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Olixar Genuine Leather Blackberry KeyONE Executive Wallet Case - Black Reviews

A premium slimline black genuine leather case. The Olixar genuine leather executive wallet case offers perfect protection for your BlackBerry KeyONE, as well as featuring a smart magnetic media stand and slots for your cards, cash and documents.
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 4.5 stars from 2 customers

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Great stand / case with big caveats and drawbacks.
Firstly, I usually love my blackberries with no case and the keyone is no exception, but I wanted protection and something that can stand the phone in landscape mode to watch videos. This case completely succeeds at both. The feel and fit of the case is second to none, and it's functionality as a stand (magnetic) is far superior to any flip case I have ever used, and I've use many, including blackberry oem cases for z10 and z30. Most flip cases I've used are tippy and precarious and rarely stay up. This one is sturdy and solid no matter where you use it, and has fully adjustable angles. Full marks for the stand. Truly beautiful imo.

Caveats and drawbacks:

The "leather" looks and feels real, sort of? I don't know. It's called "genuine leather" . But man does it REEK of a plastic and/or gasoline type of smell. Like it stinks, bad. Maybe it's because as real leather, it is porous and absorbed the odors of its plastic packaging, or maybe it's because they used synthetic chemicals to treat the leather, or maybe because it's not genuine leather. I'd love to know. I've read that boxing it with newspapers overnight will absorb odors so I will try that and hope it helps.

Also, it took almost three weeks to arrive in western Canada though it claimed 5-10 business days.

Also, with cards or cash inserted, it's too bulky, so I won't be using it as a wallet case. I do like it as a flip stand case though.

Protection and Stand functionality: 10/10
Fit and Feel: 8/10 (because not completely sure it's leather)
Looks: 8/10 (because not completely sure it's leather)
Smell: 0/10 (because it stinks)
Shipping: 6/10 (because it did arrive eventually)
Price: 8/10 considering how expensive other leather flipcase/wallet options are and the quality of the magnetic stand.

BONUS POINTS: the magnet in the case allows me to use my keyone on my Spigen magnet car dash mount without snapping a magnet on my phone or case, which is really handy!

Sturdy wallet case
Hi! First I would like to appreciate the excellent customer service and quality product given by mobilefun.

This item - olixar brand stands for genuinity and worth for the money paid. Finally olixar brand to say in Latin language

Res Ipsa Loquitur, “the thing speaks for itself”,

The brand speaks it's worth.

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