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Olixar iPhone 7 Plus Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector - Red Reviews

This ultra-thin full cover curved tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Features complete edge to edge screen protection for the special edition red iPhone.
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 4.1 stars from 36 customers

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Very pleased with this Olixar iPhone 8 plus Edge to Edge Screen Protector
Very pleased with this Olixar iPhone 8 plus Edge to Edge Screen Protector. It is so much better than the previous screen protector I had which did not cover the entire screen of my iPhone 8 Plus. This new screen does and with style. Looking at the phone you would not think that there was any sort of screen protection fitted. This is very cool. Also I could still fit my phone into its case which is a UAG Pathfinder rugged case so a double plus. I recommend this screen protector for anyone looking for such a thing.
Fantastic, so easy to fit on my screen and it works very well.
Fantastic, so easy to fit on my screen and it works very well.
I will always buy these again for any new Phone I purchase, you only need a gentle touch to type your text in.
Its ok
Cracked after a few days...
Great all glass screen protector
I have been looking everywhere for an all-black high-quality screen protector when I came across the Olixar Red iPhone 7 Plus White to Black Fascia Glass Screen Protector.
Durable, high quality and makes my red iphone 7 plus look stunning.
Great packaging, prompt delivery and easy to apply - bubble free installation. Took me less than 3 minutes!
This Oliver glass screen is perfect and was so easy to put on no bubbles and gives great protection the best screen protection i have had
Not pad
I have used it twice. 2nd time there are some Bubbles remains and didn’t go. I have to removed it since it cost click issue.
Very good
I was using this screen protector nearly a month.this is the perfect one I ever use for an iPhone 7plus.all the others are not full screen protector.this one is edge to edge and slim case friendly.i am using apple officiall leather and silicon case and it's absolutely perfect.very pleased with this product...recommend to all.
Superb product
Fits perfectly. Very discrete. Excellent product from a top company
nice concept, failed execution
This is a well made, nice looking screen protector, but my experience is that it is tricky to fit satisfactorily and is incompatible with both phone cases I purchased for my new 7+ (but not through MobileFun I admit).
The protector comes with 2 adhesive tags to hold the cover as you apply it, but these detached as I was holding it above the screen, causing the sticky side to touch the table top, which of course was not spotless, immediately picking up a couple of dust specks. I cleaned with sticky tape and applied to the screen as instructed. The initial fit was almost perfect, with just a small air bubble along the border with the coloured section. But when I added the standard gel phone case it caused the screen protector to lift off very slightly all the way around, just enough to separate the seal from the screen. No amount of re-fitting of the gel case would fix this so I left it.
Then my Lifeproof case arrived, and I removed the gel case and closed the Lifeproof case, which showed that the extra thickness of this protector messes up the fit of a closed cover too. Life proof recommend removing all screen protectors, but now I have done this there is no easy storage option - I stuck mine on a glass cover of a framed picture. This protector is clearly not designed for removal and re-fitting so I have probably blown the £27 it cost me. Partly my fault for not reading the fine print about compatibility, but I have not had similar issues with other, much cheaper protectors previously.
So, if you are sure you want to keep this on your phone, have no case, or a protective case which does not encroach on the screen area at all, and do not ever intend to use a waterproof closed case, then if you are very careful when fitting this it will be perfect for you.
Covers front facing camera
Covers front facing camera, rendering it useless.
MobileFun Reply

