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Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen Reviews

The Olixar Laserlight stylus pen is the ultimate 4-in-1 accessory for tablet and smartphone users, with a ballpoint pen, stylus tip, laser pointer and LED mini torch all built into it!
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 4.4 stars from 152 customers

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A quality purchase
The lazer pointer was most enjoyable for my cat, it's always good to have a multitude of tech
Superb Stylus Pen.
I ordered 2 of these pens. One for me & one for my husband.
We're both delighted with them + the refills.
Another excellent product from Mobile fun!
Sent 1 pen back that was not working.
I purchased a single pen awhile ago.That was fine. Then I purchased the 2, but I have just sent one of them back that was not working. But I am pleased with the overall pen.
Great buy
Love this item - very handy indeed for my IPad - a torch and pen is brilliant - good value for money.
4thWrite 4-in-1 Laser Stylus Pen
Does exactly what your description States. Really useful gizmo. ..
Asked for the best and received just that.
This is my third purchase from this website and as usual, not a worry in sight.
These are top of the range instruments and as in my past experience found the delivery spot on, my purchase did exactly what it said on the tin.
Excellent website, choice of items all at a reasonable price and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Thanks again.
Best laser pen ever
Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Item Ever Best Item Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever Best Item Ever
Whilst playing with the Laser pen and the Olixar 6-in-1 pen I managed to drop the refills on the floor and got them mixed up. Although it seems that the refills from one will fit the other (they did for me anyway) they have different reference numbers (42627 and 42628). Comments ? ARE they interchangeable?
Desperately Fiddly
The instruction said remove plastic insert. The batteries just came out when i tried to do this, and I tried to put them all back right way up quite a number of times without success, and eventually, one of the batteries fell to the floor and rolled away without trace.
I've no doubt that its functions as pen and stylus are fine, but for that the hexstylus is a much better buy.
So easy to use
So easy to operate. Working as it should.
Happy with the one that does work, but batteries do go flat
Received two as per special offer.
First works fine but second I think the batteries were flat and need to be replaced.
Tried swapping batteries between the two pens but still could only get the one to work.
Happy with the one that does work, but batteries do go flat.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

Sorry to hear you had problems with one of the pens, please contact us so we can look into this for you.
Very happy. Practical,useful. Pen writes very well(smooth).
At Last
Getting a new stylus was always going to be a pleasure because my old one had suffered a puncture some time ago.
I am glad I got this one though. As I don't make presentations I have no use for the laser, which is a great laser btw, or the torch which is as lame as y'd expect for a torch which is really a pen but I do like the weight of the stylus and the rubbery nose bit feels very substantial and I can be confident in my spelling.
This pen does everything the ad mentions. Writes very smoothly and easily. The torch is great for such a small product and the laser is a great added extra.
Very good
Work as describe
Olixar Pen and Laser
What a useful item. Soft touch scribe for toch screen, no dirty finger marks left behind. Also it has a useful led torch and laser pointer. The ball pen is nice quality also.
A very pleasing product.
Laser doesn't work
The laser doesn't work and the internal mechanical parts are cheap. Destined for the bin.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ken

This product includes batteries that have a plastic tab placed in-between them. You will need to remove this in order for them to work correctly.

Hope this helps.
Love the pen
Nice writer as well and useful with the light on the end good for finding key holes in the dark good value for the money as well 5 stars from me
Good writer
It's one of the best pens I've owned, good writer and with the light on the end it's good for hopeing the front door in the dark. 5 stars from me
good pen
Good pen, however the torch button has to be held down to keep light on which is a bit frustrating
Good Service & Good Value
As always quality and service from Mobile Fun is very good. With one exception the stylus/torch/laser/pen provides good value for money. The one exception being that the barrel of the pen is so shiney and slippery when used for writing that it slides between fingers. This was easily rectified by wrapping an elastic band around the barrel. Happy to recommend this product.
If you want parts for your mobile, don't be slow or the Mobile Phone Parts wil go. Be slick and order quick or otherwise you'll will be sickp
This is a great pen in it self. If your disabled and in problems you can you use the red laser for help. Using the red button point it to the sky keep flashing 3short pushes, then 3 short flashes and finally 3 lond burst. When peple see the morse code you will get someone to help you.
Great Product
Product. Order & Delivery was 1st class
All functions as advertised. Nice and bright
I did like this accessory. However the build quality feels low, buttons feel loose etc.

