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Olixar inVent Universal Phone Vent In Car Holder Reviews

Keep your phone close at hand and safely in view while driving with the Olixar inVent Universal Phone Air Vent Holder.
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 4 stars from 915 customers

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Sturdy & supportive!
Fits into the vent and stays on perfectly, bottom abit stiff to turn at first but eases and remains in place when driving. Phone case fits in perfectly and rotates without a problem. Locks and unlocks at the side enabling the phone to slip out while it still remains firm in the air vent.
Had together a friend, who also has one,to fix it to my vent as it wasn't immediately to do so and there were no instructions. The phone slides off it too much. Sorry I cannot recommend this product
Please don't assume that it's easy to attach. Some instructions within the packaging would be helpful.
It's not very sturdy
MobileFun Reply
Hi Maggie,

Sorry to hear about your problems with this product.

There is a video on this products page showing how to use it.
If you have any further problems, please contact our customer services.
Great item
Much better than the windscreen holder. Holds phone still and secure. Great price.
great product
This is so easy to use and well thought of device.
Not really suitable for some vent designs
Decent product but perhaps would be more adaptable if different size fittings for various types of ventilation grills were available!
Great product
This phone holder is very easy to install. It securely holds the phone with the vent. It also has the mechanism to rotate the phone which is very useful.
Perfect positioning
Having shopped around, I think this provides the best position and height for map navigation. I like that it rotates and tilts using a ball joint and does not use magnets which can mess with your phones electronics. Easily attached and detached. It's a little bulky to put away and the phone grip is a little cheap, but then it's a cheap product and couldn't see anything better on the market for even twice the price. Have used it on a few journeys now and it functions well enough without falling out. Does not obstruct any of my controls as the support bracket holds it away from the vent.
Cheap, simple, easy to install!
Holds first place for me
It is easy to fit and holds very steady. I wanted a vent mounted holder so that I could keep my phone cool as it tends to warm up when connected to usb socket in car.
It is fit for the purpose
I have been looking for a suitable car mobile phone holder. I bought few from the reputable shops but they soon breakdown or could not stick. Being skeptable I watched the video and convinced that it might work and it did what it said. It is very cleverly produced for a reasonable price. I shall recommend for anyone wants to try.
works as desired
This item works really well and does exactly as it is supposed to.
Great - but not for a Ford Fiesta 64 plate
Works well on other family members cars - but not on my car!
The dash board air vent angles away from the driver by more than the rotating base of the holder - great for the passenger but not so good for the driver. The driver side air vent is hidden by and is too close to the steering wheel.
I thought it wouldnt fit but it a fantastic little support
What a great device. I was looking for something that you did not have to stick to your windscreen. When I received the device I was a bit apprehensive weather it would fit in my air vents as mine are quite rounded, and very different to a standard care vent structure.

After a bit of readjustment it fit! Love it. Plus you can dismantle easy and store away when I have finished using it.

Love it, Happy with it. Rotates very easy without the mobile phone dropping from the grips. Very steady too.

I would recommend this item to family and friends.
I ordered the phone vent car holder for me to go in our car and my husband loved it so much he's now got it for his van so I've now got to order another one!!! So what can I say - a great little device!!
Ideal for Sat Nav use
Fits easily into a vent and holds the phone securely. It rattles when the phone is not in it, but that's no big deal!
in car h
grt item
It does the job
Very happy with this on an Audi TT with iPhone 6 large. But there were no fitting instructions (that said it is common sense)... and it is a little fragile/rattley when cornering hard or on uneven road surfaces... but it works fine and very happy with it
Well designed
It's a tight fit for bigger phones so check the dimensions per the description before you buy.

