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Reviews for Olixar Huawei P20 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Huawei P20 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Huawei P20 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 3.8 stars from 96 customers

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Perfect fit
This glass screen protector covers the entire face of the phone and finishes with a smooth rounded edge. Every other screen protector I've used does not cover to the phone edge leaving an annoying bump. Oxilar also makes the only lens protector I've found. Highly recommend both. Also shipped fast. Will definitely be using Mobile Zap again.
Constant clicking on one corner of my screen where the glass dies not stick appropriately. Poor touch sensitivity ended up putting it in the dustbin. Waste of money.
Huawei P20 Glass screen protector
Easy to apply, being tempered glass, it feels like there is nothing on the screen when you touch it. Delivery is very quick from Mobile Fun. This is the third screen I have purchased (.... I keep dropping the phone!!) but this screen protector has saved me a fortune on getting a whole new screen fitted to the actual phone!!
Not the best
Not the best I've had better ones.Not case friendly would not fit with my case
Glass cover
Nothing really the discription was good enough
High quality screen protector
Very happy with my purchase, it was worth spending a bit more on a better quality product
Very good but....
The screen saver is probably the easiest to fit. However, it really is edge to edge and the silicon cases I use for the phone manage to get between phone and screen saver and pushes the screen saver away from the phone. It is only held on the phone with a thin line of glue around the screen saver and central part floats on top of phone screen and is not very sensitive to touch. 15 out of 10 for install and 3 out of 10 for use.
Excellent Screen Protector
This is an excellent screen protector which was very easy to fix .looks really good quality.and great value .Very happy with it .
Excellent Product
Fits accurately to my Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone
reduced sensitivity
The screen was easy to apply and fitted well. Unfortunately I took it off as it made the phone unresponsive and difficult to use.
perfect fit
the main thing was concerned with was if the back case cover would fit the phone when the front glass protector was fitted, the phone came with the rear rubber cover when purchased, the phone, and it all fitted fine
Fantastic Screen Protector
Bought this for new phone.very easy to fix.and looks great .have since drop phone and no damage.excellent so pleased I purchased this screen protector.
Glass Screen Protector
2nd purchase of this product as 1st one I cracked the protector but its good value for money and looks good.
Okay screen - brilliant company
My first screen broke within a day of normal use. Mobilefun got in touch and offered a free replacement. The replacement hasn't cracked yet so I think it was probably just a defect in the original.

I am well impressed with the brilliant customer service from Mobilefun and I will be recommending them in the future.
Won't be buying again
2 small drops of my phone where its landed screen side up and the glass has cracked right across only had on my phone 10 days not impressed
Great protection
My first of these did a great job protecting my P20 pro for 14 months, now then happy to have another for my new phone.
Crap screen protector but excellent customer support
This screen protector provides broad coverage, but unfortunately the touch screen loses about 25% of its sensitivity- particularly around the edges. I took great care with its installation, but found the product unusable after about five minutes of frustrating use.
Mobile Zap customer support was excellent in response to my dissatisfaction.
Doesnt work with case
Applied the screen protector, which worked great, but the moment I put the phone back on the case the screen protector peeled off on both sides. The case is also made by Olixir
Outstanding customer service when I was in the wrong!
I ordered the standard P20 glass cover in error and explained this to customer services who sent out a Pro version free of charge, even though the mistake was totally my fault. Will definitely be using mobile fun again and will be recommending them to others.
Great Product, fast shipping
Thank you, MobileFun team for great quality and fast shipping. Will buy again soon! Haven't tested screen protector yet because i have other one installed already, so this is for the future :)
Long Term Review - Good but with one annoying drawback
I bought one of these back in Sep 2018. It fits well, is smooth to the touch in use, very clear and doesn't interfere with using the phone BUT it has one increasingly irritating drawback... The design allows DUST to get under the protector glass. To start with it's barely noticeable but as time goes by more and more dust gets underneath. I now have an area around 60 x 25 mm in the top right corner which has a cloud of dust specks. The design uses microdots of adhesive which leaves a small air-gap between it and the screen. This prevents both optical fringing effects and slightly cushions the effect of an impact, but because the edge of the protector doesn't have a bead of adhesive around it to seal it, it allows dust to get into the air-gap. If you keep your phone in your pocket like I do then fabric dust gets under the protector glass. The only way to remove it would be to remove the protector and clean it. Even if it could be done without breaking it, the chances of being able to be re-fit it and it still staying firmly in place are small. It's a pity as this issue spoils an otherwise great product and I've reduced my rating from 5* to 3* as a consequence.
Very fragile around the edges BUT
I've bought this twice now. The first time round I was un impressed as I had cracks and chips around the edges after the first day of putting it on even though I had never dropped or bashed the phone. But the real test came when I dropped it face down on our drive the other day and it cracked it very badly so I had to buy a new one to put on. It has done the job because my screen underneath is completely fine and not cracked or scratched so I've bought another one. I'm interested to see if this one cracks around the edges very quickly too or if it was just a dud the first time round.
Easy to fit
Easy to fit and so far so good, the real test will be if I drop my phone, but seems good so far. Case still fits OK.
Fantastic product
Needed a really good protective cover for my new Pro 20
Researched all the reviews, this product got outstanding feedback from customers, I bought one and am really happy with it, outstanding quality
Glass screen protector
Clear instructions easy to put on thank you very much great project
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