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Olixar GripMount Pro Case Compatible Universal Car Holder Reviews

Hold your mobile device safely and comfortably in the car with this universal car holder from Olixar.
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$16.97 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 220 customers

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Works extremely well
I bought this for my husband and once he got used to it he was delighted. It grips his iPhone 6 very securely and sticks to the dashboard very firmly.
Brilliant bit of kit.
You know when you go over a bump in the road and your phone holder and phone fall off into the foot-well?
Doesn't happen with one of these. I sticks like a limpet even on a textured plastic surface that is slightly curved.
Works perfectly
Sticks well to a smooth area on the dashboard and grips the mobile very firmly.
One size fits all
What's not to like, i bought this phone holder because I couldn't find a custom holder for my"Oneplus" phone.
It holds well on the windscreen and would suit any phone on the market.Also it will rotate to any position. 10/10.
A well designed product.
I have yet to install the Olixar Grip Mount Pro Case Compatible Car Holder. However, I see that it is well designed and holds my mobile phone safely. I am confident that it is fit for that purpose, but I doubt that it will hold the car (lol).
This device does exactly as advertised with excellent phone holding capacity and great adhesion. Your phone is easy to insert and remove and is very stable during a journey. A very good product.
Great valie
This is a quality product holds my IPhone in place over the bumpiest roads, well worth the money, would recommend this one if your looking for a car phone holder.
The 2nd one I've bought
Holds the phone firmly without vibration. Spring tension in the clamping part is quite strong. Good and easy adjustment to get just the right viewing angle. Recommended.
I bought this device for my van as I was going to London in an area I wasn't sure how to get to and it stuck well and held my phone so I could follow gps .
Really well made
Good product
Olixar GripMount Pro Case Compatible Universal Car Holder
I've looked around for something that looks good, does the job and won't fall apart after a couple of weeks. I've found it.
Just what I needed
After hearing bad reviews about various windscreen holders I was looking for one that can be placed on the dashboard. This one is ideal plus it doesn't look cheap and is easy to set up.
Does exactly what is required
Excellent service - a good quality product, at a good price, delivered in double quick time
So far so good.
This is the first phone car mount I have ever purchased. I've only used it a couple of times so can't really comment on how well it will last. So far I would say it seems to be well made and sticks to the windscreen very securely. I haven't tried it on the dash.
sticks to the dash, feels solid
This is being used on a dimpled Caddy dash and sticks easily and well. Feels solid and the lever action for the suction is handled with one hand. Excellent value.
I have basically bought a brilliant little mount
I bought it to use in my VW touran.As there is a lot of distance between steering wheel and windscreen I wanted to mount it on the dash board but it wouldn't stick. I got a little circular sticky disc in Holfords for 2 quid and it works a treat. However on that day they brought out the new law on using or even touching a mobile while driving so I have basically bought a brilliant little mount so that I can ignore the phone lol
Great Product
I've had numerous in car holders in the past but this is by far the best & easiest to use with the least amount of interference to the vehicle interior surfaces.

I would highly recommend this holder to anyone looking for a secure Smartphone mount.
Not As Good as I thought it would be
Bought this item to stick on my dashboard but it wont stick there so have ot use in on my windos instead other than that it does what it is supposed to do.
I love this device very easly stuck onto my car dash board
I love this device very easly stuck onto my car dash board .. holds my phone with a soft firm grip .. ive tried many but none were any close to this phone holder i think its the best ,im very happy & reccomend it to anyone whos in need of a car phone holder ... & the price is excellent very happy with my purchase ....
So far it does what it says on the tin
Purchased this holder from Mobilefuns large range of phone holders as it had very good reviews, only had it for a few days, but so far it does what it says on the tin. Arrived 3 days after I ordered it, seems to be well made. The website was very easy to use, excellent service from Mobilefun.
Well made phone holder
Although I have only just received this holder for my phone I am pleased with it. It was as described and holds the phone well and it is possible to engage and remove the phone one handed as described. No problems yet with it falling out, but this will depend on how long the springs last. The suction pad does stick well to a flat section of my dashboard even though it has a non-smooth surface - again how long it will remain stuck remains to be seen, but good for now. I would have liked to know if it is okay to attach to heated front windscreens (which I have).
Greay generic phone mount
The suction cup has an incredibly sticky rubber like material which out performs anything I've used before. It grips the phone well. Does what I expected it to, and does it very well.
!!! Best item i could find
I did a lot of researches befor ordering this item and i am so so happy now. I was looking for great quality, small, handy and good looking phone holder. This one made me 100% satisfied. I can honestly recommend - when i take this holder into hands its straight away noticable that its the item that is going to last as the quality is very good, its far away from cheap cheenese fake plastic. Its very stable!! And keeps my phone during driving very solidly. Now using phone in the car is the pleasure- not a problem. And it doesnt take a lot of space as many of the car holders.
Whats more- you can easily wash it under the water and also there is a cover for a sticky part while caring on with you.
Very very good purchase!!
Olixar GripMount Pro Case Compatible Universal Car Holder
The gadget I purchased previously was rather cumbersome and was stuck safely on thee screen. Unfortunately it fell apart. I needed something not so complicated and less moving parts. I searched the internet and this item seemed to be the most useful. It arrived very quickly.

