Olixar inVent Mini Portable Universal Air Vent Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

A superb portable car mount for almost all smartphones, attaching to any vehicle air vent and holding your phone steady and in clear view. It also acts as a viewing stand. Compact and weighing next to nothing, you can take this with you anywhere.
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Simple and functional.
I have this fitted to the centre vent on my VW Golf and it sits perfectly in my eyeline when using the Satnav app on my iPhone in portrait mode. I haven't tried it in landscape as it would obscure too much of both vents and possibly overheat the phone especially if it was plugged in.
Fitting is very simple and if you line up the vertical and horizontal vanes in the vent when fitting you still retain some small amount of directional control of the air outlet (if required). The phone can be removed one handed from the holder (if you are reasonably dexterous) but I recommend using both hands when fitting to ensure a good tight fit. The phone is held snugly in the clamp and when pushed in fully does not move around even on rough terrain.
This is a well made, simple little clamp and so far has performed as advertised.
Good buy
Perfect. Just as advertised and exactly what I wanted
Great compact phone car vent holder
Had to replace my APPLE, phone holder, as it was not big enough from my new phone. This is great and good value, a little tigth to get in and out due to my case size, but is working looser, deffo buy again
Beware this is not suitable for all cars
Doesn't suit the X Type Jaguar. The dashboard overhang means the holder can only be fitted horizontally.
Easy to use
Good product very simple to use.
Neat piece of kit
Glad I read the What Car review
Really good and simple to use . Why its in what Cars top 3.
Just what I wanted
This is a great tool and just what I needed for the car without having to fork out lots of money. Thank you.
Car mobile holder
Simple to fit and use and takes seconds to fit your phone into.
It just works!
Best little gadget..... fits perfectly..... phone secure and very neat yet strong. I have had other bulky holders but this is the best yet.
It does what it says
This is my 2nd time of purchasing this smartphone holder from Olixar inVent. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is a few years old now, and it fits and holds my phone either in portrait or landscape position very well. I prefer this type of car holder as it's minimum fuss and clutter in the car. Price is comparable too. I'm happy with this product hence why I brought it for the 2nd time.
Good: simple and functional
Pros: light, simple, works, swivels nicely
Cons: for a wide phone (I have a Samsung Note 8) you need two hands to strongly pull apart the arms to get phone in/out - I'll often engage my hazard lights accidentally as the button is nearby, comes out of the grill a little too easily
Simple and Perfect
Exactly as expected
Minimal and Effective
Small, simple and works really well. Holds my iPhone XS Max with no problem - horizontally or vertically.
Very pleased with this mobile holder
Great accessory
Full description enough to enable a confidant purchase
Excellent product
I bought this item for all the cars in my family
Excellent product
Works, but a bit expensive
Wanted a phone support that was universal and certain to support my phone effectively. As they say in the ads it does what it says on the tin. But I still think it was a bit expensive.
It holds the phone but you need to press the holder back onto the air vent every time.
Very neat
Great little gadget. Neat and adaptable. Very pleased with it.
Handy product
Really handy for keeping your phone at eye line height for looking at maps or for hands free usage. I already had one and bought it as a present for my brother. His phone is 8.3 mm wide and it fits well - would stretch a bit further for a wider phone also.
Olixar invent mini holder
Air vent holder is of excellent quality, holds my phone very well, both vertically and horizontally. Very pleased with product and service provided.
MY opinion.
Exactly what was needed. does the job perfectly. Thanks.
Good Buy
I brought this as a present The person I brought it for was very pleased
Best vent phone holder
Best vent phone holder ive used so far and ive used many, phone never moves even on bumpy rides also small and smart looking
Very small
Bought for a stocking filler. Hope this works. It was a reasonable price. I will recommend this product but don’t know how it will perform.
Very Neat
Bought as a stocking filler for my son who does a lot of driving using his phone as a sat nav. Can’t comment on use as he hasn’t received it yet but looks like it will do the job nicely. Bought on reviews of this product so confident he’ll be pleased.
Good piece of kit.
I just wanted an inexpensive and easy to use way to hold my phone. So far so good. Fits perfectly in the air vent. Would recommend it
Not for round vents
Thought I would take a risk and try it for my Audi but as the vents are round it does not work unless you jam it in and then the plastic cover came off the clip which holds the whole thing on.
Very good
This little baby does precisely what I wanted. So, ticks the box for me.
Great gift
Great gift
Does what it says on the tin!
Good purchase works fine and fast delivery.
Reliable and sturdy.
You can't fault the production of Olixar products. Very well constructed, slips onto the vent with the ability to move it, which is important to me, as I didn't want anything clipped onto the vent permanently. Holds very well even on UK's bumpy roads. Slips on without damaging vent. Happy with purchase.
Fits perfectly in the vent and grips my Moto G and its cover perfectly. Well worth the money in my opinion.
Great product.
Just what I needed small compact holder
Just the job. Grips the vents securely, opens to hold phone even with a case on, and as the holder rotates it can be used portrait or landscape.

