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Olixar Huawei Mate 20 Pro Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 3 stars from 44 customers

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Must Have Protection
Bought this screen protector and am so happy with it .very easy to instal it to my phone and really is a premium product.has a very strong edge to it to protect your phone.5 *
Thank you again
Excellent service
Right item again received
Great product and service
Easy, efficient delivery. Hence, ordered a cover and case for my son's new Samsung phone - A+ highly recommended
Constantly clicks
This screen protector went on really well with no bubble and is actually clear,not like the cheaper ones which are milky. However when it comes to actually pressing on screen it constantly clicks so much so I had to take it off after two days. This is because the screen protector does not stick to the full screen just around the screen I had Brough 2 screen protectors for me and my husband who is a jointer. He had to take his off due to the clicking and the dust collecting underneath the screen protector after 1 day. Really bad product
Very bad design
There is something wrong with the design of this product.
The surface facing the phone was barely adhesive. The screen protector was only attached due to the black ribbon all around that was a bit more sticky. When using the phone I could feel and hear that there is a gap between the protector and the phone.
I ended by putting it in the bin. Very disappointing!
Broke when applying
Broke when applying it bent at little and cracked everywhere. Now I have no screen protector and wasted my money
Protects at a price
Excent screen protector but limits the functions on the Mate Pro 20. Knuckle gestures do not work and finger print reconition struggles. If you can live without these functions then it is excellent, I could not.
Fits Perfectly But With Some Effect On Fingerprint Recognition
The Olixar Mate 20 Pro Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector is easy to fit to your phone and fit's the device perfectly (watch the video if unsure). Also, it has a crystal clear and easy to keep clean.

I used mine with the UAG custom case which was designed for the phone which was recommended not the cheapest but no issues with this cover.

I was told some of the Chinese cases from places like eBay might not fit quite as well. Who knows?

The only downside is that the fingerprint recognition does not seem to be as effective a before I fitted it.

I actually use either face recognition and the old fashioned password so isn't a major bother to me but might annoy some people.

All in all, it looks great does the job or at least it seems to but I am not dropping my phone to find out.

It's crystal clear and you would barely know it was there. It would get 5 stars if the fingerprint recognition worked better but guess that's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Would still recommend it to friends and family who have this phone.
Great product and service
The cover fits well and protects the screen giving peace of mind. My first purchase did crack however, no quibble guarantee and replacement. This company understand the tenets of good customer service. Highly recommended.
No time lag
With face recognition and setting direct on settings phone opens lock instantly with the glass screen protecto fittedr.
Sent promply
Fits like a glove
Well worth it, product is really good quality, supplier was helpful with shipping issues definitely recommend
Impedes the screen function
Utterly useless. It sticks to the phone only by a tiny adhesive stip on the protector's edges, thus creating a void between the protector and the screen surfaces. This means the original smoothness of the screen finger operation is no longer there as you have to press repeatedly at times to achieve the same result. Not to mention operating close to or on the edges, that becomes totally random to impossible. Very frustrating. And expensive. Stay wasted.
very poor quality
i bought this product in the hope it would pretect my new phone, however twice the screen protector has broken in my pocket, with out me doing anything to cause it. its very fragile and in my opinion not fit for purpose, give gone over to just a simple screen protector now as its more reliable and works with the fingerprint sensor.,
i would not recommend this product.
I won't buy it again
followed instructions via QR we link, stuck reasonably well for the first couple hours. Then the edges would stick properly. If it stuck down properly, that would have outweighed the altered touchscreen functionality. But it didn't. Won't be buying again.
Not good enough
The fingerprint is not working and sensivity of the screen is very bad..u must hit the screen hard with the finger to be able to use it ..
The only good thing is bubble free after the instalation, for this 1*
Not fitting flush enough due to curve - hard key press required on edges.
Doesn't fit
The glue only seems to be around the edge of the glass rather than across the entire screen. So there is a very small gap between screen and phone which, as it is for a touch screen phone, reduces how well your touch screen works.

Not covered under mobile funs refund policy so don't bother buying
Doesn't fit well and lifts easily on the sides even with no cover on back. Very expensive for what it is, lasted 2 days before there was grit and stuff stuck under the edge.
Great New Cover
This is a better version which fits snug and clearly on the screen
Not great
Lost screen sensitivity, plus it didn't seem to fit properly with the case I bought. Couldn't get it to stick very well. The more I used the phone the looser it got. Once it came off the phone I couldn't get it to stick back on again.
The cover looks good and on first impression will fit well. However, the glue is only around the edge of the screen cover meaning it doesn't fit completely against the screen. This made it hard to type anything. Safe to say it wasn't on long!
Finger print
If it worked 100% is a good screen protector works like it should HOWEVER it does not work as good as made out It has a few problems around the delete button when the qwerty keyboard is up and obvious it does have problem I understand it in screen but dont get this screen protector thinking its going to work 100% because it doesn't. As a conclusion

If you want protection and the ability to move the protector once applyed then YES!!!

However if you a want a screen protector that has is 80-90% accurate and has a few keyboard issues then
Please find other

???? N4T3 ????
Not the best
Easy to apply and looks like the real deal but did not fit comfortably with my case (northcase eiger) a pretty common case manufacturer.

Also finger print scanner harder to read and edges of screen ie back buttons drop down menu etc less responsive

Dropped once and cracked the protector completely - so it protected the phone but protector is completely useless now and I'm shopping for a new one
Good product
Should be durable long lasting
Not great
It took couple times to get it in place with the sticky tab guides. No instructions how to use it so had to YouTube "how to". Only two failed attempts meant a small part of the sticky tab lost its stick and I had to throw it away. The cleaning cloth left streakes, as opposed to clean streaks off. The only good part of this screen prote tor was the alcahol wipe.
It is good but has a few querks????
This is a quality screen cover very snug fit and I feel much better for paying the extra to have a solid piece rather than the flimsy ones you can get. However one issue on the edges you have to press harder for the delete button and enter. I think it's the shape even through I have pressed it down lots of times also the fingerprint now does not always work very annoying I would say for safety 10/10 usage 7/10
I don’t like the product
I don’t like the product it’s very poor quality
I did use for one day it’s broken
Poor quality
Not happy about this
Works great! Looks good! but.......
It will not work together with the Olixar Mate 20 Pro GEL case.
However, It does work well with the Olixar tough snap on case, they both fit perfectly
It broke after four days.
The item I believe isn't very fit for Purpose. The screen protector broke after four days and this certainly didn't have any drops etc as its a brand new phone and I have been very careful.
The screen protector also doesn't allow the finger print scanner to work either.

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