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Olixar iPhone SE Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone SE from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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 4.6 stars from 17 customers

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Excellent protection
This is a great item, extremely well made. It fits perfectly on the iphone SE and looks like part of the phone. Looks great.
Excellent sensitivity and strength
Much thinner and consequently more sensitive than my previous tempered glass screen protector, that was also prone to cracking. This product is robust and thin!
Not as easy as it looks
"Simple to apply!" other reviewers claimed. "Easy to use!" I only wish I could say the same. I read the instructions, I even watched the video that came with the screen protector (twice), and it seemed easy enough, but when I tried to apply it, only one word fits what happened next: disaster.

The sticky tabs meant to hold the protector in place flew off, the protector flipped into the air, and I almost sprained my wrist trying to catch it. It was hard to apply centrally as it's a little too small for the screen, and it ended up not adhering following its amateur gymnastics.

I bought a new one in the hope I could get it right this time, and application was a little easier, until I held my phone up and noticed several specks of fluff under the protector that will slowly drive me round the bend until I can afford to try again (third time lucky?)

While I thought my second protector had at least adhered well, it started to separate from the screen after a couple of months. All in all, a disappointing and expensive experience.
Very good
Good product and great price.
Excellent Product
I purchase this glass screen protector for my iPhone SE as I had smashed the screen on my old iPhone and didn't want this happening again. I was reluctant to buy a screen protector as I thought it would ruin the look of my phone, I had read that they can have bubbles underneath etc. but I am happily surprised with the quality of this product. It fits on perfectly, there are no bubbles, you get cloths etc. to clean your phone before placing the screen cover on, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The delivery was quick from Mobile Fun and I would highly recommend this product.
Excellent product.
Applies like a dream with clear instructions. I drop my phone at least twice a day everyday so these are a lifesaver. Used with my last phone also. I will forever repurchase these. The glass is tough and when it does break - which it will only do if you are as clumsy as me - it doesn't shatter and it keeps the real screen intact. Doesn't peel off until you peel it off. Leaves no marks once removed. Phone is as responsive if not more with it on. Actually easier to use the home button as it is recessed once the glass is on since there is a hole cut for home button and speaker. So thin that you wouldn't know it's there if you didn't know.
Awesome Product
Great product.
Arrived on time and in perfect condition
Very happy customer
I was initially apprehensive about the glass screen protector and if it would be better than the plastic covers I have previously used considering the extra cost. I am most impressed however, it was easy to put on (easier to align than the plastic covers) and is very sensitive to the touch. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and get the sense that the cover will last a lot longer and offer more protection than the plastic ones. I am converted! :)
Amazing, classy Tempered Glass Protector
This arrived the next day with updates stating when it would arrive which helped greatly. Securely packaged and protected. The actual glass Protector is fantastic! Easy to fit with clear instructions. Extremely pleased with my product and good value too. Will definitely be using Mobile for fun again and have recommended to friends and colleagues. Many thanks Mobile Fun.
Brilliant Product
This is a very easy to apply screen protector which fits perfectly. It is thin and therefore does not affect the use of the screen. Good value for money and highly recommended.
Product good. Delivery time - LONG!!!
Didn't like the time it took to receive item
Exactly what I needed
Great product very happy with my purchase

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