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Olixar Galaxy S8 EasyFit Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves space for a case and comes with an install tool for perfect alignment.
Price: £24.99
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves space for a case and comes with an install tool for perfect alignment.
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Great Screen Protector for S8
Still use an S8? Want a slim case instead of your bulky one that's protected it this long?

This protector even comes with a guide to help you fit it. It makes it easier. But you still have to be careful to get it aligned. Slow and steady! No second chances.

It is glass to so don't drop it or it will break. It should prevent your screen from cracking. Which wouldn't be worth replacing cost wise today.

It does what it's designed for. But don't expect miracles.
Glass Screen Protector
The screen arrived in perfect packaging. Fitting was easy and works perfect like screen wasn't there it's so smooth operating with it.
Glass Screen Protector
The glass is good quality works well and fitting was easy with install tool
best thing since sliced bread
Not much to say. except the easy fit case so easy to use following the GUIDE lines
Easy fit.
Just as it says. Compatible with cover & easy to fit.
Great product
Easy to fit & is compatible with a protective cover.
Very easy to install
Quick delivery, instructions packaging were clear, easy to install.
I'm very happy with this product.
Excellent if fitted with correct tool
The screen protector is excellent. Unfortunately we didn't notice that the tool we bought with the screen to help was for a S8 plus and didn't help at all. This has resulted in a slight misfit so that the top row of information on the screen is partially hidden.

Rating would have been a five if the right screen fitting tool had been provided.
Worth paying the extra for the install tool. Makes aligning the protector easy.
Two previous protectors supplied with phone failed to stay on the curved screen. This one does.
Screen protector
Good so far . Excellent service
Really good
It's strong but still easy to write with, wish I had spent more money on my screen protector the first time.
Cd not type anything with this screen was on.
General reviews
Not worth buying
Like all these so called strong glass protectors it cracked within 12 hours of fitting.
The glass protector is brill. The fitting tool makes for easy application.
Not recommended
I found fitting this screen protector easy but the finger prints are terrible. I have to constantly wipe the screen clear and it is continually covered in finger prints. Makes it hard to see in certain light. Protector has also scratched easy even though I've been very careful and protective of my new phone! Not impressed with this at all especially for the price!
A waste of money
This screen protector is very easy to fit and comes with the usual cleaning cloths to make sure your phone screen is fully clean before fitting. However, upon dropping my phone from a small height, the screen 'protector' flew off and cracked. The protector had been on for a week so I thought maybe it had done it's job and had come loose in that time. I bought another, which again flew off and cracked in several places after just ONE DAY. I would understand if this product was cheap, or I had dropped my phone from a great height- but I only dropped it onto a table whilst standing. This product is a waste of money and I will be looking for a different type of screen protector from now on.
Fits ok...But
When fitted. Noticed that it is very dificult to pull down a bar where blutooth,wifi,airplane mode torch are...
Really easy to install, clear and almost unoticible.... Really durable...!!!
Great fit and easy
Great fit with my spoken neo hybrid case. Very easy to fit with the supplied plastic jig. No loss of sensitivity.
Excellent screen protector
The screen protector is really easy to fit. The alignment tool makes the job simple. You can barely see the protector and screen sensitivity is as normal. Finger marks also seem to be minimal and if they do appear a quick wipe removes them.
Great accessory for a smartphone.
Very good fit
Fits very well with my case and doesn't lift away from the screen like the previous one I bought as a recommendation from a large mobile phone retailer I have only one reservation and that is when I want to swipe down from the top of the screen I have to press quite hard to get enough pressure and sometimes it takes several attempts. Other than that I'd thoroughly recommend it.
Saved my phone
With the frame this was pretty good and it actually saved my phone. When I dropped it it scattered and the screen remained undamaged. It is one of those sticking on the corner only but the best so far.
Easy and perfect fit
Easy to put on. No bubbles. Resistant to finger marks and is touch sensitive. I'm impressed. Suggest the guide as Well as it makes it spot on where it should go
Very good
It was a bit fiddly to get it positioned correctly but once that's done, it's great. Everything you need to fit it is included (screen cleaner, polishing cloth, dust remover etc) which is very useful. There's a very slight loss of sensitivity on the touch screen but you soon get used to it.
Good quality but Poor touch sensitivity
Good quality pakaging and easy to apply but sensitivity is very poor in specific areas of the screen you have to apply firm pressure.
Good product
A well made product. It's a bit fiddly to install but once done, is excellent.
great speedy delivery
good easy to apply so far so good
Very easy to apply but screen not as responsive
I am disappointed with how it affected the responsiveness of the screen. It makes it really difficult to use the screen, you really need to press it hard for it to work. Especially the centre parts of the screen. Typing is super annoying, I'll probably I'll be removing this protector soon. I would not recommend.
scratched and cracked
so when I got this it looked great, however after it was applied it became very hard to type and use my touch screen. After only a few days of being in my pocket with nothing else the screen it has become scratched, not scuffed but actually scratched. when trying to get my screen to respond to my touch earlier today the screen protector actually cracked. Yes I now have a broken protector after trying to close an app on my phone.

