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Olixar iPhone 8 / 7 Case Compatible Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8 / 7 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. This screen protector has been specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of cases.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8 / 7 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. This screen protector has been specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of cases.
 4.4 stars from 54 customers

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All good
Did just what it was supposed to, perfect .
Does exactly what I hoped it would!
Perfect just what I needed a new smoother screen protector, the last one from a different source, shattered. This one was easy to apply and so far so good but haven’t dropped my phone yet.
Great Screen Protector - Thought I had broken my new phone screen
I bought this with a cover for my new work phone - Fits nice and easy and is supplied with a screen cleaner and wipe. Instructional videos should be watched to make sure you get the best out of sticking it on. About 4 months later I dropped my phone on our hard concrete and tiled floor face down - Thought I had totally smashed the screen what I picked it up and felt rough edges on the now spider webbed screen but that was the tempered glass absorbing the impact - phone screen didn't have a mark on it so just bought 2 more one to replace and one to have as a spare - Would totally recommend.
Nice protecter
Its good
Seems like a tempered glass screen protector to me, went on easy, a bit thicker than some
Great value
Easy to fit, good instructions. Great product I have ordered further for my son’s phone .
Screen Protector
Good easy to fit screen protector.
Cracked before I used it
I didn’t line it up properly when I put it on (my fault) but it wasn’t even on fully when I tried to move it and unfortunately it cracked, I’ve had better screen protectors that cost a lot less
seems to do the job
Very pleased
This product does exactly what is promised
Good quality
Screen Protector
Great screen protector, there was a delay in delivery but it arrived well packaged eventually
Screen feels super
Prompt delivery. Well packaged. Screen feels super.Top sensitivity. Value for money. Test will come when drop phone.
Very good
Easy to apply, and it leaves plenty of space for my Pela case. Haven’t had it on long so I can’t say if it’s hard wearing but it feels pretty solid.
Quick delivery, good quality, very pleased
Would definitely use mobile fun again for future purchases
Almost five stars...
This product falls short of five stars because, although very much easier to apply than thin film protectors, and correctly positioned, the extreme edges failed to adhere to the screen. In time I would imagine dust will work it's way underneath and look a bit unsightly. Otherwise the protector is very flat with no bubbles whatsoever. It feels very robust.
Good product
First time I've used a tempered glass protector, easy to fit if you follow the instructions carefully, and no bubbles. With hindsight think I should have gone for the edge to edge protector as this one doesn't cover the screen completely, but still ok.
Fits iPhone SE2 too
It wasn't clear to me that this definitely fitted the iPhone SE2 but it did.
Quality Item.
Easy to apply and no bubble problems as it promised.
Happy with this purchase so will return here for other items in future.
Excellent purchase
Follow the instructions for an easy installation very pleased with the results
Great product!
Extremely easy to apply to screen. Looks great and should provide protection from scratches and potential drops.
Lovely product and good price
The product is very well presented and easy to use with everything required and easy to follow instructions. Great price and quick delivery.
Easy to apply and screen functions are unaffected
Great fit. Previous one lasted a whole year. Very tough!
Not fitted
The odering process and delivery were excellent however, the screen protector has not been fitted yet so cannot comment on performance.
Does the job.
Easiest glass screen I've ever fitted. Just lay it on and it's virtually done. Make sure you get it in the right position first time. Covers most of the screen but not all as iPhone 8 has a curved edge. It looks a little strange but you soon get used to it. As long as it protects the main part I'm happy. Not had to test it's protection yet.
Item as described
Seems like a quality product
Slightly overlaps bezel on iPhone 8
Easy to apply. Instructions very clear. All the cloths provided. Went on a dream, perfectly placed over respective camera etc. Unfortunately the protector overlaps the bezel fractionally so it isn’t in contact with anything and stands out all around the perimeter as a slightly lighter shade..
I am only giving this one star because of the ease of applying it other than that I wouldn't recommend it. The protector wasn't even on my phone for a full 24 hours before it had chipped at the bottom near the cut out for the home button therefor causing three cracks in it. I'm mystified as how this has happen as the phone wasn't dropped as it was only a few days old and hadn't been used until I received the screen protector and case and it was only ever put into my back pocket which doesn't have rivets etc. Maybe this was a faulty one as when I opened the box it didn't have the usual two protective film backings one it but just one which was numbered 2 and said to be removed only when the protector had been placed onto the phone. I should have went with my instincts when I seen this and contact MobileFun. Well hey ho it can stay on m phone now but I defo won't be replacing it anytime soon.
Good quality and provides good protection
item arrived as described
It was just what I wanted
It does not cover the whole of the screen so I was a bit disappointed with it
MobileFun Reply
Hi Carol

