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Olixar In Car Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones Reviews

The Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat provides your smartphone with a secure resting place on your car's dashboard which doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. The Dashboard Mat can also be used to hold keys, lighters, change and many other items.
Price: £7.99
The Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat provides your smartphone with a secure resting place on your car's dashboard which doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. The Dashboard Mat can also be used to hold keys, lighters, change and many other items.
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Looks good
Does exactly as advertised
How it self sticks to the dash panel. Did not want a unit with adhesive tape on the underside. This unit is very good even in the extreme heat we have been experiencing.
Good product.
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Good product that fits my phone and sticks well to my cars dashboard. No complaints here.
It’s sticky all right.
Just the Job.
Very happy with this product. Holds my phone in landscape whilst in its case. Very sticky so holds well on dashboard. Easily rinsed in warm water.

Great Addition to My Dash
This is great for holding my phone or sunglasses. I really don’t understand the negative comments. It does exactly what it says on the tin and sticks to my textured dash no problem.
Excellent Product
Could not be happier with this product. Self adhesive to the dash of the car and holds the phone firmly in place. Ideal when using the phone with google maps.
A very handy auto item
The sticky mat is a required item for your cell phone by keeping it stable on your auto dash. The mat maintains your cell phone allowing full view of it while driving or standing still. It works so well that I have ordered an additional mat for our second auto.
Doesn't work on our dashboards !!
Very disappointed, sticks fine on glass smooth surfaces, but not a chance it will stick on any textured surface, such as most car dashboards. In fairness, after my complaint , I got a full refund from MobileZap - thanks guys.
Useless Item
Only suitable for flat dashboard. So didnt work for me
I like it
Very useful product. I like its portability qualities. I can just pick it up and bring it to my other car if needed. However it occasionally flops down, when i suddenly brake my car.
Health and safety issue
This product is more likely to cause you to crash your car as objects tumble out of it as you drive.I would consider that anyone who is in a road traffic accident while using this product would have a very strong case against the manufacturers.
would be better if it could hold portrait as well as landscape
I prefer Google Maps in portrait mode so this product is really no good for that.
There is too much shine on the screen to be able to read the phone while lying flat on the dashboard.
The hold/sticky aspect of it is good otherwise.
Very handy
Easy to use with a good grip. Had to get 2 more for my husband and my friend because they were jealous :) They have different phones.
Great product
I find this great. Really handy for holding phone for sat nav.
Excellent product
Brilliant product
Thought this was worth a try especially on a Bogof, does what it says as long as you dashboard is clean & dust free (not a fault of the product?) I would recommend this product
I Like These
Because they hold a variety of objects., and it stays stuck on the dash of our Honda City. The iPhone easily rests in the grooves placed at each side, and the rest is great for holding smaller items. They'll stay stuck with a gently slope but bear in mind this action will also open up the slots a little. Great, if that's what you need for that extra thickness.
Very handy!
Sticks really well. Very useful. Bought another one!
Bit Floppy
The stickiness without actually being sticky works great, but the pliable rubber is not quite stiff enough to hold the phone securely through covering and bumpy roads!..
Does what it says
Not just for phones, but useful for sunglasses loose change and other odds and sods
Realy usefull
Happy to having It, was a test and now hell me to use my phone as GPS,
all is fine
Dashboard mat
I Nothing can fall, very sticky.Practical but I don't like the feel of it.
Great product
The dementions would be helpful
Really Sticky
The stickiness does not transfer to the surface you place it on. Can be moved without problems making it very versatile.
Stickier than a sticky thing from Stickyville
I have a pixel 2 and the weight of the phone detaches the stick base and lifts it up of the surface its stuck to. waste of money.
Very sticky
The picture says it all, a very good product for keeping things on top of your dash.
Hangs onto your stuff
Ideal to stop loose stuff from sliding around on your dashboard.
Appears well made. Grips rather than sticks to your dashboard i.e. you can easily repossession it if you wish.
I bought it to stop a large capacity power bank with solar panels - a pretty heavy item about the size of a smartphone, from sliding off when cornering.
Sticky Dashboar Mat for Smartphones!
I got one of these. Few yers go which held only one phone and it has bee great.! Now I have bought one that holds 2 phones. If it is as good as the first one it will last twice as long!????????
Would recommend to anyone!
works perfectly well
very sticky base ensures it adheres well
Too flimzy
It didn't hold up my phone.
Suitable products
Got what I ordered
Does what it says on the tin...
...but collects dirt very quickly. No moans at two foot the price of one though.
Not really what I expected
Would have wanted to know how sticky the actual item is in real life and that it is not ideal for keep phone on dashboard if u want to use it