All functions as advertised. Nice and bright.
Laser does not work
The pen and the rest of the thing works, but the laser pointer flashes on, most times, then stops working.
Am I able to get a replacement?
Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen
Excellent product delivered promptly.
A Multipurpose Wonder
I wanted to know that this stylus pen would work with the screen of my smartphone before purchase. The information about the product on the mobilefun website convinced me that the Olixar laser light stylus pen would work with my HTC One S phone. Additional features which this stylus pen has are: use as an ordinary ball point pen, a red laser light output and a white laser light output - all very useful.
Laser worked for less than 24 hours
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jonathan

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team for a replacement.
Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen - A Multipurpose Wonder
This awesome product is a mobile phone stylus,ballpoint pen and laser light torch all-in-one! The laser light torch has two different outputs from which one can choose, these being white or red This product is of excellent value for money especially when purchased from Mobile Fun, the mobile phone accessories company that is based in Birmingham. I would strongly recommend the Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen to anyone seeking a capacitative stylus for use with a mobile phone or a tablet. This is undoubtedly an excellent product!
works great
exactly as advertised and arrived in a very timely manner, well packaged.
I purchased this pen a few weeks ago,having been impressed by the same one
bought earlier for my son's birthday. Unfortunately my pen quickly developed irritating faults. The stylus frequently became loose and had to be screwed into the top time and time again. The pen top was a slack fit and rarely stayed on as it should have. Finally the section housing the ink refill came loose and
could not be screwed back on. The thread had lost its grip. Used as a pen it was easy to hold and produced smudge free script, but the other faults have made it useless. I have had several excellent products in the past from MobileFun, but sadly this pen was not one of them.
Excellent product
Service, speedy and reliable as usual.
As an Octogenarian took time to figure out where the batteries were but solved it and happy with the item.
Brilliant Gadget
It's a great gadget li love the the pen and the torch I use this stylis a lot more than I thought I even take it in pocket when I take my pup out at night good work Mobilfunk .
A very useful tool. Was geat as it was a bogof offer!
Nothing. The instrument does what it is meant to do. Very satisfied
Nice pen
I like this pen, it feels comfortable to hold and write with. The torch and laser pointer are an added bonus. Both work well and are fit for use.
Pen works at both ends but no lights.
I know that there is a piece of paper to remove between the batteries to enact the light and stylus but that is fiddly and I cannot make it work.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Richard, please contact our Customer Services team if you are still having problems.
Very Impressed
Much more better than I had expected and very well impressed. Pen writes very well. Torch is very well illuminated for the size it is. Laser has a good range of target.
Very pleased
Item arrived well within the allotted time,very pleased.
A useful piece equipment f
I particularly like the combination of pen,stylus and torch but admit I have not used the laser. It would be helpful in presentation work. The pen is comfortable to hold and produces a clear smear free script.
A gentle touch is needed when using the stylus, and it is advisable to use it at a 90 degree angle. Using it from the side could result in the stylus rubber parting company from the pen,and it doesn't go back. I received a replacement immediately when this happened to my pen. No fuss, just the excellent service I have always had from Mobilefun.
Realy bright lights writes very well
Far better quality than I expected.Realy bright lights writes very well.Does what it is said to do brilliant
Two clear design issues
Firstly the positive, the pen is a really nice writer.

However the grip between the Stylus "shell" and the pen head is very poor so within an hour of usage the Stylus shell was falling off the body.