As this is a case compatible version, the screen protector does its best to cover the screen while allowing a wide range of cases to still be used with the phone. There is some balance between the two, but I hope the case compatibility makes up for this :) Hope this helps.
No bubbles! Fantastic!!
Wow! Screen protectors haven't half improved since I last applied one 3 or 4 years ago. Gone are the days of those annoying little bubbles! Follow the instructions, preparing your screen with the included cleaning kit, then crucially, get your protective glass cover lined up precisely over your device (steady does it), then watch as just like magic, it settles perfectly on your pride and joy. If, like me, you're after millimetre perfection, then it can be lifted and repositioned, but only after one helluva struggle to carefully pull it off the screen. Take your time and get it right first time; it'll be worth it.
Easy to fit. Responsive to touch providing excellent protection for my iPhone
Very satisfied with this product. Fits well with the iPhone charging case. Responsive to touch. Providing excellent protection to my phone screen.
Tested to destruction and did its job
I have purchased 3 of these in total. The first was for my new iPhone 8, and then I got another for my wife's new phone. Very easy to fit on a brand new phone as no cleaning was required. Barely visible in use.

Then while on holiday my phone fell out of my pocket onto jagged rocks at the top of a mountain. The impact took a small chip out of the edge of the top surface of the screen protector and also caused a couple of very fine cracks. But it did not fall apart and continued to protect the phone.

On my return I bought a replacement. The cracked one came off easily without breaking up, and the iPhone screen was pristine. Although it was annoying to have to buy a new screen protector it clearly did its job and saved serious damage to the phone. The impact would certainly have scratched the screen and could well have cracked it.
great product
The case and glass shield both worked great. Very happy with the purchases.
Very protective
Very easy to apply and gives good protection. Would definitely buy again
Does not cover the full screen
Easy to fit but disappointed that it does not cover the full screen, l wish that l had taken notice of previous reviews.
Once fitted becomes almost invisible and does not effect the quality of the photos l have taken with the phone.
Good but doesn't go to edges
Great in most aspects - easy to install flawlessly, no loss of touch screen sensitivity, I think it saved my phone once already - only thing is that it stops short about 1mm from the edge of the black screen and about 3mm from the edge of the white panel on the front of the phone. Not sure why but it looks odd. Anyway I've got a phone case that covers the edges so it's ok for me. Shipping was fast I was happy with that.
Great product and very good service
Easy to apply, works as expected, delivered in a timely manner.
**** Ideal ****
Needed a screen protector for my new iPhone 7 and this met my requirements exactly. Good price, promptly delivered and easy to fit. What more could I - £20 for the best review!!
Not so good
If our phone fall down, the tempered glass will break.
Perfect for my needs
Everyone worries about dropping their phone at some point in time. For this reason, this is why I purchased this screen protector.. it was easy to apply but my only criticism of this product is that it does not completely cover the screen, otherwise it is perfect for my continued peace of mind.
Not Great
As per other disappointed reviews, followed instructions carefully, but the screen cover does not adhere around the edges. Will look for a better alternative.
Not a perfect fit
The quality of the product I cannot fault but it doesn't adhere to the phone around the entire edge of the protector giving a "lifted" appearance. For this reason alone I am very disappointed with it considering the price. Perhaps some sizing issues need to be addressed. As always super fast service from Mobilefun website.
Edges didn't stick
I paid particular attention to follow the correct preparation and cleaning processes but disappointed to see the edges didn't adhere properly. The rest of the screen looked great. Spoilt the whole look of the screen. I ended up throwing it in the bucket. If you can send me replacement and I will try again.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tim

Please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Great glass screen protector
The glass screen protector is ultra thin and give my iPhone a clear look. The instalation is super easy in 3 minutes.
I am very happy that I bought this product!
Great protection
Surprisingly easy to apply with a good set of instructions. There is a slight gap around the edges of the phone the protector doesn't cover, but it covers all of the screen.
Clear protection
The Olixar tempered glass screen protector provides an almost invisible protective layer for the iPhone 7 screen. Having easily fitted the screen I have been very pleased with the clarity (I soon forgot it was fitted!) and have not noticed any loss of screen touch functionality. I would definitely recommend this item for the iPhone 7 - fit and forget in the knowledge the screen is well protected.
Terrible Stick
At this price I would expect a product that sticks to the iPhone 7 perfectly. It leaves a large area around the edge of the protector that doesn't actually stick. It is lined up to the phone with precision and all guides/instructions/videos followed.

Buy this if you you want to ruin the slick look of your iPhone 7.

I am forced to buy an alternative replacement now.

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