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Olixar Genuine Leather Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Wallet Case - Black Reviews

A sophisticated lightweight black genuine leather case with a magnetic fastener. The Olixar genuine leather wallet case offers perfect protection for your Lumia 950 XL, as well as featuring slots for your cards, cash and documents.
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$26.53 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 36 customers

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Classy but not durable
I have used this case for my 950xl for some ten months by now.

It does look classy and it does protect the phone, and the ability to stash a few cards is handy (with three cards it's already hard to close however).

The negative is really the durability; the wallet portion did not stand up to actual use very well, and the plastic shell which holds the phone has cracked in many places with parts broken off; I had to tape it together to hold up and hold the phone.

The leather has held up well otherwise, with a normal amount of wear, but the plastic has not.
Excellent case for the 950XL
This case is made of leather and is very sturdy. The phone is snug and fits well in the case. It is well protected for accidental dropping and rough handling. Well worth the cost and looks very professional.
Great service
Great service and the phone cover fit great.
great quality leather
Really nice feel and brown leather fold over wallet type BUT don't try and put anything in the card.slots or notes as then the cover strap will not close the case. This is a classic great idea but spoilt by lack of someone thinking I might actually want to use the handy credit card slot or bill holder. Such a shame
Good for price
Heads up: This is NOT exactly genuine leather. This can be tested by attempting to stretch a small piece of it, leather will not stretch, bonded leather will. That being said it will die in a couple of years.

However, it does protect the phone, it has plenty of space for my cards (licence, bank and door card) and looks very nice. The build quality is strong and I can still operate the phone easily.
This case is superb qulity and ideal for keeping your phone safe and free from damage
Great service
Item bought was exactly as described, perfect fit, great feel and I am very happy with the product.
This is the third Olixar case I have purchased all are superb quality - one for my wifes iphone, one for my Lumia 640XL and now this one for my Lumia 950XL.

We both like the utility of having a wallet case for our phones (the odd card) and decent protection against the inevitable accidents.

The only adverse comment I would make with this one is the flap placement means that when using the wireless charger the wallet needs to be left open. That doesn't bother my wife as iphones are not Wireless charging compatible yet - I suggest Olixar takes that into account when Apple catches up with Microsoft on that score.

I would also like a wallet case for my battery replaceable lumia that in order to reduce thickness incorporated its own wireless charging back (so the manufacturers back could be disposed of) perhaps with thin leather over the back for protective/appearance purposes.
Happy with the product purchased
Happy with the product purchased. It serves the purpose. However it would have been better if the leather case had two or three holes on them at the top where the ear-piece/speaker is in the phone (and at the bottom where the mic is). This will enable us to talk on the phone by keeping the case closed/shut, rather than keeping the cover open . Personally I don't like the feeling of the smartphone sitting right on my cheek when I talk. It makes the phone screen dirty too. Just a suggestion. Thx.
A Good Case
The cases for my new Lumia 950XL is ideal. It is fairly well padded and provides storage slots for several credit/ID cards. It's functional and closely fitting design gives you the ability to hold onto what is a phone with a smooth, slippery design. I haven't dropped it yet! The case has a well made and high quality feel and I would recommend it to anyone with a Lumia 950XL.
very soft leather, fits perfectly
very soft leather, fits perfectly. great value, 100% satisfaction.
Very happy with the phone wallet
The phone wallet is exactly what I thought I was getting . The leather is soft and is still easily put in my pocket.
Love the Olixar 950XL Case
If you want a phone case that folds over the screen and helps protect it from scratches and allows you to store some credit cards etc this is the one for you. The fact the case extends around the outside a bit also wll help with impact damage. This phone has the camera lens sticking out the back more than anything else so the thickness of the back proects this part of the phone beautifully. Geoffrey in NZ.
good product
refer above
Nice feel.
Magnetic clip doesn't close if more then the three cards used in provided side.