I fixed it on top of my dash. It is solid in its place and holds my phone tightly. There is no shaking when I am driving and my phone has never dropped out. My phone has a curved back. Still it sits tightly within the sprung grips.

Yes I'd recommend it to others and yes I'd purchase it again. It is an excellent product and strongly made.
Good product
Excellent product that does exactly what it is supposed to. Te Included disc to stick a ough surface is real bonus.
nice one
nicer than thought
Phone holder
If it did what I wanted it too and it does its brilliant never moves and holds my phone steady
Excellent product, best I've used. Will
This has to be my third one, highly recommend.
Sticks well holds tight hard to insert phone
The holder apparently combines a sticky base and vacuum to hold well even on patterned plastic dashboard surface and would no doubt stick well to glass. My only gripe is that it was advertised as workable with one hand, but it is almost impossible to put your phone in with one hand as the springs are too strong, I tried levering it in obliquely but it just chipped my protective glass on the very edge. When I get into the car and seat belt up, start driving, fish the phone out of my trouser pocket and by that time I'm moving I just want something to work single handed. The springed edges also invariably start the camera on my Xperia so I then have to fight to reposition and switch off, not good whilst driving.
great device
Does what it says. Can be moved to different positions on the dashboard without leaving any marks. It is small enough to be placed in position without obstructing the line of sight through the windscreen. Amazing squidgy suction material gives superb grip on any flat part of dashboard enabling the USB or charger cable to be fitted if required, in order to use a smartphone as satnav.
Great product, fast delivery
Bought the GripMount Pro Case Compatible Universal Car Holder after wanting to have something that was stable enough to hold my phone as I use it for navigation. Bought this product after reading reviews and I am not disappointed. Great stable device which can hold many models and it has strong springs that hold any size phone. Definitely would recommend to others.
The best I have had
over the years I have had a number of mobile phone holders. All have eventually malfunctioned. This holder is robust in construction and stays put on the dashboard. It has once come loose but is easily re-stuck to the dashboard. Does not seem to mark the dashboard. It is very easy to fix your phone to the device and release.
Great Value!
Great item, very sturdy, doesnt vibrate like other cheap device holders, would recommend, also fast delivery! First class service A+++++
Good product
Extremely pleased with this case
Extremely pleased with this case for my phone i had a problem with my first one but Mobilefun sent me a new one out without any problem
would recommend this item
Great product
Great product and works very well even in a hot car.
Was not sure about this product. After reading reviews I decided to buy. Glad I did! Superb bit of kit. Using in Berlingo van. No probs.
Great Item!
Does as it says. is strong. Am happy with the product, no complaints.
Just what I was looking for, and believe me I looked!!
Thank you x
Brilliant Product. As described. This phone holder is ideal, attached & holds really well on all surfaces on my dashboard.
Couldn't be happier. The best one I have bought by far!!
In car I phone holder
Perfect for holding my iPhone in the car - easy to fix to any surface especially my car dashboard which didn't have a convenient place to hold a phone. Sturdy and well made. Delivery very quick.would recommend
Did not stick to car dash
Returning the holder: it constantly slips off the dash even with the extra-supplied sticky patch.
I love the GripMount Pro Case Car holder that I purchased..It was compact and very easy to use. I would recommend it for people to buy.
Expectations met - job done
Exactly as described. Stuck directly to the car dashboard for a solid, functional holder.
Brilliant Holder
This holder sticks to my dashboard as if stuck on glass. It is on a fairly uneven surface but have had no problems with it coming loose. Very easy to insert the phone.
Would recommend it.
Good grip so be sure to stick it where you want it!
I bought this item as I thought it would be easy to remove when not in use. It has very powerful suction, so much so that when I tested it on my kitchen counter it took some major manouvering to remove. I now know that it will be secure in the car! It grips my phone well too.
Perfect piece. Really nice and small compact size and solid does what it says. very useful. I prefer this cause you stick this any where you like on desk or on windscreen not like other once you have fix it on Air con. very happy with product and happy to have this one.
Simple but effective.
Bought this product as it had good reviews and am very pleased with it. Very sturdy and uncomplicated.
