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Olixar High Power UK 2.4A USB Mains Charger Reviews

Designed to quickly charge tablets, smartphones and so much more, the Universal High Power USB Mains Adapter delivers 2.4 Amps to fast-charge even the largest of devices. Compact and portable this universal charger can be taken anywhere.
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 4.6 stars from 95 customers

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Lets say 'Yes'
The power supply initially supplied was faulty and took 2 hours to charge a few percent. Contact with Customer Services initially offered a replacement as it had "gone faulty within the guarantee period" whereas it had arrived already faulty. A more detailed email exchange with the Head of Customer Services was very helpful and resulted in the despatch of a replacement. This is much better, but I'm comparison testing with the original Samsung charger and this will take a bit longer to report on. Head of Customer Services explained the limitations of the charging current drawn by the Tab Pro and the fact that it's virtually impossible to add peripheral devices - e.g. USB DVD drive & USB mouse / memory card reader / charger input multi-adaptor - and draw enough current to charge at all, just because the TAB Pro is not designed to do that. I suggested an adaptor could be made which separately drove the external components from the external power supply via a MOSFET switch etc. and still charge the computer battery from the same charger, but I've yet to discover one for sale. So, the higher output of a power supply such as this will be of limited use in my application, but should be fine where the current drawn isn't limited by manufacturer's design limitations. Would you recommend this product to a friend or colleague? Maybe - depends what they want to use it for - lets say 'Yes'.
Good quality wall charger
Good quality wall charger. Charges the phone much quicker than the standard charger supplied with phone.
Works straight out of the box
Nice and simple, you just plug the charging cable in to the charger and plug the charger. in to the mains socket. The width of the charger is the same as a standard plug, so it fits into a gang plug without blocking any other sockets. It is slightly longer than a standard plug, but the extra length is at the bottom of the charger (when plugged into a wall socket). The charging cable goes in the same orientation as a standard plug and cable, so for a gang plug with two rows of sockets it should still not block other sockets
Strong and stable power supply
Gives a fast charge and has proved robust and reliable like all the Olixar products I have bought.
very good product
charges my phone from zero to 100% in less than an hour roughly. has made the issue of phone charging disappear. never knew this was even possible. quick delivery and efficient service from mobilefun. great company, will use again for sure. thank you.
It does its job
It works well. Exactly what the description says.
Everything as promised. I ordered this for a spare charger. Great product
Good quality
This is exactly as described and adds ease to charging my daughters new iPhone 7
Excellent charger!
I bought this charger along with the suggested cable and find it quickly charges my Hudl 2. I wasn't sure if the Hudl 2's original charger was the problem, of it not charging, or the Hudl itself. I tried my Samsung chargers, but it took hours! This charger is charging as fast as the original one.
Highly recommended,
Good product
Does a good job of fast-charging your phone
Previous chargers i have had would heat up,take forever to charge {sometimes never charge} or they were flimsy and would break easily but this Olixar High power charger is made of sterner stuff,very strong make,never overheats,charges very quickly,a 5 star charger if there ever was one.I will definitely buy again from Mobilefun,great service and quick delivery.
Very pleased
Didn't even know what it was I was looking for but your help team directed me and their advice was spot on.
Seems like a quality product and I received it very quickly and it was well packaged.
Will use again.
Solid performance
Nice and solid piece of kit. Am not sure if it truly charges quicker than any of the 1A chargers but certainly a nice sound item with not too high a price tag either compared with some of its rivals.
Speedy charger
I wanted an additional charger that I could use with a more robust cable than the one Apple supplies. This charger was ideal - easy to plug in and unplu. It charges rapidly, exactly as I hoped.
Trustworthy power
Often you see offers of power supplies at unbelievable rates. I've bought a load of them and all have failed after a short period. Some have fallen apart some have failed electronically and some have just not worked as promised. This plug is just perfect - it's robust and trustworthy. It's not the cheapest on the market but buying them is just a false economy that will cost you in the end. I can highly recommend this one for quality and durability.
High power charger & Lead
Fast & efficient service, excellent delivery! Very good charger and lead and chargers very quick, much better than my old one! Good value for money.
just what i needed
Goit a new phone the charger last a week and where I purchased it wouldn't do nothing and said they would sell me one for £26.
I refused and thank goodness I used mobile fun before so headed straight for the site got the product cheaper and usual quickly so I was grateful, all I have is praise for the site and always recommend them to family and friends. Keep up the good work.
Great power
I would give this 5 stars because the plug is very fast at charging my phone even with any cable you have. It's a really great charger plug.I use the high power cable for charging my phone which charges it even faster. They are both great prices too. I am definetly going to be buying more things for my phone on here in the future!! *****!
A charger that actually charges !
After buying numerous chargers on ebat and Amazon , 2 of which actually went on fire..
And most only working for 2 days..
I finally found this site and the reviews were excellent..May have cost a little more than I usually paid but at least my phone now charges within the hour and not 24 !!
Excellent product and service. Will recommend you to my friends !
Best buy
Phone chargers are a bug bear of mine, have had so many duff ones! So it was with fear & trepidation I decided to buy this one from Mobile Fun for mine & my son's Samsung Galaxy phones. Delivery took a while but at last I have one which actually works! Charging is speedy & connector snug fit. Only small complaint would have liked longer cable. All in all though very happy with buy. Recommended.
Rapid Return
Thanks for my order to be completed on the very next day.
Does what it is designed for very well
Does what it is designed for very well.
As described and quick to be delivered.
worked once
didn't want to buy a cheap charger and this has good reviews so looked good. Unfortunately it charged once then stopped working. The returns policy simple so hopefully will get a working replacement soon.
spot on.
Delighted with this charger. Purchased others which were rubbish and more expensive. Well done.
great charger
just what my son needed . got him a new phone for Christmas no charger. great little charger
Not Sure
This was bought as a replacement for the Tesco Hudl charger that went missing. It seemed to working fine until this morning when I found that an overnight charge hadn't managed to be completed. I don't know whether to blame the charger or the Hudl. However it managed to complete it later that morning. I cannot complain about service I received from the product provider. It arrived in rapid time and was exactly to order. Thanks
Perfect charger for our sons Hudl 2 and any other devices that draw large current. It stays cool, charges quickly and the cable fits securely, which many others don't.
Spot on
My item was spot on. I had bought several similar chargers which were absolute rubbish and ended up in the bin!!!!, ie the prongs were broken off one set on arrival, it would take too long to go into details about the other two. I am a very happy customer and would certainly use this company again. My item was first class, with more features than the others, and a bigger bonus, cheaper than the other three. It arrived within 2 days, what more can I say??????.
Great replacement
Bought this charger for my daughters Hudl pad after her original disintegrated didn't know what to expect but have to say it has surprised us both. It is very sturdy and works a treat well worth what I paid for it and I would recommend it to others
This charger is not as discribed
I bought the said charger expecting it to be a very fast charger I found it was no faster than the standard Samsung wall charger which is much cheaper It was also advertised with a LED light on whichcome on when fully charged, this was not on the one I got delivered. I regard the charger I got delivered as not being the one I saw advertised and poor value for money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John, sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can resolve this issue.
Good, works well and fast
Good, works well and fast and delivered fast no problems.
charger for hudle 2
very good product arrived safely well packed got my hudle up and running again !
Excellent product
Ordered this device at a very busy time (christmas), couldn't believe how quick it came definitely order from you again!
USB Mains 2.1 amp Charger 51220
Having bought this item as a spare/backup for my Hudl 2 it eventually did charge after two days! Returned charger and was sent a replacement still no good. Spoke to Customer Services to explain, they were very helpful and sent a different more expensive charger FOC as a nice gesture. All good now thanks to Mobile Fun. Will certainly buy from them again.
Does the job
The charger works perfectly with the Hudl and actually appears stronger at the connection (the part that broke on the original). It arrived when it said it would and wasn't a bad price.
Highly recommended
Bought a Charger for my Moto G. Very pleased with the item. Well packaged and prompt delivery. Wouldn't hesitate to order from you again, and fully recommend you. Thanku
hudl charger
The charger was meant to be a super fast charger unfortunately it takes 24 hours to fully charge my daughters hudl although i do think this is probably because of a fault with the hudl which im taking up with the manufacturer thank you x
MobileFun Reply
Hi Deb

