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A sophisticated lightweight black genuine leather case with a magnetic fastener. The Olixar genuine leather wallet case offers perfect protection for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as featuring slots for your cards, cash and documents.
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impressed by the quality
These always fall apart - so i divided to spend a bit more..
This is genuinely very impressive, and will be buying again.

Efficient service aswell
Original purchase got lost in the mail and without hesitation, a replacement was despatched. I wouldn't have any hesitation ordering from mobile fun in the future. Well done team
Nice leather case
I found this to be a nice touch of luxury. It feels nice, practical and protects the phone. The one big draw back is the magnetic clip. I had to cut it off straight away.

The issue is that it interfers with any cards you put in the card slot. The magnet demagnitises the cards and you can't use them. The simple solution is to fit it with a popper instead. It is the only fault with otherwise a nice product
Leather case excellent inside of case where phone clips in is not very strong easy to break I bought same case about 5 months ago
The inside part to clip phone in case is weak easy to break
Pretty but useless
Looks nice but don't expect to get more than 2 cards or 1 card and a couple of notes in the wallet section - the magnetic catch won't shut.

Shame that a nice looking product has been poorly designed - only buy if the above is sufficient for you.

I'm looking for a replacement!
MY better hald is very happy with this case. So recommended!
Great case
In the description of the product I liked everything
Poor closure
This phone cover looks great but that is sadly where it ends. It has 3 card slots but if you use them then it will not close. The magnet does not seem strong enough to keep it closed and secure. I am therefore returning this item.
Poor quality plastic
Poor quality plastic. Cracked within 6 months and hasn't been dropped. Phone will no longer stay in case.
Excellent case
I bought this case as my phone got smashed up when I dropped it using a cheap case. This one feels like a quality case and fits my phone perfectly. Already dropped my phone several times and the case and phone are both fine :-)
When it arrived I thought it wouldn't close properly with cards in the slots but within a day it had softened and closes firmly now.
Great product. Phone well protected. Looks smart.
Awesome case
Exactly as described.
Good Quality
Very nice wallet, well made, good protection for my phone.
Good product, great service! Again.
Great product
Excellent quality product and great service
Wife successfully converted
The wife has been an iphone freak for ages. But she finally saw the error of her ways and got a Samsung. She loves it, but she missed her leather cover that she used to keep her cards in (mostly for her student discount) After spending a while on mobilefun (about 30 seconds) I found an almost identical cover that fits her new phone.
Happy wife, I have some 'good boy' credits so happy days.
Perfect for the job
After upgrading my phone to the S7 Edge I was looking for a secure, padded case. This one is the best I could find and at a very reasonable price, better and cheaper than the official Samsung one. The phone is held tightly in the case and the magnetic clip keeps it securely shut. "Perfect for the job".
great as expected
arrived when you stated in good shape and condition Now installed thank you.
Not good
I got this wallet case for my s7 8 months ago and it has a serious design faillure. The leather doesn't have any problems,but the plastic holding the device is too rigid and fragile, so all the corners are broken already and the phone slides out of it causing the phone to restart all the time and there is even risk of the phone to fall out of the case. This holder should be elastic, like rubber .
Plastic case broke within 5 months
The leather is nice, the clasp is fine, but the part which you attach your phone to broke. The phone now slides out and isn't secure so I'm looking for a new case. Wanted to love it as the outside looks nice but need it to protect my phone. It was only used by a women in her handbag.
Good strong Leathere case.
I bought this product for my husband & he really like it because it is Genuine Leather &
It fits his phone perfectley.
OK not great
Provides good all round protection. Nice leather and appearance.
Unfortunately the internal plastic case has already started separate from the leather.
You cannot use the Samsung QI charger with this case either.
On the Case
This case is very good. The only thing that is an issue to me is, unlike my previous case, it doesn't have an ear slit, so you can talk with the case closed. I have to take the call with the case open and the front flap is across your face and the strap goes up your right nostril. (If you're left eared, it tickles the back of your head) The strap is fixed to the front of the case (the opener) and not the rear. Otherwise its fine.
Its Ok
I have purchased this item and am nether impressed or un impressed, I like the leather coating but the handset only just fits the case and due to this and placing my handset in the case it split the cover casing
mobile fun wee understandable and offered a refund but if I had purchased again I would have had the same problem so I now leave that bit of the and case fits.
There are cheaper products on the market and I would try them next time as some are just as good or better
Genuine leather,Genuine Quality product
My s7 edge is well protected without restriction,not too bulky feels & looks classy
Everything you could wish for
The case for the phone is everything you could wish for.Part wallet part holder/protector.Not in the least bulky and being leather extremely smart.Magnetic closure means you don't have it opening in your pocket /bag.Certainly value for money and I would recommend it to anybody.
Good Quality Product
After looking at lots of different cases I decided to buy a olixar phone case after reading on a web page because the quality of the leather is very good and as the phone needs to safe in its case
Great protective case
I love that this case is leather and smells like real leather! The phone sits firmly inside. The credit card slots are handy but seem to mark the screen if you put them in with the numbers at the front. The case is really secure and the magnetic clip is great because if you have dropped your phone before and smashed it (like I have 3 times), this is really useful and protects it really well. You cant read the edge screen with the case on but this doesn't worry me. the leather will take a while to soften so you can bend it to watch videos. Love this case.
I was very excited to receive the phone case as the S7 edge has a greater area of glass that needs to be protected and the case looks very classy from the picture. I was not disappointed! The leather is great quality with a good admit of padding to protect the phone. I am not using the pockets for my cards since the stitching puts indents in my zagg. The back of the case is to thick to allow wireless charging. The company was wonderful to deal with.
Best case I bought
I say that the olixar genuine leather case is the most well made case I've ever bought for my galaxy s7 edge it is leather so it lasts longer than the PU synthetic cases it is durable and it has that nice quality feel to it than the cases you buy in the high street and it has that lovely leather premium smell
Perfect wallet case for s7 edge
Soft, padded, luxury, perfect fit, professional looking - if your looking for a wallet case that fits these criterias look no further than this product. Excellent.
Nicely made. Looks and feels good
Nicely made. Looks and feels good. Issues.. it makes the phone much bulkier.. also answering and speaking on the phone is quite difficult as you have to bend the front flat out of the way to do so.very fingers and thumbs.. too easy to cut someone off...
All round solid performance in classy package
This case is as classy as the website suggests. The leather is soft and the stitching precise and tight. The phone fits snuggly with a reassuring click and the leather edge of the case ensures that when closed, the whole phone is protected in your pocket or in event of a fall.
My only small quibbles are 1) that the folded cover arrangement for standing your device up is a little clumsy with the magnetic latch getting in the way and 2) you need to get used to holding the phone to your ear as it leans out of the cover unless you hold the phone as well as the cover with your fingers. If anything, it is slightly better with left handed use. In both cases, this is not a deal breaker.
Best case wallet out there
A genuine real leather wallet/case, my phone fits perfect and it is really protected, the leather is nice and soft and case is not to bulky, there are compartments for credit cards and such and it even turns into a stand, great for watching a movie or such, looked at many wallet/cases of the Internet and in my honest opinion this is real quality at a great price, it is just what I expected from OLIXAR great products great brand.. I would definitely recommend this product and would not hesitate to use OLIXAR again.. Thank you
Great case
This case is made of nice soft leather it looks nice and is very protective the credit card slots inside are a handy feature, the magnetic closure works very well and makes for fast and easy opening when needing to use the phone. My only gripe and it is a personal one is that it makes the phone large and bulky for some of my small bags obviously this wouldn't affect all you males out there. Delivery took a little longer that I expected but I think I ordered it over a bank holiday weekend so this may have why other than that good website and good product.
An awesome case.
This is a great case, very well made, looks and feels great.
Not many good leather cases out there. But this is one.
One thing I would like is a Tempered Glass protector that works with the Samsung 7 EDGE (and future models) and cases like this, the extra protection would be a huge benefit.
Great case.
There classic leather case fits my phone like a glove and enhances the overall look. I would certainly recommend that you buy one to protect your valuable phone.
Great product.
Great quality product. Plenty of room for phone and cards.
Walked the walk!
Let's be honest, always a doubt when buying on the net. Sure you can read the reviews but when the rubber hits the road you want a result! As they say in Britain's got Talent "100% yes from me". Quality product, fair price and prompt delivery (to NZ). Well done Mobile Fun.
Excellent case
The perfect new leather case for my new galaxy edge,the feel and the smell of real leather it protects my phone as well as makes it look good.
The perfect going out combination inside, cash,card and phone.
Great case.
Fits the phone like a glove and fits comfortable in the hand. The built in stand makes watching movies very relaxing. The leather is soft to the touch and looks classy.
Its ok
The case does the job of protecting the phone but there are a few negatives...
The case does not allow the phone to charge wirelessly... big fail.
Also the plastic around the power button broke off within the first few days.