This is a fairly unobtrusive device which holds my iPhone 6 plus securely, with endless location options. It adheres to any surface, including textured dashboards and surfaces that are "not quite flat" Its 360 deg rotation and tilt adjustments make it easy to adjust the viewing angle. I am also able to position my phone to use my "car cam" app.
I would highly recommend this as a quality holder for your device.
My first car holder broke the spring went but it was changed with no hassle.
Great purchase
For the price, this is an excellent device, it can stick to the dash board and the screen very easily. It doesn't stick to the breathable dashboard, but it has a pad to stick on as a base, I personally wouldn't prefer to have a pad permanently on the dashboard so I just use the screen.
Easy to install and use, you can get set up in seconds.
I particularly love it that the suction pad is a bit sticky so the device doesn't fall off as you are trying to lock it on which is common with similar navigation aids
Received my Mobile Phone Holder and I have to say I'm very happy with the product it's (very versatile)
The delivery time however was not prompt
cell phone car mount
this car mount for cell phone is very good, no problems yet, still sticking tight to my dash and getting the job done
Excellent, I recommend.
This really sticks well to the dash, is easy to mount and looks cool! It holds the phone perfectly and is easy to get on and off,would recommend if you need a strong sturdy holder that looks good.
car dock phone holder
I really like the dock for my car to hold my phone. I travel a lot so this a very good, useful item.
Excellent product
Excellent product and quick service.
Many thanks
Great mobile holder.
I have had a number of mobile phone car holders over the years This is by far the best I have had Normally I have one's that fix to the screen which this does very well.I decided to fix it to the dashboard which it did very securely. I needed to reposition .This was achieved easily without leaving a a mark and sticking firmly again.
Sturdy with few moving parts and easy to operate
Excellent Grip
Love this product. Awesome grip. Very steady and strong built. Great buy.
Simple fit car mobile holder
Most compact,yet simplest & strongest mobile car holder I could find!
Gripmount Pro Car holder is the best car mount yet
Ordered one of these mounts, and found it to be so good that I immediately ordered a second one for my other car.
It fits easily, and the suction mount holds really well to the textured surface of the dashboard without any fuss.
I would highly recommend this product.
excellent phone holder
After giving up hope of finding a reliable phone holder, that actually held the phone! Came across the AMAZING GRIPMOUNT amazing is an understatement,this is the first phone holder that I have had that actually does HOLD the phone,added bonus easy peasy to use.
great mount
this mount sticks to anything holds the phone securely & seems very robust
Stays put!
Arrived swiftly and I put it on my dashboard straight away. Very easy to install and it has nit moved at all! Used it to hold my iphone 5 when I needed the sat nav and it worked a treat. Did not shake or shudder like others I have used in the past. Would definitely recommend to my friends!
Rock Solid
I'm delighted with my purchase. I fixed it on my dash and it just refuses to budge from there. Not that I wanted to re-position it, but just to check its firmness. The silicone base is really, really good and though my dash is dimpled, it's rock firm. I didn't even have to use the 3M sticker base that ships with the product. Because of it's compact and short height, the stand doesn't shake or vibrate and so neither does the mobile. The mobile grip has a tight tension spring so it really grips the phone really well. Even on bumpy Delhi roads, I can be sure that my phone is in safe hands. Awesome product. Will give it six stars!
Stylish and efficient
A stylish streamlined design. My Samsung phone fitted perfectly. I stuck it direct to the dashboard without the need for the fixing disc which is supplied.It has remained securely fixed. Just what I was looking for.
Brilliant just brilliant
Delivery was on time, fitted in moments well worth the money, thank you.
holds fast
Does the job well. Can hold phone portrait or landscape. Has stayed in place over bumpy roads. Reccomended.
At last! A phone holder that sticks to the dashboard and stays there!
At last! A phone holder that sticks to the dashboard and stays there! With many cars having the windscreen a short walk away from the seat this mobile holder is the ideal solution to being able to use the screen for sat-nav, selecting calls etc without needing Mr Tickle's arms.
Love it
Great bit of kit
I had a long journey with the kids this Easter break and thought I'd take a chance on this so I could use my new phone for tunes and sat nav….. It’s a fantastic bit of kit I'm pleased to say.