Hope you manage to gain some assistance from the Hudl manufacturer on this issue, it does sound like it is a hardware fault with the tablet itself. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Great Product
Bought two of these so far, work fine with both iPhone 5 and Sony Xperia
So glad I bought it
I bought the High power 2.1a usb mains charger for my Samsung galaxy 4 - the charger that came with the phone is useless and takes hours (and hours) - this charger is great, charges quickly and means that my mobile is so much more mobile as I don't have to leave it at home on charge all the time - good buy would recommend
My life saver
I lost my charger on a recent visit out of the country. I bought this to teplace it and it has been my lifesaver.
Does the job
The product is compatable with the Hudl and actually better quality than the one that we had to replace.
Sorted Hudl Problem
I had almost given up on my daughter's Hudl2 due to charging port problems and what I thought was a knackered battery. Turns out I needed a decent plug like this micro USB and its length of only 1 metre, which sends the right current to the device. I also learned to always power off the device while it charges.
A better charger than the original one!
I was having problems with the charger originally supplied with my Nexus 4 - it was taking hours and hours to charge and would sometimes stop charging half way through. I'd try to charge overnight, only to find that in the morning instead of being fully charged, my phone was completely dead! Most annoying.
Although this USB Mains Charger from Mobile Fun is not cheap, it works perfectly and charges my Nexus in a fraction of the time that the original charger managed to do, even before it started to go doolally! I didn't want to buy a cheap charger in case it blew up or something, so I think this charger was well worth the outlay for both peace of mind and its effectiveness.
Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin
Although its more expensive than some of the equivalent items, its of s better quality and can do two jobs. It can plug into the mains and also into the USB port on your laptop.
Super job on my smartpghone
This was bought to charge my Hudl2, and it arrived well-packed and on time. However it did not charge My Hudl at all, although it does a super job on my smartpghone.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tim