And once the phone is removed, the holder can be left in place as it's so inconspicuous.

100% recommend this holder.
Very good device. Fit securely and holds the firmly yet is easy for the clamp to be removedto re
Nothing ,I saw the device in my daughter's car and was very impressed.
Got the recommendation from a Google article on the best three holders This was no 2 and well worth the money
Would recommend!
Fit's perfect in my car (BMW 1 series). Will fit any mobile device.
Does the job perfectly
Small, lightweight, grips the car vent and holds my phone in place - extends to hold most sizes of phone. I have a small iPhone that it holds firmly but will extend for larger phones.
Simple, good value for money, and does the job
Olixar invent mini portable smart phone holder
Small and neat, just as the description and good value.
Should be good but is not
The product is a basic adjustable clamp for the phone with a rubberised cover over some elongated metal "arms" that are a push fit into / onto the air vent vanes. The success of the grip depends on the detail of your particular car vent design.It is not universally satisfactory . On removing it from one car to fit to another car the cover for the metal arms pulled away as the glue used is not strong enough. Also the rotation of the clip to the gripper is erratic and the phone sits at odd angles It is better than nothing as a phone holder but needs more design refinement to be worth the money
Does what I wanted
I needed a product to secure my Iphone in the car so that I could use the traffic App.
Great product!
The product is fantastic. Works perfectly. Much better than any other I’ve tried. Great service too!
It fits a huawei P20mate including the Hiawi Flip case
It can even hold a Huawei P20 Mate with Huawei flip case
Switched from using stand alone sat nav to phone, so needed something to attach it to the car. This does the trick perfectly
Great product
I had high hopes for this product but it really is great and I am really pleased with it. No hassle to attach to air vent and really simple to use.
Work perfectly with Huawei P20
Great product!
Tried in three different cars and works very well. Am going to buy two more for my son and daughter.
This is a clever little gadget that works well.
Really good
I did not expect it to be as good as it is its very easy to use and install, highly recommended
Good choice
Although my car doesn't have the horizontal vents that some cars have, I was prepared to gamble that this little gadget could work for me. Result ! I was able to attach it to the vent with its great little clip. Very pleased.
Perfect little product - stable, holds my iPhone 6 nicely, tried it in 3 different cars so far, and have now bought a second one for my wife's car. Good value as well.
Great little product, does just the job
All good
Good stuff, small portable expands to fit phone.. does what it says on the tin.
I brought this product and it broke
I brought this product and it broke within the first week of having it o would recomend it
good product
Simple but effective. East to use and arrived promptly.
Good but doesn’t work in my mini
Maybe the phone is too big, not sure, but it doesn’t work for me sadly. Seems like a good product though.
Very Useful
Smart and practical! Holds my phone without any trouble!
Ordering one more
Exactly as advertised, I’m now ordering one for my husband
Oligarchs Mimi vent car holder
I bought three of these car holders for myself and my family. They work very well. The phones we used with the Mini car holders are iPhones and iPhone plus. My family love this product. The price of this product was very reasonable. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family
Simple little gadget and very easy to install with one hand
How user friendly it was to install and operate
Good Quality Item
Well made and functional phone holder. I use it to hold a review trailer camera. Arrived within 3 days of ordering.
Excellent value for money
Holds my Phone
A simple yet sturdy phone holder for my car and which clips to the heater vents. Adjustable for portrait or landscape orientation of my One Plus 6 Phone.
Really pleased with this - so small & simple. Really easy to pop phone in & easy to attach. Fast delivery.
A little wobbly on some vents
Great product
Simple and works great - I always go for Olixar
seems ok
Seems to be working ok. Would have liked to know the maximum width that the device could accommodate ( have had to change my phone cover)
This is a well made, sturdy holder. Holds the phone securely, grips well. Definitely, recommend.
Nice and neat!
Thanks to a special offer, I received 2 holders, so was going to have one for my car , and one for my husband's car. Unfortunately, the vents on my car (Evoque) did not allow my phone (Samsung S8 plus) to sit safely in the holder, so only my husband got the benefit of my purchase!
Simple, compact, no fuss
I have been looking for something like this to mount in my car. Super simple and compact design and fits my phone (~ 5-inch display) very nicely. Just make sure to have a fairly sturdy air vent to affix it to.
Better than good
Its nice, smal and does it job. It just leans to one side, by the weight of the phone,but its very minor
Simply excellent
A product you think is to simple to work but it works excellently and is easy to move from car to car
Great little gadget
Ideal. Holds my samsung a3 perfectly
Phone holder
Good price, works well and is compact
Excellent mount
Excellent mount
Bought as a replacement to a different, similar but much more expensive mount
Equally as good Holds the phone solidly and easily
Grips the vent well
Would recommend
Great product
Does exactly what it was bought for at a great price. Should have got one years ago.
Simple does what you would expect
Good value product, easy to use, holds the phone in place and easy to position to read the screen.
I thought the website explained everything I needed to know
I thought the website explained everything I needed to know
fantastic bit of kit
this is for a second vehicle and is a great improvement on one i purchased a few years ago, it sits well on the ventilation grill and doesn't move with an old iPhone in it which weighs more than the modern ones.
excellent price, service and delivery
A surprisingly effective device
MobileZap were having a lot of trouble sourcing a particular usb-c adapter for me. I contacted them and asked if I could change the order to this mini adapter instead and they complied instantly even ignoring the small price discrepancy in my favour. THAT'S SERVICE! Initially I didn't have high expectations for this holder but was very pleasantly surprised. It holds my wife's iPhone6 easily and securely. I will be making MobileZap my 'go to' site for all things communications from now on.
Good product for a good price.
I read that most cell phone holders don't hold the phone properly. It either wobbles or the phone falls. This holder fits great with a case on the phone and it easily adjusts.
Great gadget
Slots neatly into the air vent, though it has to be put in the right place, otherwise the weight of the phone points it downward!
A very good clamp
i have gone through atleast 6 different type of clamps for phone in car. lots of money thrown away, and then this comes along !! time for tactical facepalm !! the simplest solution was the best solution all along !!
Best ever
The blogs told me what I needed to know . It will suit all air vent, without creating damage a snug fit, iPhone perfectly safe
Better than anticipated
Simple but it works !
This smartphone holder does not extend enough to hold my IPhone 8 in the 'landscape' position . However , it does hold the phone securely as shown above making it easy to see Google Maps as you drive .
It is easy to place in the air vent - small uncomplicated piece of kit !
Simple & well executed
Simple concept, well executed.

