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Olixar iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 4.4 stars from 116 customers

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This was a purchase for my wife whose original screen protector broke on installation several years ago! She is very pleased with this new type which has made her phone look almost new.
Very easy to fit without smears or bubble
I've bought several of these now. They are quick and easy to fit and I haven't ended with with any bubbles yet!
Good job
It is easily explained before you start to apply and it is a great product.
Very Good!
As well as the screen protector, the box contains all you need to clean, dry and remove any dust from the screen. Following the instructions, I was able to accurately fit the protector with no dust bumps or screen bubbles. The protector works well with no apparent loss of sensitivity to the touch screen. Very pleased!
Transparent Purchase!
Product is everything it’s meant to be. In addition despite some negative reviews by other purchasers, I found it easy to fit. I didn’t need the instructions but had I, they would have been fine.
Looks good, no bubbles or “funny” areas. Time will tell if it was actually worth the “premium” price. I recently fitted another brand of protectora on my wife’s phone and it’s a somewhat cheaper price.
Company were very easy to deal with. They responded promptly to my query re delay in delivery (Covid issues). No probs.
Quality product
I’d had an Olixar screen protector on a previous ‘phone and been very pleased with it. An excellent product well worth having.
No nonsense and even reusable to a point
I had this on my phone and then changed mind and decided to use my Lifeproof case. These don’t work well with glass protectors so I removed it. I actually stored it on the scanner glass of my printer!! A day or so later I decided to change back so I removed it from the printer, washed it with a little fairy liquid and shook it dry. Back on the phone it went. Couple of imperfections appeared but went after a day, been on there ever since and looks like a perfect installation from day one!!! Looks neat, works well with the touch screen, no complaints from me!!
It doesn't cover entire screen
Where the protector covers it seems OK but it's not really big enough
Doesn't cover entire screen
This screen protector doesn't cover the entire screen of my 6S. If you damaged around the perimeter of it you'd still need a new screen as I'm sure cracks would track underneath it. Should be 4mm wider and higher. It is very easy to fit though. Wouldn't but another due to size though
Great product
Used on iPhone 6s. Great fit.
Great product
The advert said N.Z. But after I bought the products I was told it was coming from the U.K. Not happy with that
This is my second purchase of these. Dropped new phone with the last cover on it and cracked the cover not my screen. So ordered a new one. Great service. Great products.
Quality product
When you apply it, you only get one chance to get it right, so think it through beforehand and go about it carefully.
Easy to apply... other ones I have tried go on wonky! And good price... haven’t dropped the phone yet but fingers crossed it does the job!
Top notch screen protector
Good quality quick service as my old screen saver had cracked.
Easy to follow instructions, looks so good you don't see it! Super thin - Super strongtrong
Very happy with the screen protector, its very thin, looks so good you can't see it! easy to follow instructions. Good strong packaging Very good price.
Great item. Simple to install and great feel.
Quality screen protector. Installation couldn’t be simpler, package comes with all you need presented well. Rounded edges make for a nice look and feel on the phone. Screen sensitivity is not impacted at all (as far as I can notice) and as long as it does the lob of the last one when the phone was dropped and it cracked but the screen was safe beneath, job done!!!
Best screen protector ever bought, remains after 6 months scratch free
Good quality easy to put on
One of the most affordable and easy to put screen protectors.
Super clear protection for a good price. This is the second one I bought for this phone, the previous one made its duty well and protect the phone from a nasty drop, so I have to buy a new one but I didn't have to pay for screen replacement! ;)
I bought already one in advance for my next phone which will be iPhone X but it will arrive some in the mid of January so I wanted to keep protected my old one.
Fantastic product and gives real peace of mind knowing your really expensive iPhone has protection.
A great product
This is a great product which is easy to fit, leaving no bubbles. The extra screen protection is easy to keep clean and gives me peace of mind. I would definitley recommend it.
Doesnt fit properly
Although you have the option of ordering a screen for a 6 and a 6S apparently they are both the same item. My daughter has a 6S and the screen is several millimeters too small all around.