Would not buy this case again.
A first class product
This is a first class product delivered with first class service by mobile fun.I would recommend this case and the company to anyone.
Does what it says
I was undecided due to some reviews about the volume slots being in the correct place but decided to purchase when some said that Mobile fun would replace if faulty.
So I can honestly say I love this case, genuine leather and holds my new phone securely. Thank you.
Purchased a Black Olixar Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case for my phone. It;s a lovely soft well made case. Well priced, and adds to the quality of the phone without being too bulky. Very happy.
Genuine beautiful, Olixar carnivore leather, S7 Edge Wallet Case.
My amazing expensive S7 Edge deserves the best protection and classy wallet case that I can buy.Beautifully made from genuine,quality,strong, carnivore leather,not pu leather or plastic.I am genuinely over the moon with this case and you will be too.
Great case.
This is a great case to use and look at apart from the miss alligned power switch cut out. However, I've been promised a revised replacement as soon as possible and at that point in time I'll certainly give the case top marks.
Love my case it fits like a glove,a good quality of leather,had a lot of compliments and inquiries
It fits like a glove , a nice soft leather professionally looking I've had a lot of likessinger and inquiries. Would definitely by 1 again
Good quality leather wallet case
The Olixar case is of high quality leather and acts as both phone protector and mini wallet.The one issue seems to be with the phone cradle which obstructs the on/off button of the phone,however mobile fun have recognised this fault and are dealing with it by replacing the original. Happy Days
S7 EDGE Case
Amazing pure leather case with very good padding making this probably the best leather case in the market for the Samsung S7 Edge.provides plenty of protection so no need for extra gizmos. Additionaly the 3 pockets can store plenty of business cards or credit cards.And don't forget the additional side pocket for bigger pockets. You cannot ask for more in one case.
They are the best cases money can buy
Had one of these for my S6 so when I had my order for the S7 confirmed first thing I did was order a new one. They are the best cases money can buy. And MobileFun has never let down on delivery.
Quality Product
Great price for a well made product. Wrote this still waiting for my new phone. Will update when I get it.

Just to say if you are getting an S7 Edge, this is a great well made quality case.

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