Olixar inVent Mini Portable Universal Air Vent Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

A superb portable car mount for almost all smartphones, attaching to any vehicle air vent and holding your phone steady and in clear view. It also acts as a viewing stand. Compact and weighing next to nothing, you can take this with you anywhere.
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First Class Service
The site was easy to navigate and when I made up my mind I ordered the product and received it by return. Put simply, professional.
Great purchase
Its probably the best on the market
Less obtrusive than sone of the bigger ones
It is very neat and portable and I’ve found it really helpful. Slight problem is that it only works well if your cars air vents are in the right place (mine sits slightly behind the steering wheel) but it holds my iphone SE and iPhone 6 tightly and in place yet it is easy to remove. It is coming apart a bit now so not sure how much longer it will last, but I have been using it for nearly 12 months and as it was so reasonably priced I will buy another one.
excellent and simple
A superb product that is simple and functional and takes up no space.
Initially great, but broke
I have a Kia Sorento with a small width vent. Initially it worked well. Easy to fit the phone in and the adjustable width of the phone holder section meant both my husband and I could use it for different phones. It did occasionally fall off the vent. After about 3.5 months it broke- one of the prong sections that clips around the prongs broke which is disappointing.
Perfect phone holder
This is fantastic product. Very simple but works very well. I ordered a second one for my husband's car.
Constructed to a high standard
This holder grips the phone at any angle. I found that the vent direction control on my car was not strong enough to support the weight of the phone, so the phone would hang down. But the grip is such that the phone can be tilted in the jaws of the holder so it visible and still remain secure.
Does what it should!
Excellent smartphone holder
Easily slides onto the air vent. Good value for money. Please note that phone can get very hot whilst using google maps (I have a Samsung A40). I used the smartphone holder on a long drive of about 8 hours and think it is best to release the smartphone holder from the air vent at the end of the trip. Can be used in any car.
very good
all i wanted to know was in the advert
Great holdr
It will not fit a large phone in a hard case but apart from that its great
Simple, flexible, unobtrusive, effective.
Not really suitable for circular air vents
simple but works
A phone will fit with a case around it but not one that is a wallet style.
Phone e holder
Bit small but does hold my A10 in place.
Simple to use....
Recommend it 100%
Its great very simple yet very usefull i tried everything from fancy holders to the glue ones but this is far best from all of them very simple definately recommend it i have a preety big device S10 plus it holds it very stiff even when i drive fast
olixar invent mini portable
Well built, simple, will sometimes hold a small Sat Nav, the must simple and best i've found.
Fit for purpose.does what it says.
Nothing. We knew what we wanted and it
Fitted our needs
Does the job at a very competitive price.
Works very well on the air con vents
Looks discreet
It looks really discreet on the air vent in my car. Holds phone really well, even over speed humps.
Great little gadget
Lives up to what it’s made for, holding your phone.
Seems good quality
It's really tiny so its nice to carry around with the phone if u need to use as a stand. It's much better quality then one I got from ebay for 3 pounds, so its was worth it the money.
Good product
Does exactly what it says on tin. Quick delivery, no issues, would buy again from company.
grips my iPhone well fits my vents perfect.
If it said Olixar on it.
Nice product
No doubt about Olixar products. Its always gives good build quality.
Brilliant car vent mobile phone holder
This is a great car vent holder for your mobile phone it easily fits into the car vent and it’s great when your phone is placed in it you can see directions in it at eye view while driving....would definitely buy again :))
Perfect for the job.
The best smartphone holder on the market. Forget all those suction pad-based holders which fall off at a crucial time.
Amazing phone holder
Works really well .. have to take my phone out its case as it is a big phone.
perfect product
works perfectly all as described and arrived very quickly
Great little device.
Works for me.
Simple and Effective
Good price, no hassle, easy to fit, firm grip for phone and good price. Thoroughly recommend it.
Good product at a good price
Happy with the purchase
Great, exactly what it says
This is a great phone dock for the car. The only thing that might annoy me in summer is that it blocks one of my car vents.
Nice and handy grip for your mobile
It occupies very little space on your dashboard. Holds your mobile firmly in place during bumpy ride. I'm really happy with the holder.