Works as promised and feels very secure.
An okay product
The way it fits to the vent is good, the way the phone fits the holder is okay but could be better, once in it holds the phone and doesn't vibrate as much as the window sticker type holders, if I needed another I would still buy this again
Well made product which does the job
Well made product which does the job. I would have liked a little more width in the jaws as I have a big phone.
Good value for money phone holder
Came across this after searching various suppliers. Wanted something with a little bit of style but also some strength as previous ones have been cheap plastic hooks that break easily. This one fits the bill perfectly and would recommend to anyone. Also very reasonable price and with very quick free postage included I couldn't have found a better deal.
Good value
I needed a phone holder to go in my new Hyundai i30 This one fits the bill it was easy to fit into the vent ,holds the phone securely. It does exactly what it says it does on the tin
Very useful.
The Olixar inVent Universal Phone Vent In Car Holder has proved to be very useful for my husband as he goes about his job of work. As he sometimes changes vehicle multiple times in a day, he can move the holder from one vehicle to the next with ease. It has proven to be a great compliment to his portable handsfree kit.
Solved the problem of where to put the mobile phone or sat nav in the car
Excellent product. Solved the problem of where to put the mobile phone or sat nav in the car. Unbelievably cheap price for what you get. Even can be used as a photograph frame. There is the choice of a desktop phone holder or to fit onto the window screen with a long flexible arm. I use the air vent adapter to plug into the air vents. A word of warning. When you have pushed the adapter prongs through the slots of the air vent, it is nearly impossible to take the phone holder off again. The first one that I bought I broke the prongs and had to buy another. The prongs are the weak part of a strong construction. I liked the way you press a button and the phone grippers open to a generous amount to take many sizes of equipment. In short, a clever well thought out gadget for a fiver. What not to like.
Functions as advertised
Seems stable enough, has good articulation, and doesn't obstruct cables. Vent mount allows positioning closer to car charger and driver than window or dash mount.
Great product
This holds the iphone in just the right place in our DS4 to enable use as satnav - power lead connects without any difficulty.
Clips in to the vent easily and firmly and holds the phone at the angle required for easy viewing. No rattles, no problem - its a great product.
Item didn't fit
Brought the item after reading the reviews saying fits the majority of cars, but not a vauxhall astra. The bar that hooks onto the back of the vent was too long and didn't do the job at all.... Gutted!
Just What the Doctor Ordered!
I needed a mobile holder for my large Motorola Moto X Style and this fitted the bill perfectly. It is genuinely simple to put together and fitted in seconds. Though it sits loose when not in use, it does not flap around as some reviews have suggested. When the phone is inserted it feels solid and can be easily positioned to any angle. The edges of the holder that hold the phone have a rubberised cover to prevent damage to phones.

I have a VW Golf and when attached to the air vents in seconds provides a convenient position for the phone allowing easy use but in an unobtrusive position.

I am very happy with this product.
Value for money
I have a lumia 640 in a silicone case which makes my phone 6mm under the maximum width for the holder. Unfortunately with the case on it makes it difficult to insert the phone into the holder. I would recommend this holder for a narrower phone
I bought an in vent mobile phone holder. It is just what I required, as my mobile is a big one and other holders don't open wide enough to hold my phone. I have already used it on a number of occasions, as I find Google maps easier to use than sat nav.

Thanks for prompt attention,
The device appears to be well thought out, but no matter where I placed it, on a smaller or larger vent, up high or lower. It would slide and twist.
There was no stable position.
Once the phone was put in , it did not settle, any turn in the car would have it move and wobble at times. Turning the phone from portrait to landscape would sometimes move the whole device with it.
Occasionally when touching the screen the holder would move sideways, it was just a mess at times.
Too dangerous to use while driving.
Avoid. Sigh.
Olixar invent universal phone car holder
Was looking for a car holder for my new phone and saw the Olixar invent universal car holder which was priced reasonably and even better had a 10% discount voucher to use so made the purchess when it arrived I was very keen to get it set up and though it took me a little while to work out how once set up have been very satisfied and have to hesitation in reccommending it a first class purchess
Good, stable mounting
I had a similar bracket for a previous phone. The attachment to the air vent and the lower legs is nice and stable (actually better than the old one, despite the similar design).

