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Olixar HD 720p Universal USB Webcam With Microphone - Black Reviews

The Olixar 720p Webcam is the perfect accessory to enhance your Zoom & Skype calls when working from home or calling family & friends. Featuring a built-in microphone and crystal clear 720p video this camera will keep you looking sharp on your calls.
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The Olixar 720p Webcam is the perfect accessory to enhance your Zoom & Skype calls when working from home or calling family & friends. Featuring a built-in microphone and crystal clear 720p video this camera will keep you looking sharp on your calls.
 4.7 stars from 21 customers

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Excellent value
Produces a better picture than my Macbook camera, works flawlessly.
Simple cheap and effective
I had doubts that this camera/microphone would be of sufficient quality before buying. It turns out that it fulfilled my requirements perfectly - and cheaply.
Great HD Quality
This product has greatly helped my video conferencing ability it has made visual crisper and clearer which has helped in many of my activities, it sits ideally in a position of ease and I am able to position it according to my needs. It is a great versatile tool, which I have also used personally too for Vlogging
So easy to use
I'm not very technical but this was super easy to use and gave geat audio and video to the receiver.

I would recommend using this for everyone who needs a webcam without hesitation.
Good for the Job
Just needed a webcam with reasonable picture and sound at a good price. This fits the bill and I'm happy with it.
Olixar HD 720p Universal USB
I looked at this product and need a web cam with mic.
Ordered 2 of the above and am very pleased with the product.
It functions very well.
It is fairly small and compact.
Just the thing I was looking for
I wanted to know if the picture would be clear. Also the microphone sound would be sharp and clear without any interference. And how it would fit on the screen.
Olixar HD 720p Universal USB
I looked at this online and looked at other web cams. I am pleased to buy the above item. It works a treat.
I have one issue in that a rectangular box appears on my second screen and I am currently in e mail correspondence with Mobile Fun team to resolve the issue.

Good Webcam
Delivers a significant improvement on video quality for calls and very easy to set up. I use it clipped to the top of my second monitor (used as my primary display rather than my laptop screen) meaning I'm able to look in the direction of the person I'm speaking to during video call presentations.
Webcam success
Easy to install and set up. Sits lightly in the top of my laptop screen. Gives a good direct image and much better than my default Dell camera which is at the bottom left of my screen.
HD 720P Universal USB webcam with Mic
This product looks as if it will fit the bill. Picture quality looks good and microphone does the job. I use voip phone via computer so time will tell on the audio.
I would have given it an interim 5* but the mount needed a bit of additional "packing" to make it sit securely atop one of the computer screens. Other than that all ok.
Good - nd not so good
The quality of this webcam is a great improvement over what it replaced with higher definition and a wider aspect, but the microphone is a big step backwards, so I shall be investing in a proper studio mic as well.
Great Device
This provides the ideal solution to the user who wishes to use the likes of "Zoom" from a Desktop P.C. Literally "Plug and Play" - no knowledge required to get started. Perfect combination of Camera and Microphone for P.C. use and employing either an earphone or P.C. internal speaker for audio reception.
Great Product
Well built camera with good mounting flexibility to attach to computer. I really liked the mount option incorporated into the bracket that allows the camera to be mounted on a tripod. Video and audio are clear when using. Would recommend.
Webcam with Microphone
Works really well, comes included with a mic. 720p, nice size and fit.
Webcam with Microphone
Overall great product, the resolution is 720p, 1080p would be good but does its job! Fast set up, no issues.
Better than Logitech for MacBook Pro
I have tested this side by side with my old Logitech C920 and this Olixar webcam is better quality. I think it is the face brightening software which seems to do a good job. Plus it has good autofocus.

It is definitely far better than the built in macbook, pro "facetime HD" camera which always seems grainy and faces are orangey.

The Olixar webcam is a solid upgrade over the built in macbook pro webcam.

On a mac it is plug and play but if you want to fiddle with the settings, you can use an app from the app store called "Webcam Settings". Personally I couldn't really beat the default settings coming from the Olixar webcam and it seems much easier to improve my lighting than it is to fiddle with webcam settings.
Very good value
Works with no installation, very good definition and excellent value
Very clear picture
Clips to the top of the screen and seems seems secure provided you leave it alone. Will detach if you try adjusting the angle so best to get it set up before you need to use it. Initial problem with the microphone appears to have been rectified by using a different USB port.
Excellent Piece Of Kit!
I wanted to know exactly what this webcam is capable of. On receipt I am delighted with its performance. Only negative concerns the green screen provision where edges of subject tend to 'shudder' against the background. Otherwise a great purchase.
Good Product
Plugged it in and it just worked, good quality and resolution

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