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Olixar Huawei P9 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Huawei P9 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58894

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 2.5 stars from 4 customers

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Bad screen protector.
I bought this recently and tried to fit in on my new phone, but as I tried to perl of the secon layer of protective foil I realised that it doesn't want to come prel of without the screen protector. I tried the second one(pack contains 2 screen protectors) and the same issue.the quality of the product is really bad. Personally I don't recomend it.
What can I say? wouldn't bother writing a review if I was unhappy.
Over the past 3 years on different mobile phones I have struggled to get those air bubbles out. No more.This piece of kit takes care of all that. Good instructions and well packaged. Mine was post free too. P9 looks good.
Good reaction but small
Very easy to apply, no bubbles (a first for me!). There isn't any delay in the touch and can't really notice there is a protector on.

The reason for a 3 is that the protector when on is small. There s avout 1mm either side that is unprotected on the white of the screen and it woupdwould be about 2-3 to the edge of the phone.

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