Also the buttons for torch light and laser rattle all the time when the item is used. Very poor quality......
A useful all in one product
A well made, lightweight item. I haven't used the laser but the torch is surprisingly powerful for its size, and the Pen writes clearly and smoothly. The stylus is sensitive and it's very convenient to have to hand whilst making notes. I am pleased bought it. As ever, great service and fast delivery.
Excellent toy for cat
Love this pen, it has a good quality laser and torch.. My cats love the laser.
Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen
Much better item than I had exoected, an all in one Laserlight, Stylkus and a Real Pen. Excellently designed and crafted item. The laserlight works really well for my presentations. I am very happy I selected this specific product and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Useful item
Well made, nicely balanced pen which writes very clearly. It is useful to have a stylus combined. No need for a separate one. Changing the three tiny batteries when the time comes could be a bit tricky.There's no indication of the positive and negative positions shown, so take note before taking them out. Torch lights up small area and laser light would be useful for those who need a clear well defined pointer on a chart or board.
the pen was delivered this morning,very pleased with the quality and price
hexstyli 6 in one stylus pen.
Excellent piece of kit .Ordered several for stocking fillers at Christmas.
Regards John Aitken.
Excellent pen
Excellent pen good size great for every day use
Not impressed
The stylus part is fine and so is the pen but the lazerlight does not work
MobileFun Reply
Hi Carol

Sorry to hear you are having problems, please contact us for a replacement.
Majestic !
This stylus Pen is a joy to use! It's a must have gadget for any smartphone or tablet user. I absolutely would highly recommend if you like modern innovative technology. Love it!
It is a very useful item it means that you don't have to carry a separate Pen or Light
Wonderful product
Loved the Oli{ar laser light pen (four functions).
Worth waiting for
i had a pen sent but coils not find the pen! The stylus was good, the Laserlight was good, the torch was good. Unfortunately I had a big problem with this pen so returned it. Before they could have received this I got my replacement.
This has all parts working and is jut great. I use it a lot. I would recommend Mobile Fun to anyone.
Excellent Dual purpose pen and light
Not good
The pen cap when removed doesn't fit the 'other end' so this makes for a rather short pen for writing, and impossible to use the stylus. As for the stylus beware that when used for constant scrolling on a website the rubber tip is likely to become unscrewed and if you miss it going you could end up putting a nice scratch across the screen of your device. Not recommended, even at half price.
good product
i needed a product for classroom use with my iPad, this is quite an excellent product for the job. the combination of laser/pen and touch pen makes it good for the purpose. my only grip is the packaging... my first one arrived broken as the packaging was flimsy. the excellent service at mobile fun sent me a second on which arrived in perfect condition. it still had flimsy packaging but it was handled better. overall a great product in bad packaging and very useful in a classroom/meeting situation.. I'm deducting 2 stars fro the packaging though!!
The Stylus Pen
the product looks good comes with a light which is quite handy and a ball point pen . Only wanted the stylus but for the price who can complain
great device
very useful device with many uses, thank you
Product rec one did not work so returned it. Second one top fell off 3 days after returning faulty pen. However mobile fun have refunded the amount I spent as a goodwill gesture. Stay clear of product poor build.
Wonderful to have so many useful facilities "under one roof". When I first tried mine I thought it was faulty as nothing happened, - in spite of my having got the dog ready to chase the red light on the floor...... There didn't seem anything to tug at to allow any batteries to activate, and it was a couple of days before I decided to see what was inside. Aha. When the batteries fell out (open it over a table!) there was the little disc in between two of them. I would have felt such an idiot to send it back. Great fun at presentations surreptitiously putting your own red spot alongside the presenter's and watching him fiddle with his to see why it is happening. Shh! We mustn't all do it...............
Thanks for a splendid product.
Brilliant! Ideal gift and so useful. Already it's the indispensable addition to the briefcase and suit pocket, and I've used three of the four options without thinking!
spot on
the description of the pen was quite comprehensive and detailed the workings of it quite clearly,and after receiving the pen it was absolutely brilliant my fingers are very large and had problems with the keypad but now using the pen it is so easy to type and added bonus was a laser light and torch i would recommend this to anyone and a gift at its price !!
Handy Andy
When I first operated the laser and torch on removing the battery seal I was most disappointed as both were very weak. I assumed spent batteries. I then removed and re-installed the batteries. I could not believe it. What a fantastic gadget. What powerful output. A good writer plus stylus pen to boot.