The phone grip is secure and the back plate includes a foam pad so you don't get any annoying vibrations while driving.

The only negative is that the locking mechanism on the width adjustment tends to slip to easily when inserting/removing the phone so you have to readjust the width frequently.
Versatile and Sturdy
Would recommend. Haven't used it for long so can't speak to its longevity, but it seems like it will last.
quite good
Does the job.Pity the bottom clip doesn,t rotate.It only fits onto vertical slats.My vents have horizontal slats,like every other car I have looked at,so the bottom clip just hangs in space,which lets it flop round a bit.
Rubbish threw in Bin
Gave it one star because I couldn't give it zero
UP /Down Vents on car USELESS with this swun side to side on every corner phone and clamp too heavy for fixturs

wasn't cheap but should have been
Worse Unit
I bought this car mount holder for LG G4 and I don't use a case and it keeps falling off. Also, My wife has an iPhone 6s Plus and it can badly go in there. Therefore, I would not buy this for an LG G4 or iPhone 6S Plus.

I haven't been able to use it since I bought it. This is really crap for the price when there are better holders out there for the same price.
As advertised did the job
Fits fine holds the phone safe no problems thanks
SatNav safety position
Provides hands free access for mobile too.
decent product
This product works great, provided the measurements fit your car's vent system. It does flop around slightly, but not enough to send the phone falling, as some buyers complain. I use it for an Ipod, and it makes it easy to see which track is playing, and easy to manage playback controls. It was well worth the money.
Great product which keeps the iPhone close by but does not obstruct vision.
With the 6s plus it is a tight fit but no concerns with it falling out. Yes, I would suggest your product to a friend.
Excellent Engineering; Essentially Perfect
My two other car vent GPS holders are difficult to uninstall. No such problem with the Olixar Invent Car Holder. The spring attachment mechanism is easily removed for out of sight storage or transfer to another car. The holder itself expands to carefully and firmly hold my Moto E (2nd Gen) smartphone. The side holding bars do not interfere with the on/off switch or volume up/down bar. There is a “gap” in the bottom support bar for the smartphone power cord. I have just two minor criticisms. I would have preferred some rudimentary instructions. The unit comes pre-positioned for attachment to vertical air flow vent vanes. You need a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw to gently rotate the attachment arm into the horizontal position and then snug up the screw. Secondly, the side holding arms are very stiff so care must be taken when pulling them open to accommodate a wider smartphone. Once properly sized, the Olixar unit holds the cell phone firmly in place but still allows the phone to be easily slipped out when leaving the car. Overall, an excellent product at a very fair price.
decent product
This product may not work with all makes and models, but it did work well in our car. It did not flop around as other customers complain about, and it did hold my Ipod classic securely in place. Plus, the purchase price made it a low risk experiment. I'm glad that I got it, cause now I'm gonna hang onto it, and it'll make our media center in the car more useful.
Don't trust first impressions!
