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Olixar LongArm Premium Universal Tablet and Smartphone Clamp Holder Reviews

Consisting of a 1m extra long holder and clip-on mounting clamp, the Olixar LongArm can be attached to any surface with a thickness up to 80mm - including desks, beds, tables, kitchen worktops and more. Get the ideal view of your device no matter what
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Consisting of a 1m extra long holder and clip-on mounting clamp, the Olixar LongArm can be attached to any surface with a thickness up to 80mm - including desks, beds, tables, kitchen worktops and more. Get the ideal view of your device no matter what
 4.5 stars from 74 customers

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Arrived earlier than expected - Good item
Easy to put together & use - sturdy piece of equipment.
Very useful but adjustments a bit of a struggle
Difficult to judge from the picture, but adjusting the arm angles felt like a gym workout! However, once in place it's great for viewing video or reading without having to hold everything in place. High quality, sturdy materials.
more information on how malleable the product is !
Very good
A little wobly, easy to install, hard to get to stay in the right position, but overall very good would buy again
This is good quality, very flexible and is a great way to film my art in progress.
Fits a Tablet measuring 10 inch wide
.Found best to put narrow side in first then rotate it to landscape holds really firmly. So flexible - found screw in grip to hold down clamp excellent. I purchased three in total one for myself and two family members - very pleased and satisfied. Excellent product and quality.
Better for phone than tablet
Clip mechanisms work well but the arm doesn’t readily support the weight of a tablet (though clip is large enough to hold one) and will droop.
Not bad at all
I like this but haven’t used it much. My fault not the product which I quite like.?
Great product
This phone holder is fine and sturdy for its purpose. Clip it onto virtually anything. The pads provide good grip too. I am delighted with it. :)
Not very flexible
Not as flexible as I would have wanted but does the trick as long as you don’t keep changing position. Would be nice to fold up easily for travel. Maybe in the next revision.
Great piece of kit
I bought this for a surface pro 4. It is a great fit and holds the screen perfectly. The vice attachment feels safe on the table. The goose neck is manouvreable, however the surface pro is slightly heavy and I've had to balance it a bit. But I have it as I planned and its made a massive difference to my home working situation. Definitely value for money.
Great Product
Did exactly what I wanted it to do
Ideal for getting my device to the correct height when doing a quiz with friends.
Very useful item.
Product does not fit specifications for devices advertisted.
This device does not fit an IPad prod 12.9
Great Value.
Easy to use and very sturdy.
Just what I needed
This works a treat for either my phone or iPad for zoom calls. It’s sturdy and flexible and the clamp works for my desk and other not so thick surfaces. It’s very easy to put together and easy to move.
Useful, sturdy holder for tablet or smart phone
A long flexible arm but which stays put and only moves slightly when pressing keys on your phone (as long as you are not too heavy handed!) and a good, padded clamp for attaching the unit to a table and a rotatable head are all the positives. On the negative side the flexible arm is very stiff and may need both hands to change its position and the sprung clamp for holding the phone or tablet is also very strong and needs two hands to adjust it.
However, on balance, I think it is better than any other similar arm I have tried and I can definitely recommend it
Deffo a fun purchase..
Does the job!
Really useful device
This holds my 10" tablet in just the right position so I can do my pilates classes on line. Previously I was having to jam the tablet into the back of a chair so it would be tilted slightly downwards!
Exceptional Quality Products
I am so I impressed with this company. This is the third product I've purchased and everything is as advertised. This long arm holder is tough and sturdy as well as extremely functional. I have not experienced any problems with company or the products they inventory. If you see anything you like no hesitation is needed. These folks know how to pick winners.
Very sturdy phone holder
The phone holder is very sturdy compared with others that I have seen. It holds my phone without taking it out of it's case which is the variety with a older over wallet cover over the screen.
Quite stiff to set the correct position, but that means it doesn't droop over time. Had it for a few weeks now and very impressed. Cutout in the bottom allows me to keep the charging cable in whilst it's in the clamp.
Sturdy and stable
With webcams near impossible to find these days, I figured I'd buy myself this stand rather than hold my iphone/ipad during zoom meetings. I really wasn't expecting much, to be honest, but I've been really surprised with how sturdy and effective it is. I've had to move it a few times and it maintained its reliability. Such a good product that I doubt I'll buy a webcam when they come back into stock. The delivery was super too, it got here in no time. All round great product and service.