Simply put a neat accessory. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 from me.
Very handy pen
Very handy pen.i keep it in my bedside cabinet. Exelant stylus.
Very useful and fun to use
This laserlight stylus pen is fun to use, it has a stylus to use on my smartphone, it also has a torch which comes in very handy, the laser comes in very useful when for instance you are giving a talk and showing film slides, you can use the later to pinpoint exactly where you are talking about, and to finish off there is a pen,
Nice ALL In one device
it was nice to receive four of it and paying only two with your promotional code!
Thank you!
My friends will be happy to have one of this as present from me.

Only one Laser works
Good value, Bogoff but only one Laser works
A clever pen
My wife has real problems typing on the screen of her phone. (Something to do with long nails perhaps!) This clever pen/torch/pointer/stylus does the job much better. I suspect it will live in her handbag from now on instead of the pen she normally carries.
Very handy 4 in 1 device
Very useful tool the only down side, a suspect pocket clip.
Needs rethinking.
Great device!
Having used a stylus recently for Apple devices including my iPhone, I fancied the multifunction design of the Laserlight stylus pen. It is stylish and the laser pointer very bright, even in strong sunlight. We'll done again, Olixar and Mobile Fun.
for you inner Jedi
In case you come across some storm troopers as you go about you daily chores keep the laser pen in your top pocket. Lots of useful features in case you do get thrown in to a dark tank or have to reach in to that dark corner to keep the Falcon flying.
Great gadget thanks Mobile fun... may the force be with you all

No smudges or finger marks
If you are like me and hate smudges and finger prints on your smart phone and tablet, then the Olixar laser light stylus pen is for you. Your just as quick if not quicker, putting text together. Switching from email to surf at the flick of a wrist. You need to go back to the old method of pen and paper, all you need to find is the paper. It gets dark, save the planet and used the flash light provided. And to top it off, if the pets bother you like my two dogs and two cats, then the laser light gives them something else to occupy thier mind.
great product
What a great product this is. It saves me carrying several things about all the time, helps me in the dark and keeps the cats amused for hours.
4 in one
I just bought my wife a 4-1 and she loves it. She can use it on her I pad stop and use the pointed to play with our cats, write letters and use the flashlight to find things in her purse.

Great item for a great price.
Handy pen torch and touch tablet
Useful collection to have in your top pocket, laser pen used much more than thought as it can be used when last too bed. Shows up enough of bedroom, especially when bounced off bedding.