Convenient Phone Holder
This phone holder is fantastic! It takes up little to no space and you can use it on any of your vents. I highly recommend purchasing this one. It is worth it!
It is discreet but very efficient piece of equipment.
Works well for me
I read the reviews before I bought the holder and read a couple of negative ones. I did buy it and have used it several times in the last few weeks. I have an iPhone SE, which is a small one. It fits easily and well into the holder and the bottom of the phone rests on a protrusion in my dashboard. It never moves once it's in the holder. If I had a great big cell phone, it might work differently. It's perfect for me, though.
Air vent car phone holder
I found this an excellent and efficient service. I received the product really quickly and it is an excellent one! Would definitely recommend and would shop here again.
Brilliant bit of kit!
This is such a clever little bit of kit for firmly holding a mobile where you can see it. I love mine and this was bought as a gift. Small and light, we took it abroad on holiday for navigating. I highly recommend it.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the delivery. I paid extra so it arrived for a birthday and it was late!
Surprisingly good
Worked really well. Holds phone (Huawei P20 Pro) nice and tightly. Clips nicely onto air vent with soft pinchers so non scratch.

Alas easy to leave in hired car so I need another :-(
Does the job!
OK, it probably costs a little bit more than the cheapest on eBay, but it works perfectly for me, mostly to use Google maps for navigation.
Just what I needed
This phone holder is exactly what I needed. It is so simple it goes to show that the simple ideas are often the best.
everything was fine
Great product
Really good product at great price holds my phone just right
Love it
Phone no longer falls on the floor when I round a sharp corner -- I love it.
Small and Effective
Small light and works well with my apple phone. I have a very small vent area so I wasn't sure it would work well but it does. Barely notice it when you don't have you phone in.Very happy
Excellent purchase
I use this for my Samsung Galaxy phone fitting into air vents on BMW 3 series. Holder keeps phone very stable and secure, is very well made and worth the price. Fast and efficient service from Mobile Fun.
very good
That it woUldale fit for sure. It did!
Simple but it works
No Complaints
Excellent device
Nothing else
Neat little phone holder
Easy to fit.
Holds range of phone sizes
Minimal packaging
Fair price
Very good
Ideal for the job.
This mobile phone holder is very easy to push into the air vent and the screen is well positioned for good visibility when using your phone as a Sat Nav. The one side bracket is easily adjustable so even if you get a new phone you will still be able to use it. The gadget is small enough to pop into your handbag or pocket if you need to move it for whatever reason. The only negative thing about it is that I think if you leave it permanently in the air vent it could bend the vents a bit, so I remove it when I'm not using it.
Had this for about a week now and I’m very happy I bought it. It’s very good value for money. One concern I had before I bought it was that it would not hold securely on the vent but it does the job very well. I was slightly surprised that it was bit smaller than expected but then again it’s a mini vent!
I regularly use hire vans and trucks. The compact size of this holder makes it easy to carry from vehicle to vehicle.
Neat device
Easy to fit. Holds phone firmly- I phone 6.
mobile phone holder
great device
A great product, perfect when traveling, for use in rental cars.
Does what it is meant to do
Easy to carry, fit and use in any car with a air vent with a horizontal or vertical grille. Holds my phone securely.
Car holder
No problems
Olixar invent mini portable
Happy with my product as per the description. Had to wait for awhile before received it.
Does the job
It's small, as advertised. The arm springs are quite strong so holds the device quite firmly. I even got to leave my device in its case.
It grips well on the vent.
Not too expensive, so pretty good value.
Exactly what I wanted. Grip is excellent which makes ime to be at ease when using the holder. Only wished it had the ability to adjust left and right not just rotate.
Good buy
Does exactly as it says on the box! V neat
Just what I wanted! Thanks!
The first one broke when trying to take my phone out, but mobilefun quickly sent me a replacement with just one email request. Thanks for this. Its working fine now. No complaints
Exceptional after sales service and product quality.
I researched all the products and this was the best iPhone grip for a car vent on the market. Really neat, tidy and secure. I found the customer service related to the sale outstanding and unexpectedly personable. Really happy! Totally recommend !!
Very useful item
Even though my air vents are small, I am still able to use this holder to good use.
Very good
Easy to fit and easy to insert 'phone. Holds it without any wobble horizontally or vertically.
