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Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker and bulb is designed to not only illuminate your room with a warm white glow, but to fill it with music resulting in the perfect atmospheric yet discreet tool for creating the mood you desire in one handy device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 47713

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 4.4 stars from 12 customers

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What a great device
When I read about this it caught my eye so I thought as it was on offer I'd make a purchase and see, what it was like. Wow what an awesome device, light and music what a novel idea and a great product. The sounds that eminate from this little light of tricks is 100% stunning.
It a must for a music lover and having the added light, what more could you wish for.
Go ahead make a purchase, you won't regret it.
A brilliant superb innovative product. Light is more than bright enough for a bathroom or side light. Speaker is also extremely good for such a small multiple use product. Would definitely recommend and have already purchased a second.
Fun Tech/Gadget
Above par product. I swapped out the bulb from my light on my nightstand. Not too bright but it does the job. The sound is ample and am quite satisfied. I hope the bulb doesn't burn out any time soon. EZPZ on the Bluetooth connection. I came back and bought 2 more as gifts.
Good innovative product
Concept wise it's new.
Sound quality is slightly on lower side.
At night if you want to listen to music then light will be too bright and is of no use.
I think expensive.
You you can buy better Bluetooth speaker in this range with better sound.
Light and Music
I ordered this in a whim. It went directly into a lamp. When the light is on the Bluetooth connects, light HAS to be on, this is a minor annoyance and doesn't really bother me. Volume is controlled by your device.

For me it works great! I would purchase again!
Light and sound !!!
Took this device ou the box and plugged it into the bathroom, paired my moby and Music was playing in the bathroom.

It automatically connects to my phone when I put the light on and starts playing my music.

Easy Peasy
light bulb speakers
Yes a household light bulb with a built in Bluetooth speaker, the idea sounds far too good to be anything but rubbish at lighting or rubbish at speakering but I am here to tell you neither! I took out a pretty bright economy bulb to fit this and it was brighter!! I attempted to connect to it with my Galaxy S4 expecting it to be difficult and the music started playing almost immediately, the sound quality is as good as the radio CD player my wife listens to in the kitchen and once I equipped all three of my lamps with them its absolutely bang-on, I am doing the bedside lamps next for when I watching a film on I-pad
Olixar bulb great speaker
Quality bit of kit works very well just what you need for your phone or ipad
Disappointing sound quality
Pairs easily as would be expected with bluetooth but sound quality disappoints. Great service as always from Mobile Fun.
Bright idea
Well worth the money my daughter loved it great sound easy to set up. It's britend up her life (her words)
Such a great idea
I was pleasantly surprised by this incredible little bluetooth speaker bulb. The sound quality was fantastic and it was so amazing to have it coming from my lightbulb. The quality of the bulb is also very good, with it actually being brighter than my original bulb from that room. Overall this is a great way to listen to your music and save some space at the same time. It's always a great conversation starter and is something I've already recommend to loads of my friends.
My bulb speaker today paired up straight away bulb is a lot brighter than I expected as only being 3 amp speaker sound is brilliant am thinking about buying another for anther room the only small fall down is that it comes in big thread with standard adaptor but not small thread but apart from that it's brill

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