This charger should charge the Hudl 2 absolutely fine, very strange. Please contact our Customer Services team and we will try and figure out with you what the issue might be.
Does what it says on the tin!
As far as replacement chargers go this ones the bee's knees. It's robust and the cable seems durable, it's not too flexible at the connecting ends (this is usually where they split!) And firmly fits the charging ports!
The description led me to believe I was buying a genuine charger for my make and model so I was concerned it was a universal one...but wasn't disappointed in the end!
Ideal USB charger plug
It works well
It's a piece of accessories I really needed for my new mobile phone it works well as I expected it would delivered on the day that it would well packaged all is good thank you
Suitable for Hudl
That it was suitable for Hudl.And it is
extremely pleased with purchase
This was the only website which gave a clear picture and description of the charger I needed for my new Kindle .
The whole process of buying was simple with next day delivery, it just cant be beaten. Would totally recommend , and will definitely use again.
excellent product
This charger is just fabulous, I can charge my mobile phone and my Tablet at the same time and its so amazing how quick it charges ,absolutely amazing,there is no led light on the plug but I just love how you can charge two devices up at the same time and there both charged in a short time, absolutely the best
Great Charger
Good quality Charger. Does just what it says on the box. The only drawback is the length of cable - very short.
The item is of good quality
I have never used this site before but I was pleased that it arrived on time. And the item is of good quality
Good to go.
The charger of solid quality and does the job well...Cable supplied is of good quality too... I would have given 5 had the plug had charging light... Happy so far with the product..
love this new charger as it is a lot faster than the original charger that's came with my hudl. also charges up phones too so I can save on carrying too many cables
I can certainly recommend them
It took me some time to find what I considered a reliable plug supplier.
Price was competative and was delivered on time.
After testing it was clear that my charger plug had been useless for some time. When I started using this plug with either of my 2 leads it charged up a lot quicker and phone retained the charge longer.
I can certainly recommend them
Bought another one of these a few months back and works perfectly and had no hesitation in ordering another.
Came on time and as described
Came on time and as described
described. Stopped working after two weeks though.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kelly

Please contact our Customer Services team so we can send a replacement for you.
Not High Enough Power
I bought this because it was advertised as a charger for a hudl 2. I was looking forward to receiving this as I had been using my big standard low power phone charger which was taking ages. This charger however, took a whole day to charge just to 82%!!! The wall plug has all the same specifications on it as the hudl charger so I am confused as to why it takes so long.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sarah

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item.

Sounds like you have a faulty unit, please contact our Customer Services team for a replacement.
What can I say, this product was delivered even quicker than I thought - great service. It works perfectly and is described as delivered.
Really happy with the product and the service I received - use this site again? Of course I will.
Excellent bit of hardware
This charger is so fast it charged my tablet before I'd even plugged it in!
Works great
The devices I bought works great. It's all standard and as indicated on the specifications. Thumps up to the seller.
Definitely recommend
This definitely does what it set out to do. If you're looking for a charger that switches off when the phone is fully charged I definitely recommend this one. I don't need to worry about my phone over heating over night anymore.
Works just as it should
Works just as it should usb cables slip in with ease like it should !
Brilliant gizmo to get the most from the new Moto G
Motorola have released an excellent product with the 3rd generation Moto G. Increased battery capacity and a pared down, almost pure android operating system mean a long battery life.

