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Olixar LG G5 Curved Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your LG G5's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved upper edge of the phone's unique display.
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$26.54 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 23 customers

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Excellent quality
Exactly as expected
Brought this brand of screen protector before for my iPhone well worth the money. Saves replacing a actual screen if you break it which will cost you £100+.
Thank you
Very happy with product. Exactly what I ordered and fits my model of mobile phone. Thanks
exccelent features
the tape you use to hold the glass package is too stong , unable to remove from box, you can suffer posible breakage costing you loss.
Great Product
I have fitted many screen protectors and the Olixar is the best so far, simple instructions, a complete kit and easy to apply. From unwrapping the package to complete installation took less than 5 minutes.
Very nice quality
Very nice quality screen protector. Nice and thin but still has a solid feel to it. The curved top on it fits perfectly on the G5 and the blacked out edges and top look identical to the G5's screen. Excellent product and looks great!
Really protective
I have got this screen protector before and it is strong unless dropped dramatically. The screen protector fits the phone so perfect it looks like my phone screen. Would recommend
Looks Nice. Shame about the quality so far.
Having recently tried two of these, I will offer the following opinion. The first one lasted less than 24 hours, before one of the bottom corners lifted. An attempt to return it to its original position, caused the offending corner to crack. Part of which later became detached,
The second one didn't even get as far as my phone screen. It was found to have a large crack, from around halfway across the bottom edge, to approximately one third along the vertical edge upon opening the packaging.
Make of that what you will.
The bottom easily chips
Plus: 1. Easy to apply. 2. Looks great.
Cons: 1. Expensive 2. There is a noticeable drop in screen sensitivity 3. My protector chipped after about a fortnight, and a crack gradually went up the screen. I had not dropped the phone. The bottom of the protector is highly exposed, due to the modular design of the phone. I purchased a good case, which protected the top and sides of the protector, but the bottom remained exposed and chipped. If you want to buy this protector make sure you have a case that protects all 4 sides of the protector. You have been warned!
Curved to fit perfection
This protection is perfect for the front panel of the G5 and has easy installation.
Initially i had my doubts if should buy the olixar case but after receiving it i am so impressed, the case fits perfectly and blends with the device as if it is the original display. I am very happy and thank you mobilefun
Very much Impressed
Initially i had second thoughts about both, the e-commerce site Mobilefun and Olixar LG G5 Curved glass screen.
After having received i am so glad that i made the right choice. Olixar fits perfect, cant really make out difference b/w the main screen and the screen protector.
Thanks to Mobilefun for fast and good delivery. Will definitely purchase future requirements from your site.
Fits the screen perfectly
Fits the screen perfectly. Was very easy to apply. Delivery was quick.
quality issue
Took the plunge to purchase this screen protector as mistakenly I thought it would be durable and good quality for the price.

The item is presented in a nice booklet style packaging and from first impressions looked promising as the application of the screen protector was really easy and looks almost invisible on the device, it is also easy to clean finger prints off.

5 days after application I noticed a small hairline fracture in the middle of the screen which shocked me as I have not dropped my phone nor has it been in any situation where it would have been stressed, so I am stumped as to how this has happened.

After lightly pressing the fracture a large crack has appeared from one corner of the phone screen to the other.

This is a product I would have loved to have given a good review but for the price I feel robbed and believe there are cheaper alternatives on he market that would do a better job at protecting your screen
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alex

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this screen protector. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Absolutely Great!!!!
For most people, the steep price for this item is off-putting (it was for me). However with the design of the LG G5, buying this item to protect your device is FAR cheaper than the alternative.

The installation of this screen was amazingly easy, quick and hassle free. It works really well with the otterbox defender case if you pop out the built in screen protector.

Overall i would buy the product again, and recommend you do to for the FULL screen protection.

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