Torch is very bright. Pen works well, some doubts over
Brilliant Device
This is brilliant device, very helpful in typing message, presenting presentations and plus a little torch
Works just like it says
I bought the two for one offer,one of the pens did not work,but the service from Mobilefun was great,I used ther colect postal ,and I recived a new one in record time would recomend any one to buy from Mobilefun.
Very useful
Very useful and compact tool. Does what is outlined to do. Delivery was speedy and well packaged.
Useful tool
A two-for one offer inspired me to get this. My wife complained that I left greasy fingerprints on the screen of her Nexus, so the stylus tip is useful. I gave her the second pen. The laser pointer will be useful when I give talks. The amount of ink in the pen seems small, but refills are available. Removing the plastic disk from the batteries was fiddly.
Great combination!
Having read previous reviews, I was not sure about this 4 in 1, but am very pleased so far. There are no instructions, but it's not rocket science to remove the tiny plastic disc inside to make the batteries work. Getting them back in is fiddly, but you can balance them and lift into place. The laser is brighter than expected. Good job.
brilliant product
very useful item. The torch is very bright and the pen excellent
My cats love the laser light but I have told them it is not really for them!
It's what I call stylish quality
My first thought on being asked to do a review was "It's only a pen for heaven's sake, so what can I say?" But I'd be wrong. Yes, it's a pen and a very good writer too. Yes, it's a stylus and works a treat with tablet and phone. Yes it's a laser pointer, which is ideal for my talks with visual aids. And yes it's a torch, with a bright shining light. In addition, it is clearly a well-made quality item - and above all I had two for the price of one! Mobile Fun must know what they are doing....or do they? It was an absolutely bargain buy. I am even giving the second one to my son for his birthday. He will think I have spent a fortune on him!
4thwrite 4 in one laser pen
This is nice nifty little gadget with handy torch, a laser pointer, a styles for smart devices and a very good ball point to make notes.
Would definetly recommend.
It is perfect for what I needed
It is a very good device for presentation on IPad .
Repeat performance
Second pen same great quality even better service
Very handy gadget
The pen writes smoothly and the light nice and bright.
Forthwrite and to the point
Excellent and versitle piece of kit. Easy to use.
Another interesting and unusual product
I have not yet used all the functions with this pen but it certainly looks different when you use it. I do not know long the ink lasts so purchased extra refills good job as they are so small. Trouble is I keep getting tempted to purchase products like these only seen them available from Mobile Phone
4thWrite 4 in 1 laser stylus pen
A fantastic product. Very handy and once used, indispensable.
I love it and now erg rate that I did not buy it when you had an offer of buy one and get one free!!!!
Perfect to have.
A gadget you must have. Comes very handy !
Good product when on offer
I bought the 4thwrite laser-stylus pen (2 for 1 offer)because my son's generic tablet uses a resistive touch screen. This is less sensitive than the more expensive capacitive touch screens and the stylus pen works well. The pen contains a laser pointer and LED light but having a laser pointer I would not want children to have it without stopping up the laser window or removing the batteries.
very happy with customer service!!!!
The pen itself is quite fun, does just what it says :) I have bought it for my partner, so he doesn't need some additional things to carry with him. Torch and pen probably will get more use then other things but just the though of having it all in one thing is quite satisfying :))
What I was really happy about is Customer Service. I forgot to put the promotional code in the end to get it on 2 for 1 deal, so I called them after it was despatched, did not have much hope I'll get another one really but they did send it to me!!!!! Unbelievable!!! I was more then happy. And they sent it for no additional charge. Came the day after the first one. And the delivery is VERY quick!!! Welldone, guys!!!
Pen is in the box, packed nice so can go as a gift.
I like MobileFun, they have not disappoint me so far. Will highly recommend..
Did Not Work
I very much like the idea of this pen / plus extras.
But sadly two of its functions did not work. So I am sending it back and have asked for a replacement in the hope that the next one will work. Otherwise I will be asking for a refund , disappointing purchase !
Useful Gadget
This is a very nice pen, stylus, torch and laser. The pen writes very nicely, the torch is useful, the laser pointer very good and the stylus A1. The only complaint I have is that the Stylus/Cover slips off the pen very easily! In general an excellent product. Highly recomend.
Laser Stylus Pen
Very nice item with so many uses. Pen works well and is comfortable to use, the torch light is very handy in the dark and the laser pointer excellent covering long distances. Nice to have something else to use on a touch screen rather than a finger which can often be too large.
Excellent product, highly recommended.
Would not buy another.
What it actualy does is ok, however the product quality is not good. I previously purchased the all metal pen like this one, it was a bit smaller, but had to put a ring of selotape around the body to stop the lid part comming off. This one is just as bad, you pull the pen out of your pocket and just the lid comes, leaving the pen in your pocket (if its a narrow pen pocket, its hard to retrieve the pen. Looks like a redesign is need once again.
Great Item
I have bought an array of stuff from here...the service is exceptional,the quality of the products of high standard .
Will buy and recommend you to try Mobile Fun.
Great implement
I love this pen as it is extremely useful and so handy as it has everything that I need to hand instead of having to search through my bag for different tools for the job in hand. Also gave my son in law one and he was thrilled with it.
I needed
It is handy for all the prescribed uses that it was made for.
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