However, as with previous moto phones, UK customers do not receive a charger but only a USB cable. Full charge was taking nearly 5 hours!

I found this charger on mobilefun, and it charges the phone quickly with no fuss. Seems well made and has a small form so easy to pack for travelling. Highly recommended. Delivery was hassle free.
Çharges my phone quickly
Ordered late on a Thursday, arrived on Saturday. Çharges my phone quickly. Very satisfied
Charge my tablet and phone at the same time
Got the item as a back up so I could charge my tablet and phone at the same time.
Great piece of kit
Charges my phone in super quick time. Seems to be quality built as well!
It works
While I have not done comparative timing it does appear to be faster than the original mains charger for my S5, certainly faster than from a USB port. Came with a long USB - a bonus.
A very efficient charger!
The charger did the job quickly and efficiently. 10 out of 10! :-)
This was exactly what I needed, as an oap new to smart phones I found the website easy to use, so got the correct item quickly.
Charges very slowly
Charger works but charges very slowly.
Olixar High Power 2.1A USB
The charger is rapid and effective. A good product at an attractive price.
Does what it says it will.
Does what it says it will.
I am very happy with this Charger, it charges my mobile phone very quickly and seems to be of a far better quality than the one I had before. Would I buy this again in the future, if I need another charger, this would be top of the list.
Great charger for S3
I ordered this because the earth pin snapped off the Samsung original charger. This one seems to charge a lot quicker and has proved to be an excellent purchase.
Perfect for charging my phone away from home
Arrived very promptly, and worked first time.
I will not be travelling anywhere without it.
Many thanks and a good job all round.
It does what it says on the box. This charges my phone very quickly and really pleased. What else can I say, the product feels robust, not like one I purchased before and the price was very keenly priced.
Perfect for charging my phone away from home
This charger works perfectly with my phone and was delivered dead on time by Royal Mail.
Overall 10/10 for Mobile Fun.
Nice work all round
Excellent Value
Bought as a replacement charger for my Nexus 7 tablet and was a bit dubious at first, once it arrive, which was very quick, it worked perfectly. I have told a few of my friends about MobileFun and will use your company again.
Value for Money, really good!
Really good charger, nice style, compact, good material and of course, easy to plug.
The package included charger, cable and receive.

I didn't rate 5 stars because I was expecting the cable a bit longer but I'm using it to plug my mobile into the laptop.
very good
I am very pleased with my order
Cheap construction
Delivered promptly. Ordered two. The adaptor casing on the lead of one of the chargers broke after a couple of uses.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Niall

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Please contact us for a replacement.
Not the one shown on site
Item received is not the same as advertised!! This plug does not have LED status indicator as shown on the image on the site.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sandra

The mains charger you have received is exactly the same specification, except we had a few without the LED light unfortunately.

If this is an issue for you, please contact us and we will send you the exact product listed on the site.
Great one!
It charges my phone almost twice as fast as my previous charger so that makes it an amazing one.
Excelent service and product
high speed charger
The charger works great. Biggest problem (which I didn't realise when I ordered) is that it has a UK plug and I live in Australia. No problem 'tho' I just used an Aussie adaptor.
Google nexus charger
Product arrived very fast and works great
olixar mains charger
this item was as described and delivered quickly. It charged my nexus7 faster than my previous one
Overall Excellent
Charges a lot faster than the charger I got with the phone, although whilst charging functions are impaired i.E. if answering a text, whilst typing, it may go straight to "send" when you haven't finished, or change the keyboard to number function. 4 stars though for the charging time.
Fast charger for S6 Edge
Really impressed with this mains charger, was faster than I had expected. Takes 95 mins to charge the S6 edge from 0 to 100 percent
Excellent Service
The charging time for my Nexus 7 is really quick, and I now use this charger for a number of other devices.
Note 4 fast charger
I ordered the Note 4 fast charger and it came very quickly. The charger was exactly as described and functions perfectly great value compared to an official Samsung charger which was 3 times more expensive and this one does exactly the same thing! Would defo recommend this charger for any galaxy series phone as it seriously speeds up the time it takes to charge these power hungry beasts. Great product from MobileFun
Goods and Service - Excellent
Prompt delivery of an excellent product which is ideal for charging my
Nexus 7 tablet.

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