I also ordered the same screen for a 5S (have had 2 of these) and this is a perfect fit.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Gabrielle

Unfortunately unlike the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 / 6S features a slightly curved screen around the edges. Because of this, many screen protectors have to leave a small gap around the edge, to prevent the halo effect and to stop dirt getting under the screen protector.

Hope this helps.
Borders not sticking
There's a 1cm gap on all borders that's not sticking to the display
Enhanced my old phone
Bought this for my old phone as I now have an iPhone 7plus but passed on my iPhone 6 to family member. The phone looks crystal clear with the new Olixar tempered glass screen protector with smooth curved edges. Makes the phone look new again and clear bright screen
High quality screen protector
I have had various types of screen protectors in the past. Glass is definitely the best both in terms of usability and appearance. This one is better than others I've had because of its design : it's tapered edge makes it more resistant to nicks and improves its appearance as well as the feel of the screen. It is v high quality and I wish I'd found it before now.
Great product, fast delivery, very easy to fit. Would certainly recommend.
Inadequate coverage of glass
Doesn't cover the iphone glass surface completely. I've had a previous brand and it covered the surface area better. However, I did like the installation kit that came with this.
First Class Product
I originally bought this product about a year ago to protect my new iPhone 6.
I'm glad I did, I dropped my phone recently and it landed screen down onto the pavement - the screen looked shattered. However, upon closer examination it was apparent that the Olixar Glass Screen had taken the impact and after peeling from my phone revealed that my screen was undamaged.
Hence the reason I am purchasing a replacement
Happy with product but delivery took longer than expected.
Happy with product but delivery took longer than expected.
Customer Service
I ordered the incorrect protector, sent mail to customer services and within 30 minutes had a reply stating the correct one would be sent.
The Olixar Glass Protector is simple to fit.
Love the tempered glass and it was so easy to apply. I've always had trouble applying th screen protectors in the past but this was really easy and looks awesome.
Great protection
Great value, and easily fitted. Brilliant service by mobile fun delivering when promised.
Excellent for clumsy people like me
I recently purchased this tempered glass screen protector as I had just got my phone back from being repaired (I had a cracked screen and it had cost a lot to repair) so this time I wanted to be extra careful and get this just in case. I have had it a few weeks so far and the protector has not been damaged or cracked at all, and I have dropped it a fair few times despite trying to be careful (I'm clumsy and it happens).
I would say it is definitely worth the extra few £ for this screen protector rather than a slightly cheaper one as I have had those in the past and they have had cracks in them the first time I dropped it. So all in all I would say this is a good thing to buy if you are like me and drop your phone a lot!
Great protection at a great price
Glass screen protectors are a revelation that should end the plague of shattered screens and bubbly plastic covers. This Olixar, product though requiring care in application, goes on easily, fits perfectly and clearly will do the job. It also stands out as having a good price compared to rival products with no apparent loss of quality – even the packaging is first class.
Fits very neatly on screen and virtually undetectable when in place. Doesn't seem to be any likelihood of it peeling off. Only very slight criticism is that it doesn't cover quite up to the edge so visually isn't quite as sleek as the actual phone, but that is really nit-picking. Combined with the gel back cover provides transparent tough protection while still showing off shiny pretty new phone! Just what I wanted.
Very protective
This is very easy to put on, comes with good instructions and a cleaning cloth. I bought this for my daughter's phone. She dropped it, the protector did break but the phone underneath was fine.... until she carried on using the phone WITHOUT it.... then she broke the screen and also dropped said phone in the toilet....
Have now replaced both.
Simple to use
This screen protector was amazingly simple to apply. It's cut out perfectly to fit the iPhone6s . Recommended.
Does what is says on the box
Excellent product
This is,without doubt, the best Apple device screen protector I have ever used. I have them on all the families' iPads and iPhones. Easy to apply, no air bubbles and invisible once fitted. Must have in my opinion.
