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Olixar Huawei P30 Pro Film Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Huawei P30 Pro's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
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Keep your Huawei P30 Pro's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
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Make sure your case is on first!
I have put many a screen protector on myself. I found the first one I used was not friendly with the case. Second attempt was with the case on and has lasted much longer without lifting. Easy to use but the QR codes link to video was not helpful.
Good product
Performed exactly as described
Not bad
It wasnt too easy to get on, theres alot of bubbles in it and alot of dents.
AA AA +++++++
The screen saver is is brilliant with a great applicator best 0ne I've tried them all.. Zero bubbles
Great product
Great product. First time fitting my own screen protector. Video helpful and it has worked brilliantly.
Great value
Applying was easy with the guides that came with it. Screen is still very responsive with it on. Totally recommend. Quick delivery too
Fine but a bit too small for the screen.
These leave a gap of about 1mm either side of the curved edge of the screen when fitted.

Was a pain to install - even after watching both the manufacturer's video and mobile 's own video.

Managed to destroy one of the 2 screen protectors in the first attempt.

Second one, once fitted, has been fine.
it fits the curve but very hard to apply
It fits the curve cause glass cannot, feel a bit plasticy and veey hard to apply.
It works but....
....I bought these screen protectors together with another Olixar product - an ArmourDillo protective case both for my new P30 Pro.
The screen protector is marginally too big when the case is fitted, and it lifts from the case pushing against it, and I had to trim it. The result works but isn't too pretty.
Awesome screen protector
Screen protector is great ... Very responsive and easy to apply as long as you watch the demo video first.
You will get bubbles if you don't follow the steps in the correct order.
Very good
Fast delivery
Nice product
Good product.
Awesome product
Make sure you watch the video link before trying to install.
If you skip a step you will not get a perfect fit.
You can find a video on how to apply the screen protector on you tube
Would do better with a installation guide
Good quality protector, screen is still very responsive. Not easy to install as there are no instructions, I actually sacrificed the first piece as the applicators weren't coming off properly. Succeeded with the 2nd piece.
Nothing really ......
Great product
Easy to use. Looks great.
Perfect fit. Fingerprint scanning works
Perfect fit. Fingerprint scanning works perfectly. Very slim and it's barely visible. Highly recommended
Good for little extra protection
As designed, it will not protect against bumps but will help with scratches. Ideal to be used with flip cover, also not in the way of clips. More difficult to apply than glass protectors. Curves around edges but not as far as screen. Touch / in screen finger print scanner not impeded. Rubbery feel. Does show fingerprints. I will buy an Olixar Screen Protector again, fits its purpose..
All good
Mobile fun, long ship wait time to Canada. Decent product, but these screen protector are very tricky to put it on. I destroyed one then used the second one.
I mistakenly ordered two and send a email right away to cancel the second one. They shipped both before read there email. Sending the product out is much more important reading there mail. Good product and works well . Mobile fun is is ok but....
Works well
I have no issues other than there weren't any clear instructions on how to apply the protector, thus causing us to throw one out as it was ruined with the trial and error of the first attempt.... But now the second one is on and it is doing what it's meant to
Good product but no instructions given
Instructions needed.
Nice protector but not with a case
The protector fits perfectly and is very nice and minimal, however once a case is put in the phone it makes the edges bubble up which is very dissapointing.
Other than that, great protector.
Good but confusing and comes without any valid instructions.
No instructions are provided for this specific protector on this specific phone; not in the box nor on the website. This wouldn't be a problem if it was simply a peel and stick process, but it isn't. I figured it out after a while and then also realised that the sticky foam bits were meant to serve as handling grips. You stick the protector in the middle and then do one end after the other.

I also noted that the way this protector "works for curved screens" is due to it being extremely thin. The feel is quite soft and plasticky. I consider this to be a very basic scratch protector and am using it in conjunction with the Huawei flip case, which provides more serious protection. I like it in this configuration and will continue using it like this.
Would easily recomen Mobile Zap
2No. Orders made through Mobile Zap
P30 Pro wallet is great Fits perfectly and delivered on time Nicely priced

The order for the Oxliar screen protector took much longer to arrive Product is great and easy to install. 2No screen protectors were supplied

Customer service followup with second order was prompt and very helpful

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