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Olixar Galaxy S8 Plus Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display. Black edges match the black phone perfectly.
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$26.29 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 44 customers

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Great.....until it fell off after a week
Great until it fell off after a week
Slightly disappointed
Service from Mobile Fun was excellent, but product slightly disappointing. Allows dust in underneath protector after a couple of months and then cracked at side. Will try another just in case it was a faulty product.
If you are like me who wants to get their S8 fully covered and protected from drops and scratches ...well you can only do so far to protect it.

The best way to protect it is to buy a casing and NEVER pair it with a glass protector. I bought 2 Olixar glass protector for my S8 and followed their instructions to the T only to find out that the glass will never stick for longer than 24 hours to my phone. Why? Because of the S8's ergonomics.

So do yourself a favor, instead of spending a lot of money buying a glass protector, just get a quality casing. As for the glass part of your S8, handle it with care like you would do with any products. If it breaks, you only have yourself to blame.

LESSON LEARNED: Never buy glass protectors for S8 phones because no glass protector will stick to an S8 phone longer than 24 hours due to its shape.
Excellent screen protector
This screen protector does a good job. It comes with a good installation video too. Easy to install although I haven't managed to avoid a bit of dust getting in. Despite this, it is clear, the screen remains responsive and it is easy to wipe off. It is definitely worth the investment. Its shape helps to cover the curved part as well to provide full protection. A must try item.
Good while it lasts.
Application is a breeze, and you don't have to worry about bubbles like with regular plastic screen protectors. Clarity is great, and it's glass so feels like the original screen. It's a bit of a fingerprint magnet, but the oleophobic coating means that you can just wipe it once and it comes away perfectly clean.

My major criticism is that the protector is extremely brittle. It will resist scratches just fine, but any slight knock at all to the rim edge of the glass means that in no time you'll have a nice crack across the entire protector due to the curved edge of the phone. I've gone through two of these and am swapping back to a traditional plastic screen protector as they aren't exactly cheap.
If you're going to buy one of these get the case friendly version and stick a case on it as it will probably alleviate the problem, however, if you're like me and like your phone to be as naked as possible I wouldn't recommend it.
Very poor protection for the price.
The screen protector was applied exactly as per the instructions. I used the alcohol wipe beforehand to ensure a nice clean surface for it. Within 10 mins of application I dropped my phone,the protector fell off and was lying beside it! I tried to reapply it but it came off a few days later. This is a rubbish item and I can't recommend it.
Excellent product
This screen protector is an excellent product for your S8 plus I'd have no issues with-it . It's great with cases and the edges are well protected. I've been using it for about 3 months and had no issues with it. It is one of the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 plus .
Poor quality
This glass screen protector cracked the first week I had it. I placed it in my purse with my keys. I took it out later and the screen was cracked. The adhesive failed the next week.
Bad experience
Product is made well. But adhesive was not strong enough to stay on phone.. It kept coming off. Lasted 3 days. Very disappointed with this product.
It was easy to install and looked great
I recently ordered the Olixar tempered glass screen protector for my new Galaxy S8+. It was easy to install and looked great. Sadly after a few days of normal use it developed a crack on one corner. Upon trying to remove it the entire glass protector developed a spiderweb crack making it further unusable. I contacted Mobilefun customer service and was given a replacement product after a few emails and pictures were exchanged. So far the new product is holding up well.
Easy install
Easy install. Recommend getting the black version. Clear one shows glue marks from adhesive
Not so tough
Not so tough, dropped the phone once and the glass has cracked in several places. Disappointed.
I got this produced a few weeks ago I like the glass screen protectors as they add extra protection from a plastic once when I got it I was happy with it I applied it and noticed it stuck out quite a bit with the rounded edge which can get annoying, the worst problems of them all tho was then I put it in my pocket with some keys there is a really small crack in the stop right hand corner I didn't think any of it and did it again this time there was 2 bits of glass missing from my screen protector as if my key started to saw in to it from this my screen protector started to spider web all over, I thought with the money I spent on this item it would protect from coins and keys my phone would of been safer without it, and last I am getting marks on the screen protector that don't seem to go there always there no matter how much I rub it they just came one day,
HQ Product
Bought this item a couple of weeks ago dead easy to install just make sure you clean the screen especially the edges properly prior to installation . Extremely happy with it work really well with the infinity screen and don't lose any sensitivity when swiping or tapping any of the app icons.

