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Olixar High Power UK 2.5A USB Mains Charger Reviews

Designed to quickly charge tablets, smartphones and so much more, the Universal High Power USB Mains Adapter delivers 2.5 Amps to fast-charge even the largest of devices. Compact and portable this universal charger can be taken anywhere.
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Designed to quickly charge tablets, smartphones and so much more, the Universal High Power USB Mains Adapter delivers 2.5 Amps to fast-charge even the largest of devices. Compact and portable this universal charger can be taken anywhere.
 4.5 stars from 24 customers

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Great service
Very useful. Charger
I buy one of these whenever I buy a device that has a USB charging lead. Reasonbly priced and efficient.
Great charger.
Bought two of these and very happy with the product. They arrived quickly too .
Recommend charger and company .
What computer system it was compatible with.
Brilliant product
Works as intended
The description was spot on so no problems buying.
Good Charger for my iPad
This charger appears to do all that is advertised - have only had it for a few weeks but all is ok up to date. Supplier responded quickly to my order and item was delivered well packaged. Would buy this or any other product from this supplier.
Worth having
Comes in handy for a lot of cables that use for a usb lead worth having
High power
My old iPad would only charge to 50% before using this. Very pleased to avoid buying a replacement iPad.
First time using this site. Overall good product, charge well and fast! just that is taking a bit long in delivery.
Excellent product and great service
This is the second charger I have bought and I am still using the first one..........highly recommended
Good bit of kit
Bought to power a Clever Dog discreet camera, I only needed about 1.3A, but I wanted a bit of spare capacity as the camera would be running 24/7. I've bought Olixar kit before, never had a problem so far. Quite happy to buy Olixar again
Excellent service.
This product was well described on the internet site, the delivery was swift, and the price competitive.
Very good
That the charger was black and the cable white
Better than original charger
My original charger not charging. I search for a replacement. This Olixar replaced my original charger and also can charge all other phones. Fantastic!
Brilliant ,just what i needed. Does a splended job and quickly.
This charger along with the usb port is a marvelous replacement for the original which stopped charging. I Think it is also quicker than the original.
Replacement Working fine so far!
The first one we purchased had a fault but the company replaced it immediately which was excellent service. We have not used the replacement for too long but every thing is O.k. so far so that is why we are unable to give it full marks but so far so good!
Charges fast but not with cables supplied
The phone charge rate was impressive but only with alternative cables. The Olixar Universal Power, Data & Sync Cable - Micro USB failed to connect correctly and would not charge my Samsung Galaxy s3.
Just the job
Arrived in good time. Does the job very well.
Lets say 'Yes'
The power supply initially supplied was faulty and took 2 hours to charge a few percent. Contact with Customer Services initially offered a replacement as it had "gone faulty within the guarantee period" whereas it had arrived already faulty. A more detailed email exchange with the Head of Customer Services was very helpful and resulted in the despatch of a replacement. This is much better, but I'm comparison testing with the original Samsung charger and this will take a bit longer to report on. Head of Customer Services explained the limitations of the charging current drawn by the Tab Pro and the fact that it's virtually impossible to add peripheral devices - e.g. USB DVD drive & USB mouse / memory card reader / charger input multi-adaptor - and draw enough current to charge at all, just because the TAB Pro is not designed to do that. I suggested an adaptor could be made which separately drove the external components from the external power supply via a MOSFET switch etc. and still charge the computer battery from the same charger, but I've yet to discover one for sale. So, the higher output of a power supply such as this will be of limited use in my application, but should be fine where the current drawn isn't limited by manufacturer's design limitations. Would you recommend this product to a friend or colleague? Maybe - depends what they want to use it for - lets say 'Yes'.
Good quality wall charger
Good quality wall charger. Charges the phone much quicker than the standard charger supplied with phone.
Works straight out of the box
Nice and simple, you just plug the charging cable in to the charger and plug the charger. in to the mains socket. The width of the charger is the same as a standard plug, so it fits into a gang plug without blocking any other sockets. It is slightly longer than a standard plug, but the extra length is at the bottom of the charger (when plugged into a wall socket). The charging cable goes in the same orientation as a standard plug and cable, so for a gang plug with two rows of sockets it should still not block other sockets
Strong and stable power supply
Gives a fast charge and has proved robust and reliable like all the Olixar products I have bought.
very good product
charges my phone from zero to 100% in less than an hour roughly. has made the issue of phone charging disappear. never knew this was even possible. quick delivery and efficient service from mobilefun. great company, will use again for sure. thank you.

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