When I took this out of the box I have to admit I was a little worried. It seemed very floppy and I could not see how it was going to be firm enough to hold a phone properly. We have a Fiat Panda, whose vents are curved in two dimensions and really not easy to fix anything to. I eventually managed to fix the holder into the small side window vent on the right hand side of the dash and even then it still seemed very loose. However, as soon as you put a phone into it, it somehow manages to become very stable! I still do not fully understand it but it works brilliantly. The location is also good - right next to your right hand (so you can make the occasional screen tap - when you are stationary!) and it is not so low that you have to move your eyes a long way off the windscreen. I bought a dash holder because an AA man told me that it is illegal to have anything attached to your windscreen within the sweep area of the wipers.
not good enough
It is A good designed phone holder. But for smaller phones only.
It can not hold A bigger phone like Samsung Galaxy note.
it's useless to me.
You get what you pay for
This mobile phone holder kind of does what its supposed to but its not very good. It doesn't hold my phone straight (Sony Xperia Z2) and annoyingly the holder comes in two parts and the front part that the phone sits in doesn't connect securely to the part that connects to the car aircon. So if you go over any big bumps or around a sharp corner it can come apart and fall off. I might try superglueing the two parts together so this doesn't happen. In hindsight if I knew there was a more reliable holder that would definitely fit my phone and car I would have paid more for it, but I wasn't sure if it would fit my car or phone so didn't want to spend too much on it.
Very nice
Very good at holding phone, would buy from them again.
Absolute rubbish
This item is the only item that I have bought from Mobilfun that has turned out to be a load of rubbish. It is so flimsy that it rattles when no instrument is inserted and then when one is placed, it just flops down and is not viewable. The retaining spring is so weak that it is incapable of staying in place. Definetly a dustbin job.
Great cell phone holder
Shipping was very quick and reasonable. The Olixar In Vent Phone Holder works great on my wife's iPhone 6S and also on my iPhone 5 with an Otter box cover. The holder fits nicely in the vent of my wife's 2014 GMC Acadia. I would highly recommend the holder. I'm going to order one as a gift for myself.
Doesnt work on my vents
Had high expectations and was so disappointed
Didnt hold onto the vent
It Really Works
I've tried several phone holders in the past but this one really works holding the phone in an ideal accessable and visible position.
It's easy to install and remove if necessary and very simple to fit and remove my phone.
Excellent product
Very good product, well described as per product specification. The price is very competitive.
I'd given up finding something like this
This is a doodle to fit (and remove) from any ventilation grille and holds the phone firmly. Being offset from the grille means you don't cook your phone when you have the heating on as well. Very easy to adjust the orientation of the device to suit how is best for you. It comes at a good price and is fitted in a moment so what's not to like?
A good idea
Having read all the reviews, I decided to buy this product. It looked exactly what I was looking for. Noooooo, It slipped all over the place, even though I had tightened the "wheel" Neither will it hold the phone in place (Galaxy 5S)for any length of time. Go round a tight corner or stop suddenly and out it pops. I do think it is a good device....for smaller phones
Was good idea
I have been looking everywhere for something like this.I have a Galaxy S5 with cover. The arms don't seem strong enough or deep enough to hold the phone I place. They keep sliding apart or the phone just falls out. I have horizontal vents, which I thought would have been ideal for the holder. The idea is a good one, just not for me.
Will keep using this company though as service is really good
car mobile holder
Very disappointed, will not fit into air vent on a landcruiser
Good product
Good product
Poor design
Whilst the holder's vent attachment mechanism is quite clever, the arms for the phone are not.

