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Olixar iPhone 6 Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your iPhone 6's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 5-in-1 pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48050
$10.61 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 21 customers

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It protects your screen!
These do the job, not marvellous but if you fitted enough you'd probably get one on with no imperfections eventually!
Good service from Mobile Fun.
Goes on with ease
Does what it says on the pack, easy to put on
Product and service
Product was good the on line purchase was simple and the delivery was quick and reliable
Terrible Product
I have to say, I was simply unable to apply this product. It was meant to have two removable layers, but all of mine seemed to have only one. So having applied it to my phone, I then went on to try and remove the second layer, only to find it pulled the protector from my screen altogether.
These were useless - there was hardly any "stick" on them and they didn't adhere properly despite following the instructions. I tried 3 and then abandoned the effort.
Excellent service great website and products are genuine and great value for money,
I think that this screen protector is a little too narrow. Moreover all ok.
Rekommend 100%
Easyish to fit and protects the face, but can get marked easily and does not heal itself but works
Does what it says on the tin, well packet
Good quality screen protector that's easy to install
Thin and Good
It is thin layer on the screen almost invisible however I would expect it match the dimensions of the phone. It sems a bit short. Anyway I like it.
Happy purchaser
Very happy with this purchase and the speedy delivery
Happy with Purchase
my purchase I am more than happy with
happy with my purchase
More than happy with my purchase
Poor - very reflective
Very reflective and the fit does not cover entire screen.
Shows finger marks.
One big drawback
The protector film does add an extra layer of protection against everyday knocks and scratches but there is a big drawback. The adhesive that attaches the tab used to position the film on the phone screen is almost impossible to remove once the film is in place.
I used these for my Nexus 4 with no complaints, so I thought it a safe bet to buy the iPhone 6 version.

The protecters are perfectly cut to size, and fit neatly around the menu key. However due to sloppy manufacturing, the punched out hole centre from the camera hole remains partially attached. First attempt - it got caught between the screen and the protector wrecking the finish. Second time around, the protector stuck neatly and firmly in place with no bubbles and no worry that it would peel off with use.

After just a week of use (nothing more taxing than moving between my pocket and desk each day) it is a mess. Its covered in tiny scratches because it so soft, but by far the biggest problem is the grease. Its impossible to clean - every single fingerprint sticks to it forever and no amount of rubbing with a micro-fibre cloth will shift it, its like its absorbed in. The whole screen has a permeant bloom on it, like a fog. Admittedly you can't see it when the screen on, but looks horrible.

If you value how you iPhone looks. Hit back and keep looking.
Very good screen protection
These screen protectors are excellent. As with other screen protectors you do need to be careful when putting on one of these but they are superb and hard-wearing. I will buy them again when I need to but my first protector from the pack is still perfect.

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