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Olixar Google Pixel Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This Olixar ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Google Pixel offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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 4 stars from 7 customers

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Poor fit
Screen protector is way too small for phone, also about 3mm all around edge of glass not stuck down so has an opaque haze to edge, have always used tempered glass on previous phones, but usual manufacturer does not make one for pixel, would not recommend
Not Ideal
I've been looking for a protector for the Pixel for a while now. I live in a small country, so the main brands don't ship here. I decided to chance it with this one. It comes with everything you'd expect: alcohol wipes, links to installation videos, etc. My main issue however is that this protector doesn't cover the entire screen.

You'll be left with a good millimeter (or two) on either side where the actual lit up display is exposed, meaning that the protector creates distracting lines on either side of your screen. Most protectors for the Pixel are like this because the glass on the Pixel itself is curved, and the protector covers only the flat portion.

I'll keep this protector kicking around for a rainy day, but I wont install it. I'll keep shopping for one that *does* cover the entire screen. For the average person, this protector will suffice if you can't get your hands on the usual brands. 3 stars.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Robert

As you already indicated, due to the slight curvature of the edges of the display on the phone, the screen protector ever so slightly reduces the coverage. This is to reduce dirt and debris getting under the screen protector, reduces the 'hal
Great product. Comes with wipes and instructions. Easy to install, no bubbles at all. Would recommend to others
Good protection
good protection, received quickly at a good price
Not bad, but not great..
The screen protector is easy to apply, and bubble free.
It is nice and smooth, like the actual screen.

My main issue is that it doesn't curve to match the screens curves at the edges, so I am left with small lifted areas all around the protector.

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