Very sturdy
Very happy with this. Great quality and does the job perfectly. Does the job securely, and there is no wobble while using it to hold my phone to film online guitar lessons.
Great Product
I have just received this product. I love it, it holds my mobile phone or tablet. It's good far so good.
Excellent product
This product is brilliant, good value and really useful during these trying times
Great product
Very handy, fits my Samsung s9 no problem. Great for video calls.
Spot on !!!
Solid, sturdy, perfect for mounting my phone by the pc's .
Much better than i was expecting,can be positioned anywhere you want and doesnt wobble at all.. Use it everyday now
Strong and sturdy
Very strong, works well as advertised
Top notch
Really good and hardy. Got something similar from China a year before and it couldn’t hold a feather. Well worth the money
Just what I’d hoped it would be.
Perfect so far
Very sturdy piece of gear especially for art projects etc.
Fatanstic service
Love m
this product its excastly what I wanated!
Very handy!
Bought this so I could support my phone so I could watch movies on my phone in bed. It has helped my eyes and posture. The arm is very supportive but quite thick and bulky.
Bulky and difficult to work out
I wasn't expecting such a large box, and with no instructions, and the bottom clamp sticking together, it was hard to figure out how to use it. Don't think I'll be using it much, as it's not very portable.
Great item for gadget geeks!
Bought this for my stepson who has sooooo many gadgets and he loved it. He has clipped it on to the side of his bed so that he can watch films on his phone whilst in bed!
Good Holder
It is strong enough to hold most of the tablets. Early iPad models are heavier than its maximum load which causes the arm to bend.
This actually works well in bed!!
One of the best things for the bed, if you happen to like using your smartphone as you fall asleep!
Great item, can be in any position you wish. Really strong hold!
Hands free
I like this product.
Very useful, if like me you use at your phone quite a bit.
This holds an iPad Pro safely & securely. Would hold if tablet has a slim case fitted but not with a ‘book’ style case. Holds phones with ease. The moveable arm is very strong, a bit hard to position until you get used to it. Whatever device you use there will be movement when you type or swipe but movement settles quickly & is not really a problem.
strong and sturdy product!
I ordered this item to hold my iPhone 8 on my desk,
and I must say it is a very strong and sturdy product.
I am very happy with this product.
Good buy
I have only just received this item and it fits my kindle fire perfectly. It is very robust and I am going to find it very useful.
very practical
clever design and works well. Arm is stiff to bend though
Great product
Good product
This is a lot stronger and more substantial than I expected for the price. I am very happy with the product.
Would recommend
Product is great. The arm is long enough, it clamps on to a table well and it holds the phone securely. No complaints.
Did not hold my tablet when pxtended
It seems the weight of my tablet was too heavy for the arm
Top bit of gear
I could see from the photo that it looked like it could do the job
And when it arrived and tried it did the job perfectly great product
Thank you
Great product
It does tend to slowly descend but it’s nit much of an issue
Great Product
The arm is a great length for getting the phone into the right position, not flimsy but easy to maneuver. The clamp works well, I open my bedside drawer slightly and clamp it that way (as dont have a table next to bed or a shelf).
Great product, just like description. Very useful. Would love a light on it to make it a document viewer and more versatile for the classroom but it does what the description states.
Handy Unit
maybe the clamp design could be altered to accommodate different types of surfaces. maybe the clamp could be wider at the point of contact. overall , I like the item.
Great purchase
good quality and sturdy - too big and strong for me though. all i use it for is my iphone.
Exactly what it says
Easy clamp, length means it can be used more or less anywhere. I use it on my wheelchair for my kindle, I highly recommend for this purpose as the price is affordable and much less clumbersom than disability store types.
Great product
It would have been good to know the length of the arm and how flexible it was
Just what I needed to hold my phone. I was a little wary that the long arm might be a bit weak but I was wrong, it is very strong and hold its place no problem.
Very wobbly
Great for watching videos.... useless to type on ... gave it away ..
Clamp tends to move when screwed down
Excellent , functions exactly as required.
Will it hold the phone still encased in the Olixar wallet
Great to get something that does exactly what you wanted and this does. Sturdy and easy to fit and use. The only negative is the arm is a bit long for my needs but could see it being useful in many circumstances.
Great piece of kit
Whether you could alter the length of the arm
A bit clumbersom
Put it up in the bedroom wife said you can get that clumbersom
Thing down looks ridiculous always obey the wife eh
Great phone holder
Brilliant product good grip excellent positioning

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