Does what it says...
This is great for holding anything that you want to put on it.
It has two cutaways to hold a phone either vertically or at an angle, but is also excellent for holding things like car park tokens, loose change, keys and any other small object that you don't want to lose.
Nothing comes to mind
Looks great But try...
The womans "duct tape" VELCRO!! Itbis in all sewing shops, crafts, Walmart, EVERYWHERE! Even available in an industrial strength, which would require youbto put your ear onto the dashboard to hear! :) I mean the industrial strength level is REALLY strong. There is also Museum Glue, not a glue at all just holds on to things. Great for items aroundvthe house ypu dont want knocked over or in a shop where "sticky fingers" might scoop up your products. Not easy but certainly not difficult to break the hold on it. In fact, I recommend the manufacturer include a little packet in the product. My Note 5 is secured by 4 little squares of light weight velcro, but I dont do pictures, so peeling it off the case is not a problem for me. Message jumped... on the Museum Glue....the msnufacturer might insert a small package of the glue as part of the purchase. Its a little bit of insurance, but with what most phones cost...worth it!!
does as advertised
Very happy with the product.
Haven't used this yet
No comment at this stage
good little gadget,
does what it shows on the photo, handy for home or car use
Sticky Dashboard Mat
Checked the reviews and ordered. I LOVE it. Will order some more for my sister and friend.
Does the job ????
Nothing u get what u pay for
Not fit for purpose
New car so very clean and product still didn’t stick plus up-stands not sufficiently robust to keep my iPhone 6s where I could see Waze while driving - this my principle reason for buying this.
Very sticky!
My phone with case didn't fit very well in the upright position but it does with a bit of wiggling.
It is very sticky and anything you place on it doesn't budge a bit so I tend to use it for odd items as well as a phone holder.
My only issue is it didn't fit where I wanted it to so ended up in top of dash where to be honest when the phone is on it it's in the way a bit but I think that's just me and my small windscreen!
Pretty cool non-slip storage surface for practically everything
Sure beats having the phone or loose change unsecured. Quite remarkable material. Even used it to hold a book rather than setting the book down on the passenger seat.
Converted finally from using a separate SatNav
Holds the phone very well - also looks tidy. Very impressed with the design
Not really worth the money. Things like phone and sunglasses do stick to it but when unsticking the mat itself tends to unstick from dashboard. Also need a large enough flat spot on dashboard for it.
Initially thought this was a great product but after phone kept falling over, it really is a waste of money. Turn a corner, go over a bump, brake, all cause phone to fall over. It's now a coin tray!!
Great product - better than expected!!
This very simple item sits happily on the dashboard gripping my mobile (with or without it's case) very securely, enabling easy viewing of maps etc. Great value for money and highly recommended.
I love this item!
So simple and yet so useful. It really does do what it says it does. It's a great product and i highly recommend it!
Excellent Idea/ Piece of Useful kit.
I have today tried this out in my Porsche, and it does everything it says on the can !! I needed somewhere to hold the iPhone as you are very limited in a Porsche as to where you can keep phones. I also have ‘Heads Up Display’ for Navigation , which means the phone has to lay flat whilst projecting the image onto the windscreen. Your mat does this well, and it holds its position without sliding about.. Well done. Full 5 stars
Piece of junk. Does not stick to dash in the heat. Not strong enough to hold a phone, fell off 4 times on first usage, lucky not to break my screen. The warmer it gets the worse this thing performs.
Not Sure
Not sure if this item will work for me. Hard to find right space inside car. Inside "stickyness" may not last. Only used for a couple of days so not sure at this stage.
works like a sticky mat
very happy with my purchase, I used it in my Campervan, on the dash, thank you, I enjoy my purchases from your company
Holds phone, Note 8, Really well.
I was sceptical buying this but glad I did. I now have a drinks holder space available where I used to put my phone.
The phone sticks to the pad really well and the slots to put in landscape are a great idea. So much easier when using the phone as satnav. Only issue I would say is when in landscape the prongs obscure a bit of the phone but this is very minor.
Its great no sliding and holds phone well
non slip for car dash
very confident with this pad as it holds very firmly onto the dash of the car, and yet is removable instantly, without any marks.. a great product.. very flexible and when not in use can be stored away in glove box..
No smooth place to fit
Not really the product's fault but my dash has no effective place to put this that will hold the phone
Love this! Easy to use, easy to stick on surfaces.
It's great. Good description of it.
Good product
It’s a good product
Does what it says on the tin
The item works very well and is better than having something stuck to the windscreen. I have been dealing with Mobile Fun for sometime now and have found all my purchases excellent and good value for money
It does as it says.
I'm happy with my purchase.
This stuck to my kitchen table like a limpet - prising it loose nearly killed me lol! - but it does not stick at all to my Honda Jazz dashboard. Go figure! However, it does not slip either so I've finally found something that holds my Note 4 properly when I'm using satnav.