Nice little product
It's simple and well made but for the cost a little over priced.

Not had long enough to pass full comments
Amazing Value
Amazing value product, does exactly what it is supposed to do, attach your mobile to the dash. Phone held securely without marking the case, easy to attach and remove from the air vents. Adjustable to the size of your phone, highly recommend with prompt delivery
Quality product
A great quality product with a minimalist look.
Practical - does what it says
Excellent - keeps the phone secure and steady.
Got the BOGOF deal which was brilliant. Fits perfectly on the air grille. Really glad I got them.
Works great. I love this thing.
Works a treat
Exactly what I needed does a great job...
Good value iPhone Car Holder
Fits iPhone XR with attached case. Fits well & securely on air vents in Discovery, Audi A5 and Micra.
simple gadget thats cool in many ways
This was exactly something that is ideal to my requirement to have my iphone held in place while driving
Great idea for a phone holder. Simple, inexpensive and it works.
Just what was needed
Works well. Fits any car. Will be useful for travelling.
excellent gadget
Having read the other reviews I was not disappointed with my new phone holder.
Fits the vents on my Honda CRV perfectly.
Another Excellent Product From Olixar
It does exactly what it says on the tin. Holds my phone securely (and I have one of the larger phones on the market) and is a quality well made product. I have ordered a number of accessories from Olixar via Mobile Fun and both companies never fail to please with their excellent products and service.
Great for holding my iPhone
If you want a simple solution for holding your phone safely in the car - this is ideal
Great little product
Product arrived well packaged and in good condition.
It is vary robust for a vent mobile ph holder and fits perfectly to any vent ( giving you great flexibility for best location. ) The holding clamps are strong and hold ph securely with no shaking or vibration.
Another great feature is its ease of fitting so also portable . Just pull out of vent and take it with you to another location. Good 360 degree movement.
At this stage very happy with overall purchase and quality of product
Ensures Handsfree
A very neat , unobtrusive iPhone holder.
Simple and functional.
I have this fitted to the centre vent on my VW Golf and it sits perfectly in my eyeline when using the Satnav app on my iPhone in portrait mode. I haven't tried it in landscape as it would obscure too much of both vents and possibly overheat the phone especially if it was plugged in.
Fitting is very simple and if you line up the vertical and horizontal vanes in the vent when fitting you still retain some small amount of directional control of the air outlet (if required). The phone can be removed one handed from the holder (if you are reasonably dexterous) but I recommend using both hands when fitting to ensure a good tight fit. The phone is held snugly in the clamp and when pushed in fully does not move around even on rough terrain.
This is a well made, simple little clamp and so far has performed as advertised.
Good buy
Perfect. Just as advertised and exactly what I wanted
Great compact phone car vent holder
Had to replace my APPLE, phone holder, as it was not big enough from my new phone. This is great and good value, a little tigth to get in and out due to my case size, but is working looser, deffo buy again
Beware this is not suitable for all cars
Doesn't suit the X Type Jaguar. The dashboard overhang means the holder can only be fitted horizontally.
Easy to use
Good product very simple to use.
Neat piece of kit
Glad I read the What Car review
Really good and simple to use . Why its in what Cars top 3.
Just what I wanted
This is a great tool and just what I needed for the car without having to fork out lots of money. Thank you.
Car mobile holder
Simple to fit and use and takes seconds to fit your phone into.
It just works!
Best little gadget..... fits perfectly..... phone secure and very neat yet strong. I have had other bulky holders but this is the best yet.
It does what it says
This is my 2nd time of purchasing this smartphone holder from Olixar inVent. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is a few years old now, and it fits and holds my phone either in portrait or landscape position very well. I prefer this type of car holder as it's minimum fuss and clutter in the car. Price is comparable too. I'm happy with this product hence why I brought it for the 2nd time.
Good: simple and functional
Pros: light, simple, works, swivels nicely
Cons: for a wide phone (I have a Samsung Note 8) you need two hands to strongly pull apart the arms to get phone in/out - I'll often engage my hazard lights accidentally as the button is nearby, comes out of the grill a little too easily
Simple and Perfect
Exactly as expected
Minimal and Effective
Small, simple and works really well. Holds my iPhone XS Max with no problem - horizontally or vertically.
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