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Olixar HTC 10 Full Cover TPU Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your HTC 10 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant full cover TPU screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59205

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$7.83 inc VAT
 2.8 stars from 14 customers

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Better than nothing but not much
Not recommended. Really very difficult to apply to screen. On placing carefully on the screen, was very difficult to peel the front off. The protector preferred to stick to it rather than the screen. Once finally applying, the protector is really quite sticky which is not pleasant to use, especially swipe typing. Also it attracts dust which sticks around the edges where you don't touch the screen as much.
Waste of money
I bought a few bits and pieces from MobileFun over the years but none proved to be as useless as these screen protectors.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Make sure you watch our video on how to apply.
As advertised
Could use larger print on directions for applying properly. Delivery and customer service is awesome.
its awsome
this is really great. feels awsome with my HTC 10
Difficult to apply
I found the product instruction details inadequate and consequently had difficulty applying the producst to my phone.
Followed instructions to the letter, screen protector would not adhere to the screen. Same issue on both of the included protectors. Complete waste of money. Plenty of options, get a different one.
Attracts fingerprints
The film is fine, has a grippy feel that seems to attract lots of finger prints
Excellent clarity
Ordering from Mobilefun has been a pleasant experience.
Tried sticking with this, but ripped it off in the end
tried sticking with this, but ripped it off in the end as like trying to use phone after 3-4 small children with very sticky hands had been touching the screen,was hoping after a few weeks it would be ok,(it wasn't) the stars are for the fit, which is very good, everything lines up as it should be, Just a pity about the sticky screen, the HTC10 actually has Gorilla Glass 4,virtually impossible to scratch on a day to day basis,But still i like to have a good screen protector,for peace of mind if nothing else, Going to try a different make on mobilefun,shall let u know how i get on..
Really good
I was surprised at how good it was given the price. Im really happy with it.
Not overly impressed with these, I know that the HTC10 doesn't really need a screen protector, but I always have them on all my phones first one I tried messed up totally 2nd one was ok, good fit, +it's curved, but will probably rip it off and get a different make as it's very tacky to the touch very hard to use a keyboard where u slide from letter to letter, when the screen feels like it has dried sugar water on it if you get what I mean, tried cleaning but it's just to sticky, recommend buy a different make.
Lousy screen protector
Very hard to apply, and it is very sticky. A good dust magnet on your phone if you want that

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