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Olixar Leather-Style OnePlus 3T / 3 Wallet Stand Case - Black Reviews

The Olixar leather-style OnePlus 3T / 3 Wallet Case in black attaches to the back of your phone to provide superb enclosed protection and can also be used to hold your credit cards. So you leave your other wallet home as this case has it all covered.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59933
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 33 customers

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great product and service,thank you.
great product and service
I'm quite disappointed
I'm quite disappointed,I feel Like I wasted my money because I you can't close the case. If your phone should fall the screen would still end up breaking because you can,t close the case, it is always open and I also tried returning it and I was having problem with returns, it wasn't really clear.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with this case. Please contact our Customer Services department so we can assist.
Handy and Stylish
A handy and stylish wallet providing protection for that excellent smartphone.
Looks Sharp
Case looks great and fit the phone perfectly. Great price point as well. I think it could be improved by having some sort of closing mechanism (ie. magnet or clasp) and possibly a 3rd slot for cash (possible that I just have too much junk to carry though)
I recommend it
This flip case has a good quality leather appearance, is a very snug fit on the phone and includes the ability to fold and act as a stand. Very nice leather flip case. I recommend it.
Happy with it.
Neat case and easy to insert mobile. Pleased with it but delivery time needs to be reduced by a week or so. May have come to Perth through Sydney which might account for delay.
Stylish and sturdy
The case looks good and is well made. It is vey slimline so does not add bulk to the phone. It is very sturdy and provides good protection.
Great product. Great price
Great product. Great price. Fast delivery. Thanks!
Strong and looks pretty good for a reasonably bulky cover. I'd recommend it.
Not the best

- Material is sturdy and doesn't scratch or show wear easily
- Phone fits the case perfectly
- 2 card holders hold ID & bank cards perfectly, with space to store notes behind them as well
- Holes at the top of the case allow the call speaker to be heard whilst the cover is over the screen


- There is no sort of attachment to hold the case shut, meaning that a drop will likely result in the case opening and serving little to no screen protection
- The phone holder itself is easily scuffed and scratched
- The stand has no spine. I am unable to get the the phone in a view-able standing position with the stand alone. I have to position the phone holder against the numbers on my bank card to keep it upright, which itself isn't very strong.

This product should be purchased if you are looking for a case that sacrifices protection for card & money storage

This product should not be purchased if you are looking for a case designed to keep the phone in the best possible condition during a drop.
For pocketed unused phones only
Yes it's soft and pliable,
yes you can talk with the cover closed and,
yes access all the ports, even the volume buttons despite being covered operate easily under the soft material.

However, goodbye one handed operation! soft and pliable dont add up to good quality just that it takes two hands to do anything as the phone flops around and it will crack/tear sooner after a few open/closes. The idea of the stand is sound but, try it and you'll be disappointed as the cover is so soft it just slides and wont stay put. My Oneplus 3 didn't fit firmly in the plastic clip/cradle and feels insecure. If you wondered, yes it makes using the great Oneplus 3 main camera much to hard having to balance the phone in the floppy soft cover while keeping the floppy cover clear of the picture.

In summary if your phone sits in your pocket all the time it'll be OK if you use your phone anymore than that look elsewhere this isn't a cover for a phone that's used.
Pretty good
I would have liked if it had been advertised that there wasn't a small pocket for additional stuff, but otherwise, it serves its purpose.
As described
The wallet was as described with great protection for the phone in a well fitting cradle within the overall case. The camera could be used without removing the phone from the wallet which isn't always the case. There are two slots for cards however the addition of a space under the slot side for limited folded currency would be a bonus.Another slot would be beneficial as well. The quality of the product is high especially for the very reasonable price and the shipping charge was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this product.
Protective case
Pros: Cover and protect screen (display), double layer, could be used to store 2 cards (debit or credit cards, oyster), good protection for the main phone camera (back one), easy access to phisical phone switches, could be used as a phone stand!
Cons: Could not be used as a real wallet (no space for keep money inside the case)! To have access to left-side phisical phone switches must wide open the case or you could use a cutter to make some holes on that side (DIY solution)!
Good case, doesn't have a closing mechanism I.e. magnet or magnetic strap
Nice Case
Case is a nice quality leather case, nice and firm and strong. The ability to use it as a stand is cool as well. Only problem is that there is no cut out hole for the ear piece, so you can not talk on the phone with the cover closed. However that's a minor issue and apart from that I'm very happy with the purchase.
solidarity Leather Style Wallet case
Pure Quality, exactly what I was looking for. The Wallet is pure quality and shows my phone off really well and slots for credit cards and more.
The service was excellent as well and I would highly recommend the company.
Thank you.
Good product
Phone case is as described with 2 useful slots which I use for business cards but can also be used for credit cards. My phone fits snugly, secure and protected in the space provided. Have not had any issues as yet but time will tell as to its durability but so far so good :)
Olixar Leather Phone Case
Excellent product, having purchased Olixar products before I did not expect it to be anything else but first class. Thanks to Mobile Fun for sorting out a delivery hitch the day after I contacted them. I would highly recommend Mobile Fun and Olixar products for all mobile accessories as they do what they say on the tin.
Not bad
Quite nice pleather, phone fits well, the buttons are all pressable, but there's no slot for money, only cards - it starts off a little tight, but I expect it will stretch in. Good quality cover. There is no magnet strap so don't expect it to stay closed on its own.
Incredibly Useful!
The product shipped quickly, within less than a week. The nice black "leather" feels premium and looks great. The phone stand feature is nice and useful, and the slots for the cards on the inside flap are well placed. I keep my license and my debit card in there, and it's very convenient. The case itself fits very snug around the phone, and I never have a problem with it popping out. I have dropped my phone a few times in the case and my device is still looking good as new.
The only complaint I have is: The edges where the case bends have peeled off, but it's not noticeable at all.
Overall, this is a well built case, and it's a killer choice for the price!
Great service, very good product, would recommend
See short review
OnePlus3 Case
Delivery was extremely quick and exactly how described. Case is good quality and sturdy, very good fit for pjonr, protects from drops and spills and keeps phone licked in pocked
Very Nice
Good quality. Happy with this cover. Shame it doesn't have a slot under the cards for cash etc but I can get by. Nice and thin but not flimsy.
Elegant and practical
The leather phone cover is great.
Ascetically it is elegant and sleek with no unnecessary embellishments.
Practically it is sturdy protecting my phone well and I can use it as a wallet as it has credit card slots.
It looks like a moleskin notebook and I am very pleased with my purchase.

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