The suction cup was really sticky and as usual tried it all around the house to start with… table, fridge, door etc. Worked a treat. In the car though I used the supplied disc for a base as the dash in my Citroen looks like it was designed by Salvador Dali! It's a heavy phone but the base stuck solid and handled all the off road bumps of the day without budging one bit. The adjustable fixing also allowed me to twist the screen back and forth throughout the day to avoid sun etc.
On the way back we used my daughter’s Samsung which is much smaller than mine, but being a universal grip it handled it with the same stable competence as before.

It's not often I buy little bits and pieces like this but I'm pleased to say I'm happy I bought this one.
Excellent holder
Very prompt service! Excellent holder and stays in place on glass, plastic and vinyl. Easy to manoeuvre smartphone into any position. This is a replacement - my son permanently borrowed my first one!
Good quality and very versatile
Bought this holder because I spent a lot of time on the road and needed a phone holder that good for my phone. My Nokia is quite big, so no problems with fitting in the grips. The grips are also very strong, the phone hasn't come loose once. I also have repositioned the holder 4 or 5 times until I have found the best positioning to suit me. No problems at all and I have even put it onto the dash which is a tricky surface to attach to. So impressed that the wife now wants one for her motor
It Sticks
This product does what it claims, I had a "life proof" holder that claimed to stick too (it didn't). This is definitely worth the price.
Great product
Holds my Samsung S3 perfectly sticks to the dashboard fast and firm
In my opinion this is the best holder I have come accross
Does the job
Excellent grip especially for slightly curved mobiles like Moto G, easy to operate with one hand; not big but size-wise I'd expect it to be smaller...
Nice bit of kit
Well made mount holds the phone securely and has plenty of adjustment. The gel suction cup sticks really well to a textured finish dashboard. Best to use both hands when putting a device in and taking it out as the spring is so strong. I've now bought 4 of these holders for myself and the family and it is easily the best one I've come across. highly recommended.
Solid holder very versatile
As i use this to hold a LG G3 in portrait off the windscreen. Its solid built. And hardly moves while driving and you can trust its not go8ng to drop out. You wont be disappointed.
Works better than expected
Although more expensive than other similar 'universal' mounts, the quality and effectiveness of this mount fully justifies the price. It is virtually vibration free on the dashboard and I am sure the phone would stay in the mount and stuck to the dashboard even if I rolled the car!
This is AMAZING!!! No vibration, fits iphone 5 to a T, and best of all it looks trendy!!
Perfect Product
I bought this holder for my iPhone 5 on the basis of a previous review.

I own an MX5 and found that all the other mounts I've tried just did not stick to the dash at all because of the 'bobbly' nature to the surface.

I purchased it and it was delivered promptly. Once I'd received it I installed it and it stuck first time. It's been on there now for a couple of weeks with daily use and so far it's not come off.

