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Olixar HTC One M8 Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your HTC One M8 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 5-in-1 Pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44379
$10.61 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 14 customers

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works as its meant to
The screen protectors are great! Work a treat! I had to use two as the first try left a few bubbles, but that's why I bought the 5-in-1 pack
Good product
Service and communication excellent. Product excellent. Delivery from UK.
An excellent product, highly recommended.
There are many similar products on the market, but this one from MobileZap stands above the rest.
For this price it was a bargain
I've just got this pack recently and really satisfied so far. For this price it was a bargain and got it in an acceptable timeframe (based on i'm overseas). The desk holder looks great and useful as well it can hold the phone while it's connected to my computer. Screen protector is a must it perfectly fits and invisible. Haven't tried the car holder and charger yet though but the cover is better then the one i got with the phone (it's transparent so you can see the back of the phone). Great products for great price...
good eventually
Good product but not easy to keep out bubbles. Used a few before one stuck.
great product
5 of the screen savers,it took me a couple of goes,as normal with any screensaver,to get it right and I'm 200%happy.I've got spares for later if needed,great value and I would buy again.
Highly recommended
Delivery very quick.
1st attempt was poor - I took too long and got specks of dust under screen protector.
2nd attempt was good - I don't even know I have a screen protector on.
Highly recommended.
No Bubbles left behind!
Wow! I cant believe it! I actually managed to get the screen protector on PERFECTLY! It was all sorted only on the second attempt! Admittedly, the first attempt was the cats fault for being so dam hairy and jumping at the screen cloth on my lap at time of screen protector application!!! Result?...cat getting ejected from room for attempt number two!
The screen protector went on faultlessly, with only one bubble that was removed easily with card supplied in pack. The fit is great, with only a tiny gap around edge to the screen. There is no drag from it either, unlike a lot of protectors out there these days! (Cat is allowed back in room now!) No animals were hurt in installation of the screen protector! I hope this review helps you!
Very good sight everything is all good
Good Value
Pretty much your standard screen protectors.
The height fits the glass front of the M8 and the width is a couple of milimeters thinner.
Haven't had any issues yet. There's 5 protectors in the pack, so good value for your monies or if you make any application mistakes.
great screen covers
These are very reasonable and incredibly easy to use screen protectors
In A Class of their own..
I've purchased many cheaper screen savers from other web sites such as Ebay, and they've sort of done the job, but have either not lasted very long, fallen off, or just not really been up to the job, and I guess that's why they were cheap. The MFX Screen protectors however are in a class of their own, much stronger, better made, put it on the screen in one application, and then use the small piece of card to smooth out any remaining air pockets and it's JOB DONE!

Well done MFX, these protectors really work well. I can honestly say hand on heart I recommend these to you.

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