I blame Honda and will keep using it.
nicely done!
the sticky surface does exactly what it says. great for my mobile phone be it on the reverse side of the sun visor or on the flat surface of the dashboard video screen.
Excellent Product
so convenient
Useful gadget

I Bought this item as a 2 for 1 offer. When it arrived there was only one and only one listed on the delivery note, when I contacted your company you immediately sent me another one. I was impressed with your responce and I will certainly buy from you again, well done
Ron Bodimeade
Very Poor - it’s useless
The “stickiness” on the top of the dash board is fine.
BUT the sides are so weak and flimsy that they hardly support an iPhone 7 horizontally and the phone falls out very easily.
AND it’s not designed to take a phone in the vertical mode
AND trying an iPad mini is a total non starter
Good idea
Good idea but only works well if your dash flat. I'm still using it but not ideal
Reasonable Quality
Easy order process. Even though it took some time to receive item because it was on back order the team at MobileZap e-mailed to say so with an ETA.

Case is of expected quality, flap is on the opposite side from phone which means that it doesn't not get in the way of phone use like previous cases i have had.
Only works on some surfaces!
A bit disappointed with an excellent product after I found that it did not "stick" very well to the dashboard of my car. It does stick well to many surfaces but just not the surface I had intended!
Excellent..actually works
Excellent item that adheres to the dashboard and holds the phone despite bumps when driving...can use mic and speak into the phone.
I bought the mat to have a designated spot for my phone, besides sitting it in my passenger seat. While, it works at times but when the sun is beaming the phone can get overheated. So most times I have both on the seat (at least the phone does not fall to the floor now). The mat holds the phone very well, however I now noticed that the mat is not sticking to while on the dashboard or my leather seats. I still think it is useful to hold my phone in place!
Practical design
What I like most about this is that it came well protected for the "sticky grippy" surface, and is easy to use, unlike some phone holders. Can either put your phone on its back into the "well", or as shown in the photo, slot it in so that you can see it when you need it. On a long journey which is well known, I will drop it into the well, and only lift it to where I can see it when I need to get local directions. A well thought out design
Well impressed with product and service
It fits nicely on the dashboard and keeps our phones nice and steadily and can easily get without any trouble
Generally useful
Side supports could be more rigid as it flexes when braking and accelerating. Hard braking ejects the phone. Would probably be better on a smaller phone
Pad not sticky enough
Ideal in theory but the underside of the pad isn’t sticky enough in my opinion.
Holds everything pens, glasses etc but I wouldn’t risk a phone on it because of the underside of the pad.
Sticky dashboard mat
The "sticky" dashboard mat does not stick to my dashboard, it will stick to the shiny surface between the screen and the dashboard, unfortunately the distance is very short so it does not work very well
Smart product for light weight phones
Idea is sound but my Blackberry Keyone is a little too heavy to sit horizontal. Do not leave on your dash in the hot sun, will leave a residue. I opted to put on arm rest and lay phone flat. Works very well this way.