Dropped my phone last week and the screen protected my phone screen. The screen protector cracked but my phone screen was left ok. Brilliant buy, well worth getting to help protect your phones
good and clear and very easy to fit
good and clear and very easy to fit and no bubbles under the glass , couldn`t be easier
Olixar Iphone6 Tempered glass screen protectoor
The delivery was very fast and once unpacked and read the instructions I found it surprisingly easy to fit and no air bubbles either . Brilliant product
Just what I needed.
Easy to apply - just make sure there is no dust about. Perfect fit and so far seems to meet all my requirements.
No Bubbles
I purchased this item for a friend after trying one on my windows phone. Works just as it does on the video so easy to apply with no bubbles and does not scratch. Very smooth to touch and with no impact on sensitivity. Awesome product
Postage was very fast...Well done again MobileZap.
Easy to fit.
Doesn't quite fill the whole screen - as if it was a one size fits all - but only a narrow edge left. Went on very easily, no bubbles and appears to be a good protection - time will tell.
Good service prompt
Prompt good service would order again
Good service prompt
Prompt good service would order again
I've ordered a phone cover for my phone and tempered glass for my boyfriend's phone from Mobilefun page. I've been very happy with the service and everything. It came by normal post very quickly. Both things were carefully packed. The tempered glass came in a very nice package.
Definitely would recommend and will order from this page again.
Brilliant screen protecter
Brilliant screen protecter saves your phone screen from breaking if dropped very easy to apply
Best so far
This is the third tempered glass screen protector I've tried and in my opinion the best so far, having used it for a few weeks now.

It doesn't go right to the edge of the screen but I found this a good thing as one product I'd tried before got caught and damaged taking my phone in and out of my pocket. I found the kit for cleaning the screen to be good and the protector was easy to apply with no marks or annoying bubbles.
Happy customer
Excellent product easy to apply, and arrived on time. Many thanks.
Happy customer
Excellent product easy to apply, and arrived on time. Many thanks.
Great product
Really good screen protector really easy to apply instructions really clear good site x
The application was really easy, no bubbles whatsoever. U have to make sure u aline it pearfectly, as it sticks to the screen straight away. It doesn't cover the entire screen, but if u also have a case, then the uncovered part is not very likely to touch the floor and smash. The clarity is 100%, feels just like glass. I've dropped my phone a few times, and nothing has happened to it yet.
Very good
Very good product and very easy to install. This is the second one that I have, and I don't give it 5 starts because they can break maybe a bit easier than I would like. Then again, its much better to break this than the screen.
Cleaning cloth is a bit fluffy!
The screen protector goes on nice and easily, albeit I feel it could be a mil or two wider as the gap around the edge is quite significant.

Only real issue is the drying cloth they provide is not brilliant as it leaves behind a lot of fluff! Not great when you're trying to clean the screen ready to put the protector on.

Have bought three now though and they've all been great.
Screen Protector
Not as easy to fit as it sounds however my previous protector needed replacing and therefore opted for the tempered glass type to see if more robust than before. I was surprised how easy it was to fit without leaving any air trapped between the phone screen and protector - good product and well designed.
A good buy
having bought screen shield for other phones I actually expected to have hassle fitting this screen protector on so was pleasantly surprised when it fitted correctly straight away. Easy to fit and doing the job. A good one. Another good purchase from Mobile Fun.
Glass screen protector
For what seems to be years I have tried to protect my iPones with a plastic screen, It has always been difficult to get the air bubbles out when applying them and usually they don't last long before giving up at the edges. This time I thought I would try a glass screen, it's amazing - so easy to apply and no sign of any bubbles. Was so impressed that immediately ordered one for my iPad.
perfect, easy to apply and does what it says
If you follow the instructions its very easy to apply, comes complete with total cleaning kit so once applied phone looks like new.
Would recommend
The product was very quick to arrive & reasonably easy to put on my phone. It looks and feels nice and I would definitely recommend it.
Quick delivery, easy to apply
Speedy delivery of product. Easy to apply. Feel safer having this on! The sensitivity of the touch pad is slightly reduced but I'm getting used to it!!