The arms that hold the phone in place are ratcheted to allow for different sized phones, but this easily undoes letting the phone fall out. Additionally the shaping of the arms means they don't hold a phone with a case very well as they don't allow for an appropriate depth.
Very handy, but ....
Not very suitable for the Fiat 500L. There is no usable position where it does not interfere with the car's controls. However, if you can find a place for it in your car, I'd recommend you give it some serious thought. It is well made and very easy to use, but check the measurements first. I'm hanging on to mine, it will become useful in the future.
Not for a HTC one M8
My phone keeps falling out of it, its not for a htc one m8
OK if suitable for your vehicle
Product not suitable for a Porsche 911 air vent as they slope inward. I was however able to use the phone cradle & ball joint part of it (it un-screws)on a home made bracket.
Best vent style holder I've had.
I have tried a few vent style phone holders and I think this is the best one I've had. My iphone 6 with a Spigen case fitted fits fine. It holds the phone quite steady without it wobbling around or falling off of the vent.
It's ok
The product does not fit in my vent properly and wiggles a lot when driving. It fits any phone great just think it could be better clipped to the vents. Sorry I could not give a 5 on review but it wiggles too much.
Excellent product easy to use.
Good product fast delivery
Great stuff n fun to buy on mobilefun.co.uk
Great stuff n fun to buy on mobilefun.co.uk.really impressed with the stuff.
Good compromise
Solid enough to replace a windscreen holder so phone is not in the eye line. Previous vent ones were not.
Super Phone Holder
Great sturdy mount which keeps your device within reach. Easy to fit and adjust, took 2 mins. Fully adjustable to different angles and locks the handset securely in place. Keeps the windscreen area clear and doesn't drop off or leave horrible marks. Fantastic buy - really pleased.
Great sturdy mount
Great sturdy mount which keeps your device within reach. Easy to fit and adjust, took 2 mins. Fully adjustable to different angles and locks the handset securely in place. Keeps the windscreen area clear and doesn't drop off or leave horrible marks. Fantastic buy - really pleased.
Excellent does what it claims
I have bought other such devices in the past and all have been poor quality and flopped about. This product is excellent and does what it claims
Great buy
Bought this to hold my mobile whilst using the maps app.It comes in two parts which slot together easily and securley. Was worried because my mobile is a bit on the large size but you easily adjust the size and the lock it around the phone. The holder fits easily into the vent and once you have it at the correct angle you just lock it - simply brilliant. It also a nice design, not bulky enough to get in the way. Price wise? I think this is an absolute steal! Well pleased.
Excellant product easy to uee.
Very versatile can be used any phone..
great holder
Brilliant produced nice and strong and very easy to put together
spot on
V happy with purchase,and delivery,works ok with my Lumia 925,and on my fabia vent
Phone holder holds pride of place
The phone holder allows the phone to be my sat nav and my dash cam as well as a phone.
It holds the phone high enough to see over the dash for filming but is also in my line of sight for sat nav use. The hook that fixes the unit to the vent was a little too wide to fit my vent gap easily but a slight squeeze with a pair of pliers narrowed the size of the hook and now it works well. Apart from this I am very pleased with the purchase.
Wow. Complicated!
I've never been the most technical of people but how hard can it be to fit a simple phone holder? Not simple enough! And the instructions were almost zilch. But it looks great!
2015 Ford Kuga
I was a little concerned that I would not be able to find a suitable mounting point in my 2015 Ford Kuga, but after a little trial and error I found one.
Feels quite well built and holds my iPhone 5 in place really well.
Adaptable to most vents I would imagine but can be fiddly to get into a sturdy position. Good for occasional rather than continuous every day use in my opinion. Having said that, for the price, it meets my needs.
I wouldn't bother
Nothing inherently "wrong" with this product, just not worth the money. We purchased thinking that the stabilising bar would be good, but waste of time. Postage time was good.
Doesn't work on round vents. Very cheaply made.
Not quite up to the job
7 months use.
This fits the vertical vents on my car and the fitting is solid. The item is reasonably well built and hasn't broken.

