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Olixar iPhone X Case Compatible Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone X from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. This screen protector has been specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of cases.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone X from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. This screen protector has been specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of cases.
 4.1 stars from 46 customers

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Great Product
Easy to use
Perfect In every way
As described in advert
Easy to apply and a great professional finish
I always get annoying bubbles under my iPhone screen protector. This one is different. Follow the video by scanning the QR code on the packaging. Wipe, microfibres mini cloth and dust removal stickers all included. A steal and wonderful glass protection for your phone.
Easy to fit and good result
An easy to fit screen.
Excellent protector
Works well, easy to put on, better than plastic
great product
great, easy to aplly
Good Product
How easy it is to install the product.
Seems good so far
Only had it a few weeks but already lasting much better other brands I’ve used. Seems worth the extra cash up to now.
I like it
I thought it would cover the whole phone screen. But maybe i just did not read the description right. Other than that, it looks nice and fits well. The smudges ok the screen are easy to wipe off.
Works as described
This tempered glass has protected my screen very well over the years. I hope it will work as well for my son-in-law
Perfect fit
Great screen protector
Does exactly what you want it to do...protects the screen.
Simple to fit just follow the instructions. Very pleased with it.
Very good
Very good screen protector.
Not Impressed
I bought this after reading other reviews but am not impressed. I followed the installation instructions to the letter, took my time to make sure it was done right, however, the screen protector will not seal effectively around the edges of the phone, it looks at though its going to peal away at the corners, I made sure all the air was out but regardless of what I do it continues to look tatty, I can send a photo if required. It looked really good on the internet but I wouldn't buy one again.
Ok but not great
Protector has been on my phone about a month and already has a small crack in the top right corner.
For the price I expected it to be more hard wearing.
Too small and doesn't fit very well
Really awkward to fit compared to others and got bubbles twice so get fed up and purchased a twin pack of glass protectors from Spigen for the same price.
Not worth it
Even though i followed the instructions to the letter the edges wouldn't stop lifting. the edges are not rounded so wasn't that nice to use
Had hoped by spending a little more to have got a superior product. Sadly, this is not the case.
The screen protector was stuck to it’s protective packaging, which partly pulled off the backing film when being removed. The accessory pack didn’t contain the components shown on the instructions printed on the packaging, or the different ones shown on the video.
However, managed to apply the protector quite successfully but, am very disappointed to note that the adhesive of the sticky side doesn’t extend all the way to the edges of the screen, it’s not s perfect fit around the ‘notch’ and the screen is definitely not as sensitive. Wish I’d bought a cheap one off of EBay!
Bubbles on the curved edges !
Looks very cheap and nasty avoid
Scratch-proof is all lie, is all scratched after 2 weeks of use
I purchased this together with a case based on the description and recommendation. I am pleased with the product which came well packaged and with easy to understand instructions. It was simple to fit and would appear to provide excellent protection. I would recommend this to any potential purchaser.
Arrived quickly. Very easy to fit. Looks great
Already managed to drop my new phone a couple of times and no damage at all.
If you follow the easy to understand instructions, this screen protector is simple to apply. I had no issues with bubbles and it fits perfectly on my iPhone X with a case.
Look-no fingerprints!
Take your time installing this and you will be rewarded with, probably, the best screen protector I’ve used.
What surprised me was that I’m not having to clean my screen anywhere near as often as I’m used to.
This is a quality product, I’d recommend it.
Beautiful luxuriously Finished Item
Really nicely made item, with good quality leather which gives this wallet/case a real luxurious feel. Phone fits snuggly, with all featrues accessible. Very functional as well as great looking.

First item arrived with a defect. One email with photos to Mobile Zap and they responded immediately, with a replacement item in the post right away - arrived faster than the original.

Overall - a great item and outstanding customer service.
Good product
Better description also watts are a bit low charges very slow
High quality screen protector good with case
This screen protector is good quality and a perfect fit for the IPhone X if using a larger back cover that obscures the front edges of the phone screen. However if your back cover is not one that covers the front edges of the screen its worth looking at a normal cover as this protector will leave an annoying gap between the screen protector and cover where dirt and grit collect.
Really Good!
I’d recommend you watch how to fit this screen protector on YouTube first. After that, take your time for a perfect fit. Looks good too
Happy with the cover, easy to fit
Just remember to have your phone on when you install the cover coz the iphone x is all screen so may fit it slightly off

Other than that, all good! Happy customer!
Great product
Great product
Fair price for a good screen protector
I have previously only used Belkin glass screen protectors but decided to give this Olixar one a go and it’s impressed me so far. The application isn’t as easy as others with just some stickers to hold the protector to the screen rather than a plastic alignment frame. The supplied alcohol wipe and dust removal sticker are great at removing the dust.
Easy to fit and a practical way to protect the phone screen without being obtrusive.
Slim design and doesn’t detract from the phone’s appearance .
Good quality
Arrived promptly.
Good protection but failed the application
Happy otherwise, but it was too easy to get dust under the screen when applying. Tried removing which only made it worse. Should have done it in a cleaner environment.
Okay, but...
The Olixar glass screen protector for iPhone X comes with instructions and the necessary wipes, cleaning cloth and stickers to get it on your iPhone. The glass itself is rounded at the edges. I recommend that you have the screen of your phone switched on when you put the protector on, because - and here comes the catch - the glass barely covers the actual screen and does not go to the outside edge of the screen. in my opinion the protector is at least 1-2mm to small in either dimension, which means at an angle you actually see that there is a glass on top of your phone. I had to reapply the protector to center it over the screen. In addition not all of the front is covered and therefore protected by this product.
Easy to apply, with everything you need.
This is a good quality, case friendly screen protector which when Mobile Fun's YouTube video guide is watched, is easy to apply. The kit includes an alcohol wipe, dust and alignment stickers and a micro fibre cloth. The screen protector itself doesn't affect the OLED display in any way, being crystal clear, smooth to touch, and with no rainbow effects when viewed at an angle. Highly recommended for all iPhone X owners.
Excellent materials, easy to apply , good fit , no bubbles!! Very pleased ????????????
Easy to apply , nice thickness
Great quality!
Definitely a great product that protects well and keeps the great touch sensitiveness. Would be better if it covered the upper part of the screen as well, but it is still a recommended product.

Easy to apply.
Great fit
Since the iPhone 6 landed I have not been impressed with the screen protectors I have had bacause of the gap at the edge. This has impressed me though as the fit to the screen is excellent! I also managed to install it perfectly. Super easy. Masking tape is your friend ????????????

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