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Olixar iPhone 7 Anti-Blue Light Edge To Edge Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 from Olixar has complete edge to edge screen protection, toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package, with the added bonus of limiting potentially harmful blue light rays.
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$26.53 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 13 customers

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It fits snugly. It looks stylish. It saved my screen!
This is my 2nd screen protector. I haven't found a 3D tempered glass protector that rivals this one. Smooth to the touch and I have perfect control using my phone. It's a perfect fit for my iphone 7 red and looks awesome.
Why did I buy a second? The first one sacrificed itself to save my screen when I fell onto the edge of a desk with it in my pocket.
The phone was completely unscathed! It did its job.
It protected my phone when it fell 2 days after i bought it, as it took a little corner crack,,thought it might be more resistant as it was a fall onto a soft surface, so it does the job somewhat, i guess...
Near perfect
Recommend for all. I got a small bubble which was disappointing but some it due to the case interfering with the wrap around protector. Nice and smooth finish
Easy to fit. You wouldn't even know it was there. Much better than the normal screen protector, which had a gap round the edge. Highly recommended.
Not amazing unfortunately
I wanted to like this, but it created a nasty blue tint to the screen in daylight. Also was very incompatible with my case ( evutec ballistic nylon ) the corners kept lifting.
Next it chipped at the top and when I gently tried to remove it to maybe transfer to my partners phone, it cracked all the way across.
Other than that it seemed ok. Nice fit and if you had a compatible case and could put up with the blue tint, it'd be an ok, if rather fragile protector.
Overall a great item
Overall a great item.

Easy to install, good instructions and good prep tools. No bubbles and crystal clear, screen a little sticky at first but fine after a good wipe and some usage.
The only thing that I had bother with was trying to fit my phone case over the edges of the screen protector, the case obviously made to fit without the glass protection. No fault of the screen protector though as it has more than done it's job.
Maybe the manufacturer could design and screen protector and case that fit together.
I am very satisfied with the purchase overall.
look good and perfect fit
look good and perfect fit
An excellent piece of gear
Works as advertised and a great addition to my mobile phone. Have recommended to others as the one item to be added to a phone.

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