We have checked our stock and the cut-outs are absolutely fine. It is possible you received a defective unit. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can send you a replacement.
lovely screen protector but doesn't work with my gel cover
the product is what is says, but was a bit fiddly to fit on the big screen as the supplied guide tabs intended to support it while being positioned just gave way when I tried, which meant the sticky side touched the table and picked up dust. As a result, despite using sticky tape to clean it, I have a couple of dust bumps. But the main problem is that the clear gel cover I have to protect the phone when dropped applies a slight pressure to the edge of the screen protector, which causes it to life all around the edge. So I have a dilemma, protect the screen, or the body but not both. Or else buy a new gel cover which is compatible. I'd like an assurance of compatinility before doing so.
Looked nice
Looked nice but would not stick completely to the screen. Had a floating air pocket about half the size of screen that I could not get rid of. Followed installation instructions exactly. Gave up and threw it away after one week.
Olixar iPhone 7 Plus Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector - Black
I purchased this screen protector for my son's IPhone after purchase one from another company. I have to say that is one by far is way better then the previous one. Very durable and fits end to end leaving little room for dust particles. Very impressed.
The best
Thin and very smooth to touch, you can't even tell if the phone has a screen protector on... hands down best one yet
Looks Great!
This black screen protector is one of the best screen protectors I have ever used. It makes the iPhone 7 plus (product) red edition look great! It also fits with most phone cases so you will have no problem fitting it into a extra case if necessary.
Great product!
It is definitely worth the price! You can't even tell that you have a screen protector on the phone. Definitely worth a purchase. Application is very easy, I had one little bubble on the screen, however that cleared up the next day when the glass had hardened.
Better than described Olixar products
This glass screen protector is excellent and was easy to fit. Crystal clear with no visible finger marks. I've had a number of screen protectors in last but this one beats them all hands or should I say fingers down!!!
This is an extraordinarily good screen protector.
How can a screen protector be extraordinary? Well, this is the best I’ve ever used in terms of the quality of the design and materials – the clarity is superb, the rounded edges make it look seamless and the oleophobic coating is the best I’ve ever seen or used on a screen protector (I think it’s even better than Apple’s own). Yes, it’s expensive but it trounces the likes of Spigen. Installation is easy and any bubbles not caused by dust disappear after a few hours. Finally, I have to say that the customer service from Mobile Fun was brilliant – my order arrived quickly and the after-sales care was really good too. If you’re wondering about whether to splurge on this – I can’t recommend the protector highly enough.
Awful - Overpriced
I've bought two of these now as I had to replace my first device. I find it hard to believe the 5 star reviews as neither of the screen protectors I've bought have not had bubble appear under them. Never had an issue with any other brands. Ad they're not just small bubbles either. Don't waste your money.
Looks slick on my newness phone, classy.
Fast shipping, great product looks slick on my new I phone 7 plus, fantastic product, ultra thin.
Top draw
The best screen protector I've used. Brilliant fit, that said this is a replacement after my original cracked a bit too easily for my liking
Excellent product - be careful of phone case choice
A top quality product which fits very well onto phone screen including protecting the curved edges. No air bubbles and doesn't interfere with screen performance or 3D Touch. Not compatible with all phone cases, especially those with lip protection such as Spigen Neo Hybrid. A list of compatible cases would have been very useful hence 4 star rating.
Best fitting protector I've used, but fragile
This is the best fitting protector I've used on any phone. It really does cover the entire of the front glass of the phone, including around the curved edges. It also doesn't interfere with my phone case which I thought it might

My issue with protector is, at £30 it is over priced, especially as I have already managed to crack the corner of it which is highly frustrating, and slightly surprising.
Good product; shame about quality
Impressed with how well the screen protector fit but very disappointed that there were scratches on it which have marred the experience.
Glass Screen Saver
Absolute rubbish - bubbles have appeared top and bottom of the white outline on the screen. Obviously this has never been tested on the iPhone 7 plus
Best screen protector!!!!!!
Hands down the best screen protector I've ever bought. Excellent military style quality covers the entire screen worth every penny I spent on it. Will be getting another one.
Really impressed with the product it was exactly as described and shipping was fast :) thanks
Good but not great
Very good overall, nice design, precise fit and easy installation. A small air bubble was trapped but within a day it disappeared.
Only gripe is that sometimes your touch isn't registered on the screen around the edges, i.e. when clicking a notification and then trying to go back to the app you were using from the top left corner of the screen.
Would I buy it again? Probably yes
Easily applied, but doesn't cover curved edge entirely
I purchased this product after many failed searches and was surprised to receive it only a day later. Unfortunately, it came with a small crack near the hole for the home button, but please don't allow this to stop you from ordering because it was easily applied without major air bubbles. I did, however, discover that it left a gap into which unwanted specks of dust gradually gathered; so, if you're looking for a screen protector that stops the glossy-black edge from blemishing, this isn't the one for you. The design ensures that customers don't have to sacrifice the original feel of their iPhone as it adheres well to the shape. As for the customer service, Mobile Fun promptly replied to my messages.

Overall, I would have continued to use this product had it not left the tiny gap.
Sturdy and beautiful
One of the best glass screen protector I ever tried.
It's sturdier than other glass protectors I tried but it's beautiful on the phone.
It fits the screen perfectly and is very easy to apply and the screen is as smooth as there isn't any protector at all.
It came in a very robust cardbox and it was protected with a thick plastic film.
Will buy again from Olixar.
Had so many screen covers this one is the best 10/10
You will be amazed happy and impressed
Perfect engineering
perfect fit
really impressed, fit is perfect. You wouldn't even know it was on the phone

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