the phone is large & heavy and (b) the volume button and power button are close to eachother, so crab-style holders don't work. I found this product and thought I would give it a go, and after road testing it for two 1hour journeys on the motorway, I'm pleased with it. The phone does not move, it's easy to switch from portrait to landscape, the magnetic holding is strong (even though I have the magnetic pad inside my phone cover) and it's easy & quick to assemble/disassemble. 4 out of 5 because I have not done enough journeys to truly assess its performance and because sometimes I can't get the perfect viewing angle
Excellent. Good quality, works well.
Sturdy. Uses redundant CD slot.
Good fit in CD slot. Keeps dash and screen clear for driving. Sturdy even when going over potholes!
Happy with the product. Easy to assemble and fits into the CD slot without any concerns. It holds my mobile and I am able to see the mobile without too much distraction from the road. Great idea.
Fits fine into the cd slot and is easy to assemble and adjust
The only problem is that the glue of the sticker for the back of the phone does not hold and the phone can fall off easily after a few bumps. The problem however is with the Moto G 3rd Gen it is used with which has a rough and curved back making it very hard to glue together.
Brilliant product!
This product is simple, effective and versatile, and importantly adds to your safety when driving as it doesn't take up visual space of the windscreen. It is an excellent product. It is incredibly easy and quick to install. It takes the weight of my Samsung note 8 and most importantly the phone doesnt fall off. The magnetic holder is very convenient... only one handed operation needed. Highly recommended.
Easy to fit and wobble-free
One of the best cd-mounts I've used, the iPhone stays firmly attached even over bumpy roads
Simplicity & Quality
This is a great holder, simple to setup and the ease of use is amazing. If you have a regular sized phone, this works like a wonder- get in the car, snap on & drive, all within 2 seconds and the phone stays on the magnet nicely. However, for a super sized phone (I have a Note-8), the magnet feels insufficient. It never snapped off the magnet by itself, but I can notice that the phone slowly creeps down the magnet and I can say that it would hit the dash eventually. I gave this holder to my wife who has an iPhone and she loves it. I ordered another Olixar mount with an actual holder for my Note-8.
phone too heavy
Compliments my iphone nicely
I did a fair bit of searching to find the right iphone car holding device using a magnet and using the central (but redundant) CD player slot made a lot of sense to me.
Device was easily assembled and set up and certainly holds firmly to support the weight of the phone, including along rough dirt roads.
I really like just touching the phone onto the magnet and it holds immediately. Hands free phone calls and being able to just scan the screen at any convenient time makes things far easier.
A big thumbs up for this product.
not bad
magnet wasn't very good thru my case but that could be the case's fault. I was able to use it on another device where there was no case to interfere with connection. in that case very strong magnetism.
does not fit inside CD slot. the part that's supposed to go in the slot very thick. was able to make it work though. not problems so far.
Works great
This actually works. I drive a pickup and I've spent too much money trying to find something that really works. Nothing has ever really worked. But this does. Its great!
The best
This is seriously the best phone dock ever. I absolutely love being able to get in the car and throw my phone at the magnetic dock. I can easily shift the phone, turn it around, take it off, put it on.
And I got a cover with a built in piece of metal so I didn't even have to stick the included metal plate onto my phone.
I've tried quite a few different docks in the past and this one is far superior.
I also prefer attaching the dock onto my CD player rather than the air vents.
FINALLY! I have found the right mobile phone device holder. I am not mechanically inclined but was able to figure out the set up without instructions. It inserted so easily into the CD slot and holds very securely. The CD's still play with easy access. Most importantly, the phone is readily visible, easy to access, positions easily and holds and releases my phone with one hand! The price was VERY reasonable and I don't expect to have to purchase another holder EVER!! It is every thing you advertised and better. Thank you.
Very happy
I have the big iPhone 6 Plus with a wallet style case with card slots and this holder works perfectly. I put the magnet card which is very thin into one of the card slots behind my phone case front cover and so when I open the case and flip it over, the case locks on the phone holder's magnet which is very strong. Using the cd slot was really easy and it looks great. The only negative was that it used up one of the few card slots of my phone case and at times I forget about the magnet and slot a credit card back in and then find that the phone doesn't attach to the unit anymore as the magnet has been covered, but that is really my mistake and not a fault of the item. I would definitely recommend highly!
It didn't fit!
Worked well in my wife's Volvo but wouldn't fit the the CD slot of my VW Passat!
Didn't fit in CD player slot!
Great product but didn't fit in CD slot in VW Passat CC! The slot was two narrow for the holder to fit into.
Can be adjusted to suit the space to give a clear view of the mobile phone
This item is easy to place in the cd slot and can be adjusted to suit the space to give a clear view of the mobile phone. The magnet may not hold the phone fully and need to be aware if gear stick is close to the mount as the phone will be dislodged.
Wish I'd bought one sooner
At last, a way to have my phone visible to me whilst I'm driving. I've bought so many other types (the ones that go in the cigarette lighter) and they've been useless. The magnet on this one holds my large Samsung Galaxy tightly even with the magnet attached to my phone case being right down the bottom of the case so I can still use my wireless charger. This has changed my life.
Great product
Easily fitted and works well with all cell phones
Excellent Product , just what i needed.
will shop again , thank you.
Great product
By far the best phone holder I have ever had. Simple to install, non obtrusive and relies on magnetism rather than suction cups so it is totally dependable.