A smidgen loose in that it moves a little with vehicle vibration, but I'm comparing to my trusty home made bulldog clip based contraption which is much bigger and less attractive!

Works well even with my pop socket stuck to my phone case - which other holders struggle with.

Mazda 3 has little dashboard space, and the windscreen is too far away for easy access, so this is perfect.
Nearly perfect
Simple, inexpensive gadget which appears to do what it sets out to do. Only issue is that the weight of the phone can tend to 'drag' the screen down a bit. But good value - especially for the money.
Useful rotating facility, fits my vehicle, it works.
Does what it is supposed to do
This fits the air vent perfectly without taking up a lot of room.
Because it rotates 360 degrees there is a tendency for the phone to move from the vertical position hence 4stars not 5.
Generally pleased with it.
Not bad at all
This device fits the air vent quite nicely and the tension in the phone holder itself is good enough to hold a large iPhone without it wobbling about, overall good value for money.
The phone feels secure
This simple, effective, unobtrusive little gadget fits my Moto4plus perfectly. The phone feels secure and a bonus was that I received two in the pack.
Very handy. I can use my phone for sat nav now. Would highly recommend
So far so good!
I was worried this would not be strong enough to hold the phone. It is perfect! I like how it works and when I travel and need to rent a car I can just put this in my purse and it is easy to have handy!
Excellent Little Gadget
Fits perfectly on one of the car vents and holds my mobile as illistrated online, I am delighted with it.
Olixar phone holder
It works ok but will not work in my Citroen c3 Picasso the vent can’t hold it up so it won’t work on every car
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