One star as it is still on the device and not fallen off, also fitting tool is amazing for getting an accurate fit.
Quick delivery and no hassle.
Great service! Quick delivery no hassle and got exactly what I wanted. I'll use these guys again!
Fits S8 with gear4 protective case.
The glass protective screen went on like a dream with the alignment tool supplied. Can't get it wrong.
It's the best glass screen protector ever. It stays perfectly, it doesn't reduce the sensitivity it's perfect for the S8. Everywhere I looked it wasn't recommended as it comes out after few days and it reduces sensitivity but this one doesn't its perfect the best!!
Great buy
Hi everyone at mobile fun really pleased with the quality of the screen protector,looks good and easy to fit thanks ????
Good product,perfect fit
This screenprotector has only one issue that,it collects dust near the sides.
A good product which does the job
The packing was quite good, and there was a QR code which allowed me to quickly watch a video on how to install the screen protector. The protector itself is high quality and definitely helps to keep the screen from being damaged (I especially need a good screen protector as I manage to break every screen on every phone I've ever had!). The protector goes around the edges slightly but not all the way. Also, I find that typing takes longer with the protector on, as screen sensitivity is noticeabley reduced (especially when swiping downwards from the top of the screen). To physically look at he phone, It isn't obvious the protector is on and it fits perfectly onto the screen of the phone with the Use of the handy installation tool. The screen protector being on my phone isn't an issue when I put it in my case (I have a few cases and the phone still fits with no problems).

Overall a good product which does the job, but the only downside is that is definitely does decrease screen sensitivity and overall quickness of typing out messages, etc.

I would recommend this product!
Easy to Apply - Great Product
The screen protector was easy to apply and hasn't changed the sensitivity of the screen. It is also easy to clean and goes well with the protector case.
Great product
only think I would change is to make it work all the time when the phone is lying down other than that great product
Highly Recommend
I first bought the Olixar case friendly screen protector back in July and within 2 days of fitting I was getting fine dust under the top left of the screen and the touch sensitivity was lacking. I ended up buying the same screen protector with the EasyFit guide and so far so good. No dust under the protector and the touch sensitivity is perfect. Very happy.
I thought I was getting a screen protector that was in intimate contact with the screen. Instead I got a (very nice) piece of glass with a thin bead of (weak) adhesive around the edge. The result is a splashy, dull-feeling layer over the top of the screen that in turn leads to loss of performance in the touch screen - at times to the point of it not recognising the touch input at all, unless pushing hard like an old-school PDA
MobileFun Reply
Hi Deavo

You need to ensure the edges of the screen protector are carefully aligned and if they are off even slightly, this can greatly reduce sensitivity. I hope this helps.
Not quite perfect, but pretty close.
Firstly, as I had ordered it with the install tool, getting a perfect fit is a breeze. Screen sensitivity was massively improved over my previous protector, so I'm really happy with that. It's not quite as immune to fingerprints as claimed, but it's tolerable. The dot pattern can be seen if you look at it carefully from certain angles. You also get the rainbow pattern, but it fades away. (These are sadly not the fault of the protector, it's a side effect of having to use them on a curved screen. Google it for a better explanation)

My biggest gripe is that as the protector is case friendly, it doesn't quite go to the edges of the screen. It sits fractionally off it. Therefore, I'm left with 2 strips of dust running along each edge of the screen protector. Just slightly annoying.....
Maybe just unlucky - maybe a poor product
The product broke within 3 days of delivery. The glass protective screen developed a single crack originating from an obvious stress point at the very edge. The screen was installed using the alignment tool provided, paying meticulous attention to instructions provided by the on-line installation help video. Maybe I was just unlucky, maybe the product is generally good. I can only say what I find. It would be interesting to know if the production process has six sigma certification.
Apart from the obvious disappointment, the screen was easy to fit and as close to being invisible without actually being so.
Good protector with some minor issues
The installation process was simple and easy. After using the protector I haven't noticed any loss of touch sensitivity. The protector also seems to be very case compatible. One downside is that after using it for a while some dust and dirt starts piling up under the curved part of the screen protector. This is disturbing if you are looking the screen closely or if the background in the screen is white.
Great screen
Easy to install .Easy to maintain
I'd buy another one
video good
It was easy to fit with the frame and works fine
Perfect fit
Glass screen protector enhances the beauty of the phone and is perfect fit. The application guide makes it an easy perfect install.
Very good budget protector
Very easy to apply and very nice for the price. The curved edge (to match the phone screen edges) has a vertical line on it as if it were angular rather than curved which is a bit of a bummer as it certainly doesn't look as nice as the bare phone screen but all-in-all if feels just like a glass screen (which is the main reason to by a tempered glass cover in my opinion) and has so far been providing good protection. If money is no object I'd suggest forking out for a high end glass screen cover which won't detract from the S8 but if you're on a budget this is a good looking cover that feels just like a phone screen (as opposed to feeling like a screen protector)
Excellent protector
This was a gift for my husband to protect his brand new S8. We were worried about the curved edges making it difficult to find a good fit. But this product is perfect. We bought it with the fitting too, and that, together with the video made it very simple to achieve a perfect fit. Once on, the protector is invisible, does not diminish the phone at all. Highly recommend it.
Works well
It was easy to install if you you order the template with it . I read many reviews on other products and this one was one of the best . The touch screen works well with little or no lag. It's also case friendly. Im currently useing Neo hybrid and it fits well. You'll not be disappointed with this purchase.

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