I'm giving it a 4 as the screen is prone to finger marks make sure you wash your hands before use
Very poor product
Excellent idea, very poor performance.
will not stay glued down to the edges of the phone, continues to lift letting air get between the screen saver and the screen causes you to have to beat on the screen with your finger to get the phone to react. needs to get glued to the whole screen and not just to the edges.
Great product
Untill i put this on my phone i thought this tempered glass is going to be very light and unclear. But after installing it it looks very good on the phone. Very firm and fit well. Very sharp and clear. You can barely notice there is a tempered glass on your phone screen. But only one thing. If you guys use VR the phone doesn't fit well with this screen protector. But no obstacle to watch VR tho.
Difficult to apply. Easily cracked
It was difficult to apply as its hard to align.. i couldnt contact the mnufcturer for the warranty. I dropped my phone just
knee high then it cracked
Does what it says on the box!
I brought the following screen protector and upon opening the box I was greeted by superior packaging , the design was stunning and felt like I was getting my money's worth with the thought of a professional product. The screen protector does exactly what it says on the tin with easy application using the front facing cameras and sensors to align the protector with precision. With the black edges the tempered glass seamelessg interested with your device and Makes it it's own with it being case friendly too!

Sadly I dropped my phone straight into the screen with a limited case from pocket height on granite tiled bathroom flooring and it done the job and protected my phone rathwr than braking the device screen and costing me hundreds of pounds!

Would defiantly recommend this product as they also have thorough YouTube tutorial videos if you get stuck on how to apply so they have professional covered all aspects of what you need when buying this product.

Hoping this review gets me some discount towards a new screen protector

Fingers crossed

A* FOR a brilliant product!
Fits nicely
Took awhile to get here - but happy with the Olixar S8+ case
Very good protecter, will have to chose your phone case carefully due to the protector not being case friendly but overall great protector
Looks good, but broke after one week.
Looks really good and felt good, but Unfortunately broke after just one week. Got a small scratch and then broke when I dropped it.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear your screen protector only lasted one week. As you dropped your phone I would imagine the protector did its job and ensured your phone's screen survived to tell the tale though, so I hope you take some comfort there.
Purchased this protector, looks like melted glue at top and bottom of my screen protector and no cut out for camera or other pieces as shown.
Perfect protection for your screen
I have bought Olixar Galaxy S8 Plus Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - Black and used it with soft Samsung cases. The touch is same with or without Screen Protector, also it doesn't make Samsung vr any worse.
Perfect product. Strongly recommend for curved screen users
Don't get it if you got a tech 21 case
Is ok on it's own but is slightly too big for Tech 21 pure clear case if you got one. The glass gets pushed up, clicky on the touch, and screen is a hit and miss and not very responsive. Might be ok with other brand cases.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Scottie

Olixar also have a glass 'case compatible' screen protector, which may be a better option for you to avoid this issue.

Hope this helps.
Bad Adhesive
The worst screen protector I've bought. The adhesive is only around the edges (like most of the others) and is really week meaning it just lifts off and you end up with dirt underneath it. There is also a gap between it and the screen that you can feel making the phone seem cheap. No to mention the really visible dots that counter the rainbow effect.
it came off when i put the spigen case on...waited an hour before putting the screen cover on....galaxy S8 plus
Look great
This glass screen cover is full face, it covers the top bezel and has holes for the camera, sensors etc. This does also have the micro dots on the glass, I believed to prevent the rainbow effect. I will have to update my review once I receive the phone.

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