Brilliant product
The protective cover is perfect for my iPhone 6s - sites like a glove
I have had the screen on for a week and dropped my phone. picking it up I discovered a crack on the screen. she surface it landed on was lino and was only from just below waist height.
not impressed
I have had the screen on for a week and dropped my phone. picking it up I discovered a crack on the screen. she surface it landed on was lino and was only from just below waist height.
not impressed
Thank you I am very satisfied with this item.
Thank you I am very satisfied with this item.
this protector is brilliant! The clarity is superb and as good as the iPhones original screen, but the protection is where it really stands out. I regularly leave my phone and my keys in the same pocket and the Olixar screen protector has guarded my screen perfectly and what's more the glass protector itself hasn't even scratched yet. I haven't dropped my phone yet thankfully so I can't comment that much on that area, but the ocasional bump against the table etc has been fine. Overall a top quality protector that will guard your phone well. It is a little smaller than I would have liked but I guess that's because of the sloping edges of the iphone so can't be avoided.
Protector completely flat unlike iPhone 6s so air around edge
Shame, the design needs work.
Glass works very well with phone , gives really good protection
Glass works very well with phone , gives really good protection for phone yet you hardly notice it's there ! Highly recommended !!! 5 star
Not sure how long it's going to last
Nicely packaged, easy to apply and get correctly aligned - if you take your time. It doesn't go all the way to the edge of the screen; at first I thought it was a error, and I'd been sent a screen for a 5. However, other reviews suggest this is how it's designed. Only concern is how long it's going to last... as taking it in and out of my pocket (quite normal for a phone!) has caused one of the corners to raise. I don't think this was caused by how it was applied - more of potential fault. That said, if it becomes annoying, I'll get another one.
Essential protection
Definitely the best screen protector. I've ever had and an essential accessory for your phone. Accidents do happen so it's well worth investing in a top quality product. You can hardly tell that it's there as it does not inhibit use but you can at least feel confident that you are safeguarding against scratches, knocks etc. Really impressed and would highly recommend
Nice product and fast delivery
It is a great product, that was easy to put on, and didn't make all the anorying bubles that the thin film does.
It came 3 days after I ordred it, so that was pretty fast.
Good Product
Very happy with product. only brand new so dont know how it will stand up but so far so good!
Good Product
Very happy with product. only brand new so dont know how it will stand up but so far so good!
Quality screen protector
Certainly appears to be a quality screen cover. However, for the i-phone 6 I thought the actual cover was a little short for the phone & it also covers the camera aperture, but that hasnt been a problem.
A neat essential
this glass protector does not bend and follow the contours of the iPhone but it fits the screen perfectly. Take care to practice fitting it and when ready find a dust free place and make sure that protector is smoothed on from middle outward and ensure that all sides are well secured. It is well worth spending 10 minutes or so doing that with the warmth of your finger and no harm to run down the edges again every few days. Very good feel of the screen and no problems with responses from any of the apps. I expect that it will last as long as the iPhone.
Great Protection
Bought this for my new iphone 6. A week later I dropped onto concrete from 4 ft high (Or it slipped out of hand and "threw" onto concrete). Phone landed on the screen face and skidded about 6 ft, I assumed I had a write-off - but picked it up and no - not even a scratch on the protector.
Very pleased
Had a power support screen protector for my iPhone, but had a few scratches after nearly a years use. Had done a good job of protecting my screen, so was thinking of putting on a new one as it was easy to apply and no problem with air bubbles. My brother had recommended using a glass screen protector, so seeing olixar glass screen protector on offer at mobilefun, decided to give it a try.
Very pleased with the results, it was easy to apply and get rid of air bubbles. Does not make the phone look bulky. Very pleased with it.
Easy instal
Easy instal screen still reactive ,have not dropped phone yet so will reserve judgment for now!
Glass screen protector
I am very pleased with this item was not too sure as I have always used normal screen protectors but this is far better & no bubbles at all fantastic smooth to use
Great product superb clarity
Have tried many screen protectors in the past , but this product is by far the best. Easy to fit and the clarity is superb. If you are looking for a first class screen protector look no further.
Deceiving !!