This does not slide at all, so that is a plus.
Great item
Works great.
Quite floppy if used as a top of dash phone holder, has an odd smell to it.
No instructions with it but all looks fine thanks. will attach asap
Haven't used or attached the item yet, but the idea is great, hence the purchase. Would be good to have some form of instructions - but I guess we work that out as we go
Efficient transaction
Happy with the product
Great product
Excellent product, phone, keys etc are so stable when on the silicone mat. Phone does not dislodge when going over bumps. No more rattles and vibration noises while travelling. Highly recommend
Useful doohickey
I think doohickey is more apt than gadget (as you'd associate a gadget with something that has moving parts).
I don't need to mount the phone on the dash all the time, as the hands free unit works with the phone in my pocket. If I want to use google maps this doohickey is just the thing. I keep it in the glove compartment until needed. It doesn't move, and will sit anywhere on the dash you put it.
Good idea
A disappointing performance with my iPhone 7 Plus + Otterbox Defender case.

The unit I received started to bow with the weight of the phone during its first use and then suddenly slipped off the dash. Fortunately, the Defender case did what it was supposed to do.

Until a 'compatibility list' is invented for the holder, I would recommend use with smaller/lighter smartphone & case combinations.

Works well but..
Works well but does not hold the phone solid as you go over the speed bumps etc
Great Product
Hooray - no more runaway mobile when in the car.
Being so flexible & sticky, I can put my phone in places I would not have considered.
Have given one to a friend as well !!
To keep things from rolling around!
I bought 6 of these for family and friends. We all love it. At first it seemed odd to have something on the dash...but it will hold anything I put on it; cell phone, sunglasses, regular glasses, any knick knacks you need to put somewhere and can depend it will stay there. Even my mechanic and detailer asked, "Cool, where did you get that?"
Will be a good stocking stuffer this Christmas!
Good product as described
Useful and handy. Does as was described
Sticky Dash Mat
This really is a sticky mat and it holds an iPhone6 very securely on a steep slope on my dash. Both the phone and the mat stay put with no sign of letting go. Highly recommended.
This is great you all need one
This is a very good all round product,it has many uses and many dashboards.Great price
Does what it says.
This is really tacky and does two things very well.
It sticks onto the dash at perilous angles.
It holds a phone very securely where it looks impossible to do this.
Dashboard mat.
The mat surprised me. Well made stuck to the dashboard, my phone, coins and vaporiser no longer fly around the cab. Gave the free one to my son and he is more than happy with it. Delivered on time, good product and well priced.
A Bit Disappointing
The device does a reasonable job of holding my phone, but does not stick to the dashboard, which has a stippled finish (Honda Accord Euro). If you ever apply Armor All to your dash (as I did about 2 years ago), forget about trying this product.
Excellent product. Does what it says on the tin. Works as described. Thank you.
Excellent product. Does what it says on the tin. Works as described. Thank you.
It does not work on myös car. It does not stuck on dashboard.
I want money back. Zero stars.
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