Good product, recommended!
practical , handy and easy to use product
received it a few days back, so far pretty happy with the product, seems to offer the quality and features as described on the site.
Does what it says on the tin and more!
Sent for this to mount my iPhone 5 on the top of the dash in a Mazda MX5 as my satnav is on the phone. Have used it for several days now and has not fallen off, despite having a slightly dimpled dash and having to be quite firm in opening the jaws to mount the phone. Also have been on some rough roads. Easy to mount phone and grip is very firm. Also easy to adjust to see phone screen when the sun is shining on it or reflects in the screen. Altogether, an excellent product and very pleased with this so far.
Like a babe in arms
The GripMount Holder stuck rock solid to a not so smooth surface. Pinch apart the arms and slot the phone in the cradle. There the phone is held safely, cable connected or not to be easily maneuvered to a suitable angle. Like a babe in arms.
Smart looks, solid build and user friendly.
All that at a reasonable price. ( Unlike babies! )
A well made sturdy phone holder!
Excellent value for money phone holder. Doesn't wobble and grips the phone well. It takes two hands to put the phone in the holder due to the powerful spring grip but once in place it stays put. The holder comes with the optional attachments for the dashboard or the windscreen. Far superior to some more expensive phone holders I have used.
Neat piece of kit
Well made mount holds the phone securely and has plenty of adjustment. The gel suction cup sticks really well to a textured finish dashboard. It does exactly what's required and I bought a second one for my daughter.
thanks for best service and high quality product
Super Strong!
Very sturdy indeed! Sticks to my dashboard like I have used superglue...if not cement?!! Have not tried taking off as yet. Grips the S4 with Spigen Neo Hybrid bumper case/shield like a vice! Really is best to use both hands when putting device in and taking out! As always fantastic service from MobileFun! Five stars! Cheers.
Good for the job
May need was for a phone clamp to move from vehicle to vehicle. Brilliant. Sticks to the screen ultra well, with a very strong clamp so your phone does not fall out. Well worth the cost.
Excellent Quality Item
I was expecting to get a middle of the road piece of kit for the price I paid - however, I was wrong. This is a high quality item that's very easy to use and looks like it will last for years.
The only phone holder I found that does what it says
Just the job. The only phone holder that holds the phone in a case and doesn't compromise the grip or Safty. Well worth the money, I have bought 2 one for me sand one fory daughter,
Great phone holder
Brought two of these for my work van and my car, they are very sturdy and stick to dashboard very well, been using for a week now and they are the best phone holders I have used, would definately recommend.
Great piece of kit
I bought this for my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it works great. I have an Urban Armour Gear case and it fits round that no problem. The swivel looks robust enough and locks in place really well, but I can imagine that on a cold day if you're really rough it might break as it doesn't look massively robust. That said it's not been a problem for me and I've not been precious about using it. When you use the locking ring to lock the swivel mechanism in place it works great, but still allows you to turn the phone to landscape without it slipping when driving. There is a little wobble when you drive over rough roads, but if you position it correctly you can get the windscreen or dashboard to support the phone to minimise any shake. The phone is gripped really well and there's no way it will slip out of the holder.
The lever action gel pad suction grip works great on both the screen and dashboard (Ford dimple dash) but you get a sticky pad, that you can use the suction cup on, if your dash is the really dimpled type. I really can't find fault with it, hang on the colour of the box is not to my taste. ;-)
All in all a great product for the price which I'm happy to recommend.
this is the best mobile phone holder and it allows for cases
this is the best mobile phone holder and it allows for cases, where others don't allow for the thickness of the case this one fits anywhere in the vehicle windows/dash means no blocking view out windscreen and keeping phones safe from prying eyes, safer all around and totally legal. LOOK NO HANDS,,
Best in car holder I've used
I've now bought 3 of these holders for myself and the family and it is easily the best one I've come across.

It will stick to any surface (including the rough dashboard in my Mondeo) and can be removed and replaced over and over.

The clamp part is easy to resize and has a strong spring in it to hold the phone incredibly tight. There is very little movement when the vehicle is in motion.

Finally, the holder can easily rotate the phone from portrait to landscape depending on your preference.

I've used it with a Nexus 4, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 4 with and without cases and it's coped with all of them.

As usual, there was also a great service from mobilefun.
I order again for my friend
Best item for my note2 and fast delivery to slovenia.
Thank you mobilefun!!!
At last a mount that works!
I've tried various car mounts over the years and they've never really worked; they either vibrate too much, don't adhere properly, are too flimsy and break, or don't hold the phone properly.

This one just works! It's been mounted on my dash for 3 weeks now and it hasn't moved. It grips the GS4(in a case) like a limpet and is vibration free. I'll just endorse other comments made in that you can't really mount the phone one-handed, the spring is too strong (which you need!). Hence 4 stars.

Great service from MobileFun, as usual. Thanks guys.
At last!
Having spent a considerable amount of money and time searching for the ideal car holder it has arrived. Simple and so straightforward compared to others. Rock solid. Thank you
Good solid usable product, but usage could be tricky.
I had been after a new phone holder in the car for some time. I watched the video on this one. And true enough it does exactly what is required. Good quality in general, the suction pad works very well even on top of a textured dashboard - and thats without the additional pad supplied. It sits solidly and looks good too.

However something to consider before buying is where you will be able to put it in your car and what access you might need for aux/headset and charging. Mine is on top of the dashboard but due to the dashboard design and height, using the grip in portrait mode means that there is little access for my charger or aux jack cable. Landscape is perfect but not ideal for phone functions or iTunes music playback.

These were the furthest from my mind when considering the purchase, I am still happy with the product but its not as easy to use comfortably because of the phone itself and the car its in (Ford Focus 2007). I may consider trying to mount in off the side of the dash in the passenger well.
the Perfect solution
This is without doubt the best Phone holding device I have ever had.
It is strong, rigid, easily adjusted, holds my phone (in its case!) firmly in place, and has the best, strongest, and easiest operating, suction mount I've ever met, and comes with a self adhesive mounting plate, ideal if like me you have a heavily textured dashboard.
I cannot fault this item in any way!
Best holder so far
Tried lots of different phone holders, some don't stick to the dash, others snap as you try to adjust them. This little beauty has not failed to deliver, can be adjusted to just about every angle and the pad supplied to stick to the dash if you want to, is absolutely solid. You won't be disappointed with this bad boy!
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