I love this protector!!! I have to admit that when I removed it and was applying it to my phone I did look a number of times to make sure I had the correct but as previous screen protectors I have bought have been flexible (and a darn sight more expensive than this !) but I cannot believe how thin and natural it feels, better than the screen itself
Hard to see
This was easy to apply and no bubbles. It is robust. It fit under the Otter Box I bought at the same time. It looks good and the touchscreen works fine through it. The controls are not covered so all work still, including fingerprint reader. My previous one was great and cracked on a drop onto stones, but the iPhone was good as new. This was a replacement purchase. I'll get another one if I have another iPhone accident.
A fantastic screen protectoe
Whilst this screen protector may seem expensive it provides very good protection of your phone screen whilst still allowing accurate use of the touch screen
It does not fit to the very edge of the screen but I find this a benefit as it allows a case to clip on to the phone around the edge of the screen
I would highly recommend this item
Not a perfect fit
The screen protector is about 1mm to short to cover the entire screen perfectly. It doesn't really make a difference, the screen is still well protected. But, what can I say? I'm a perfectionist!
Glass screen protector
Easy to put on, no bubbles, looks great and effective.
Glass screen protector
Easy to put on, no bubbles, looks great and effective.
Best screen protector I've used
Have had smartphones for years now and have use many screen protectors. This by far the best - no bubbles and easy to apply. I feel that the screen is well protected and your finger glides very easily with no resistance. Bought a second one for a family member.
Not bad
Quite difficult to fit squarley, small fingers would be easier! Shame the screen doesn't integrate better with the case I purchased - more advice about which case complements which screen protector would help!
trash don't bother
absolute trash, cracked straight through on the second day of light use, gone back to using normal screen protectors now.
Protection & Looks all in 1
This tempered glass screen protector is fantastic value for money. Offering great protection and enhancing the look of your device. Highly Recommended
Worth the expense!
Having always used thinner plastic screen protectors at a 10th of the price of this tempered glass one, I was a little dubious but it is well worth the expense. I've now put these MFX protectors on a 5s and a 6 and they've been very easy to apply with no bubbles remaining. Slightly more noticeable to the touch than a plastic one but you soon get used to it.

1 thing to note about the ipone 6 version: it's not the same shape as the picture on the website and it covers the front camera lens but does not noticeably reduce the photo or video quality. Still an excellent product.
A bit expensive considering
it doesn't cover the all the glass on the phone so I don't know if it will work , I got one on my iPhone 5s (tempered glass screen cover) it coverd all the screen to the edge and when the phone was dropped the glass cover completely shattered but my screen never had a scratch on it so I don't see how this would have the same protection when there is a 2 mil gap all round the screen . Ps iPhone 5s cover was only 7 pounds aswell
MobileFun Reply
Hi Niki

Due to the nature of the slight curve featured on the bezel of the iPhone 6, the screen protector covers just the flat part of the screen to ensure the screen protector doesn't peel away at the edge, preventing it becoming dislodged from the di
Great product
I brought this glass screen protector as with my old iPhone I was constantly replacing the plastic ones down to the job I do. Construction industry. It's great, no scratches, and also a lot easier to put on the screen than flimsy plastic ones.
Quality Screen
The screen protector fits well and doesn't effect the responsiveness of use. It's not as the picture but that is because the iPhone 6 has curved edges. All in all happy to recommend it.
iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector
I bought this Glass Screen Protector for my niece. Fitting was simple and it looks great on the phone, I am very pleased with this product.
Good but a bit thick
Nice product, as described. However, It takes away that smoothness feeling when you swipe your finger across the curved edges of the screen as it is a bit thick. As it is made of glass, it is easier to apply than normal film and leaves fewer, if any, bubbles. Completely clear but prone to fingerprint smudging.
Just what I needed
Good quality, easy to fit and nice and smooth. Very happy
Bubble free
This glass cover is perfect at a cheep cost but does not lack any quality
Comesa alcohol whipe and tape to get dust off.
It fits perfect
Just keep in mind it only covers the flat part of the screen
One bad point it does pick up finger prints and grease marks
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