Excellent value and service.
Neat and functional
Neat, functional and does not affect the interior trim of car. Powerful magnet - works well with my iPhone 6 Plus
Great, easy fit in otherwise useless CD player. Have bought one for my wife as well.
Very happy with order. Definitely a strong buy recommendation.
Have tried many phone holders and most have been a disappointment but this is by far the best.
Good to know that holder takes case as magnet can be fastened to case and not phone if required, well pleased.
Great product
This is very easy to use and great product
Car mount
Hi car mount is really good and the magnet is really strong I have been using it for the past week and the phone never fell from the mount. Would really recommend it to anyone
What a brilliant, simple invention & keeps windscreen clear of obstructions
Cannot believe what a simple cleaver invention this is, must be in my top 5 of the best gadgets I've ever purchased. The simple design makes it so easy to fit in my CD player & lock in with no problems. It's so good showed it to family & there now purchasing 1. Cannot wait till you make attachment to fit 2 devices.
Very good
Very good service and product just what we wanted for our car .
Great product phone must be removed from cover
I like this mount but found that my phone had to be removed from its case which also doubles as my mini wallet. The mount easily supports the phone alone. I will have replace the screw as it touches the volume knob on my FG Falcon.
Nice convenient easy to use
A very good product. I found it easy to install and remove if I wanted to use the cd player. It is a stable and well made item. It allows the mobile phone to be placed where it does not block the view.
Best phone mount
I was looking for a phone mount for my new car. I wanted it to be sturdy and solid, neat and not damageyet car. This fits perfectly. The magnet holds the phone really well and I doubt it'll ever fall off. The mount doesn't interfere with any of the displays on the dash or centre console and is neatly positioned in front of the air con vents to keep the device cool. My tip would be to place the magnetic near the bottom of your phone so it doesn't cover the radio display. It is also very easy to take out on the off chance that you feel old school and want to play a cd. Very pleased with this product.
It's great value and a MUST HAVE!
I've been using the MobileZap now for just over a week and I am loving it.

It's so great to be able to finally see my phone up high whilst driving and not being distracted and taking my eyes off the road.

It's great value and a MUST HAVE!
Holds my iphone securely even over speed bumps
Would have been 5 stars if not for the very tight fit into my cd player, other than that an excellent product. Holds my iphone securely even over speed bumps.
I am very happy with this item. We have used it for the last week while on a mini break. Worked far better than our expectations.
very good
This unit attaches firmly but not destructively to the CD slot.
A metal plate attaches by strong glue to the back of the smartphone.
This plate holds the phone firmly via a strong magnet to the unit.
Overall it works well.
ps The metal plate will prevent wireless charging
Item does exactly what I bought it for
The item works will I am very puts the mobile phone right where I need it to be.
Great product
Great product. Phone sits very securely on mount. Was sick of mounts falling off the windscreen. Because I have a dashboard mat in the car unable to mount phone holders on dashboard. Maybe you can come up with an idea for mounts to sit on dashboard mats (maybe have some strong double sided felt)
It fits perfectly
Being a bit of a frustrated gadget man due to lack of time, I find the products offered by Mobile Fun the perfect answer.
I have made a few purchases to date and have found the quality of the items perfect. I purchased recently a Nexar CD slot holder for my iPhone. It fits perfectly, doesn't wobble about and is exactly what I wanted. Although I receive emails almost daily I do not find them annoying, more like informative of what's available.
Many thanks Mobile Fun.
simply the best
I thought that if this item could hold a phone it was cheap in price that I would buy one to try it not to hold my phone but to mount my satnav this works perfect best yet
Just a little bit inconvenient when turning up the sound as my stereo has a big dial button in the middle of it
Functional CD slot mount for SatNav
This is a really well-made and easy-to-use piece of kit that enables a mobile phone or satnav to be held and used safely and securely while you're driving. One attractive feature is that there is no need for a suction cup, and so, no telltale rings on the windscreen! Operation and installation is quick and easy. I use it in a Skoda Yeti and, while it works well, there is some slight vibration visible occasionally which can be distracting. In the Yeti, the device does not seem to enter fully into the CD slot, so this may be less of a problem in other makes of car with different CD players. Mounting and demounting is quick and easy, and the player remains functional, so you can still listen to your favourite music while navigating.
Best Smartphone car holder
I have been looking for some time For a smartphone holder that mounts easily on the dashboard and allows easy fixing for the phone without removing the cover. The Olixar range ticks all the boxes with the clever use of a strong magnet to keep the phone in place. I was a little worried that the magnet may cause some issues with the phone, but checking the Internet this has not been flagged as an issue.
Love it
Brilliant phobe holder. Easy to install, holds phone in heavy case. Highly recommend
This is the best development of the Car Mount on the market
This is the best development of the Car Mount on the market. I've used the non adjustable for a year or more with great success but it was liable to detachment on fast cornering. This new type creates a very secure fixing and perfect positioning.
Good idea
Great holder and good idea, however be aware how low your cd slot sits in your car, mines vauxhall mokka sits hust above the gearstick and tend to keep knocking phone off the device when changing gear and bringing hand back up to steering wheel takes a bit of getting used to not to do this otherwise great product

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