However for the iphone 6 Plus (with the Apple thin case) the holder is only just wide enough. It's a tight squeeze even at the widest setting. Without the case it's better however nobody is going to remove the case every time.

The locking mechanism for the jaws isn't very effective. It keeps unlocking and the jaws move around. A slight irritation.

However the major issue are the two supports at the bottom of the holder. They hold the phone and stop sliding out BUT they obscure the earphone socket - therefore I can't plug in the cable to connect to my car. It can be done by moving the jaws across to the left as far as possible and then I can get to the socket however it's all unbalanced to the left and tilts over.

Ultimately it's ok, just about does the job. But just isn't quite well enough designed. (For my phone).
Vent phone holder
I have an LG Vigor & a Chevy Avalanche. This would be a great item except for the fact that I have no stationary vents, mine all adjust side to side which cases the phone to swing back & forth. I had to stick a pack of matches in the side of the vent to prevent this. Also the phone seems too heavy to stay in a locked position up & down. My phone barely fits this unit & I have a small phone compared to most smart phones these days.
Useless if youve got vertical vents
Its completely useless on vertical vents, it slides down with the weight of my phone, then the holder & phone swing from side to side even under gentle cornering.
OK for the money
Not the best holder in my opinion, it has fitted into my vent but if I did not have a spare cup holder to support the arm it would flop down - it does adjust wide enough for my phone though and I cannot remove it easily so it will stay where it is.
Great piece of kit
The main requirement was to find a phone holder that would put the phone in a position that was stable, easily visible and did not fall off the dashboard. I have a VW Golf, this holder fitted into my right side vents and does exactly what I want. I gave my Daughter the first one I purchased, she has a Citroen Picasso and is fine for her.
Good buy
A good product which matches the positive reviews. Only 2 issues 1. Not clear that the rod which attaches to the vents can be turned if some considerable force is used. 2. I don't enjoy having cold hands because the vents have to remain open and directed forwards when device in use.
Could do better
I bought 2 of these items for our Lexus and Peugeot, it fitted neither of the cars, one the vent clips on both were facing strange angles and you need a micro screwdriver to adjust the clip, overall not impressed.
Good product, not ideal off-road.
Works well with good road conditions, on unsealed / off road is a little unstable with weight of phone (although phone holder managed to hang onto phone). Spring loaded clip works brilliantly, but possibly would be a little more stable with 2 such clips. Holder is adjustable, but need to remove phone case for best results (can be a bit tedious).
Just start use
Last week got product, price is ok, I use it for my iPhone 6 plus, because my phone with case, so when slid in and out very hard, the design should bit wide adjustment .
Works pretty well
Easy to fit in the car and adjusts very easily. Holds my phone well and in a more useful and safer to use position than my stick on the window holder. Only thing for me that stops it being 5 stars is that I have an HTC One M8 in a cover and it only just fits in. So do make sure your phone (and case) isn't more than 80mm wide.
Phone Vent incar holder
Excellent gadget, fits nicely into the air vent, have used it for both iphone maps and hands free.
looking to purchase a bespoke iphone cover as the service from mobile fun was so good.
No good for our Qashqai
After seeing a comment that this would fit the Qashqai. I went ahead to purchase this. It is a well built product and the service delivery from MobileFun excellent. However it does not fit, so will see if it will fit our sons car or rather than paying postage back will give to a Charity Shop. Hence the three stars given.
Excellent Service
Good product, easy ordering, delivered on time, excellent service
great Product!
I ordered the invent universal phone in car holder and it arrived in a few days
well packed.the product is well made and is sturdy in my air vent in my car and fits my iPhone 5
Great Product
A great purchase. I have tried several different phone holders that clip onto the vent grill, and do far they have left me a little disappointed. This , however, has a secure fit and holds fast, even with the weight of my over sized Note 3. The only quibble I have is it's size. Although it said on the item page that it fits my phone, it's a real squeeze. Maybe it will give a little after some use. All in all though, it's a great product, as have all my purchases from Mobile Fun.
Great product
I saw this before on mobile fun and I couldn't wait for it to come up again . Soon as it did I had to buy it ,and I glad I did best phone holder ever and St a great price , Thankyou mobile fun . Recommend..
universal vent holder
Brilliant device, fitted easily. holds the 920 plus its otterbox protective case. would recommend this holder.
grand job
Good for the small amount you pay for it...does exactly what it says on the tin..
Not Convinced
Bought this for my Dad who's 88 and is the proud owner of a new iphone for his birthday.

I didn't fit it for him, just left him to put it into his Skoda Octavia. Came back a few days later and it was sitting on the passenger seat as he'd not managed it.

To be fair I struggled to get it to attach securely to the air vent and am still not convinced it will bear the weight of the phone, particularly if the going gets rough.

At least it expands to fit most phone sizes and grips his well.

Time will tell.
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