Would be good to be able to fold the card holding side back and secure, rather than having it flapping around on cheek/neck when answering phone.
Possible extra card space on the back of casing.
Classy looking case
Looks great and works great. It can't reslly replace a wallet though, if you fill it with cards and some cash it won't close so easily or it looks awkward.

As a case it looks great with the 950 XL.
Good but not leather
From memory, arrived within about five business days. Case holds phone tightly, feels very secure and plastic feels robust. All buttons and ports are very accessible, except for the lock button which is a bit more recessed - still, I've gotten used to it. Wallet pouches are adequate for approx. 5 cards and some cash, but any more probably makes it too difficult to close, though it'll probably mould into it with use. The stand configuration works very well.

It loses a point because it's not real leather, of course, despite the included material sample - but at this price, you knew that, didn't you? Still, has a very nice feel and look to it.
What a great case!
I've been meaning to buy this case for some time, but when I finally got around to it the brown one was out of stock. I don't why I chose brown because my phone is black and I've always had black cases in the past, but that's what happens when you get to 73! Anyway, the black was available so I changed my order and the case is really good. It's thick so it offers excellent protection, really well made and even has slots for three credit cards. I reckon this case may last longer than the phone or even me! If you're looking for a really good, genuine leather case to protect your precious phone, then look no further, this is the one.
Excellent quality case
Hermes have just delivered my Olixar case with their usual efficiency. The case is certainly a quality product and fits the phone perfectly. My only quibble is the magnetic strap which is fitted to the top of the case and fastens underneath:it would be so much better the other way round, but it's a minor criticism. The case is somewhat bulky in comparison with others but that does provide very good protection should you drop your phone. The slots for credit cards etc are also a useful feature. All in all, I'm very pleased with the case not to mention the first class service from MobileFun.
Very pleased - all round good quality case
This is a well-designed, good quality wallet-style phone case with a nice finish. The phone snaps in easily but securely, and the magnetic clasp works well.

Items for Lumia are good value right now, since the brand is (unfortunately) dying out.
This is a superb item for keeping your phone safe and secure
This is a superb item for keeping your phone safe and secure and ideal against any damage should it be dropped.Well recommended
Good quality cover
This was for my wife's lumnia 950XL She loves the cover. It looks good, it feels like a good quality product, it fits perfectly, although the alignment of the on/off side button is a bit out, but not too much to warrant a fail mark.
It's great, good to hold and get out of bag etc
Good quality feel, looks good gives confidence to hold phone and easy to get out of bag when you need to get it out quickly to answer.
Terrific product
I purchased an Olixar full leather case for my new Microsoft 950XL and have found a fantastic product. The phone fits in perfectly, the leather is soft and appears to be wearing well, gaps are placed well and overall the case is a fantastic success
Great product, thanks!
Great product, thanks!
ok but needs a couple of changes
Quite happy with this case but it could be improved with a couple of changes:-
Have the clasp attached to the rear not the front so the case will lie flat and have a hole in the front flap over the speaker so you can use the phone with the case closed. As it is I have to bend it right back to hold the phone whilst talking.
Love the Product
Very impressed with the quality of the Olixar all leather Microsoft 950xl Phone case. Nice leather and well made. It is a pleasure to carry around.
well done
This wallet was bought to replace one bought about 3 months ago. The magnet had somehow came apart and the "flap" no longer worked correctly. Hopefully this one will last longer. Quality of product, apart from that is great
Great Product
I think this is a great product for the money.
You can stand it up in landscape mode, well padded, space for cards in fact its a great all-round phone case.
very happy with phone wallet and your service.
Great service and fast delivery.
Very pleased with the Genuine Leather phone case
I was really impressed with the ease from choosing to buy my new leather case. Plenty of choice and easy website to use. Excellent communication between myself and company via email. Very pleased with the Genuine Leather phone case that I had chosen. Well-presented and wrapped in a lovely box on arrival
It took exactly one week to get from England to New Zealand with standard delivery. I would highly recommend buying from the company and will recommend them to anyone wanting quality at a great price. Will defiantly use Mobile Fun again. AAA+++

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